Skilled Nursing Care/Swing Bed and Long Term Care

We offer Skilled Nursing/Swing bed (post-acute / rehab) care. We partner with MountainLand Physical therapy to provide physical and Occupational Therapy while you recover and gain strength after your surgery or hospitalization.

We have a fifteen bed long-term care facility.  We focus on creating quality of life for our residents, providing a home-like environment, our caregivers truly love our residents and they become our family.  We provide a variety of fun and challenging activities and adventures.

What is the Swing Bed Program


Medicare has established the “Swing Bed” program to help meet the needs of smaller communities and hospitals. Following a hospital stay related to surgery, illness or injury, some patients may require further care to reach an optimal level of strength and wellness, which will allow them to safely return to their home or residential facility.


Your length of stay will be determined upon your individual needs and progress. Medicare will cover up to 20 days at 100% providing the patient meets the criteria and continues to show improvement.


Patients are discharged from Swing Bed when: a physician has determined they have achieved the maximum benefit of skilled nursing or rehabilitation, the patient’s care has become custodial, the care requires long term rehabilitation placement or there is a change in the patient’s need or level of care.



The following requirements must be met by a patient to qualify for the Swing Bed program: Be covered by Medicare Part A,Have had 3 overnights in an acute care bed prior to Swing Bed services. Have an ongoing diagnosis and needs that meet the required skilled care as defined by Medicare.Skilled care as defined by Medicare.





Swing Bed Care is a Medicare benefit, Worker’s Compensation (determined on a case by case basis) and most Private/Commercial Insurance Companies with prior authorization.




Rehabilitation Services

Kane County Hospital’s swing bed program provides the following skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services:


Nursing care 24/7


Imaging services

Physical, Occupational and Recreational Therapy

Therapies scheduled for patient’s tolerance levels

Tube Feeding

Infusion Therapy

Wound Care

Staffing to assist in preparing you for discharge and in locating resources.


Kane County Hospital is pleased to offer the Swing Bed Program to our community. Our goal is to help our patients to become independent and working with them for their transition home, to assisted living or long-term care. We believe that being close to friends and family will help promote that transition.


For further information please call: 435-644-4120.


Patient Comments


“…I have been so grateful for Kane County Hospital’s Swing Bed program. I was not aware of it until after an auto accident when I was having Physical Therapy and Brandon Stubbs of Mountain Land Rehab told me when I have my total knee replacement I could have my rehab done in Kanab.” Dorothy Cox


“I was so fortunate that Kane County Hospital’s Swing Bed Program was there for me. The staff helped make a hard situation much easier.  Everyone treated me with compassion and understanding as they took care of me, from my nursing needs, to my physical therapy.” Carol Gilberg











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Just had surgery, need stroke rehabilitation or skilled nursing care? Call for information on how we can meet your needs.

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