acute care

Acute Care, In-Patient 

In a small town like Kanab our patients are our neighbors, therefore we treat our patients like family.



We accept all insurances; however if we are not in your carrier’s network your claim may be processed as out of network.

emergency services

Emergency Care 

With an emergency department and Advanced EMT Ambulance Services, we’re equipped to respond to any kind of emergency.

imaging and radiology

Imaging and Radiology Services 

We are staffed with highly trained personnel and feature state of the art equipment.

medical records

Medical Records 

Our medical record department is committed to confidential and safe record keeping.


In-Patient Pharmacy 

The pharmacy department is responsible for purchasing, storage, preparation, control, safety and distribution of medications within Kane County Hospital.

Laboratory Services 

Our laboratory performs analysis on blood and other body fluids including: general chemistry, general hematology, coagulation studies, limited blood banking, serology and urinalysis.

family practitioners

Revere Health Family Medicine 

Kanab Family Medicine’s medical clinic is located inside the hospital; making it easy and convenient for patients.

maternity care

Maternity, Labor and Delivery Care 

Our mothers receive care from nurses that have received specialized training in Labor & Delivery and AWHONN Fetal Heart Monitoring certification.


Nursing Services 

Our nursing staff focuses on providing each patient with personalized care


Out-Patient Infusion Services 

We provide a range of services such as from IV to therapeutic phlebotomy.


Endoscopy Clinic 

Our physicians have had specialized training in doing endoscopies and colonoscopies.

physical therapy

Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation 

Our physical therapy team includes certified clinical specialists in manual therapy, sports medicine and wound care.

skilled nursing

Skilled Nursing Care/Swing Bed 

Whether permanent or temporary, we focus on creating quality of life for our residents.

surgical services

Surgical Services 

The operation room is staffed with a CRNA, RN’s, and a trained surgical scrub technician.

wound care

Wound Care 

Clinical specialists understand that each wound is as unique as the treatment it requires to optimize the healing process.