The Kane County Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store’s volunteers and managers are the best. They are dedicated, fun loving and a great team.

The year to date total gross sales through October 2017 is well above 2016. Last year their gross through Oct was $174,487. this year it is $186,920. Every item that is sold has been taken in, reviewed, priced, displayed and rung up by one of these amazing people.  They laugh, giggle and cavort at their meetings. They also get the job done by talking straight forward to each other.

Deon Button mentioned the group will be partnering with Fredonia FFA. The FFA students will be assisting with a program to benefit the Thrift Store and residents in Fredonia.  The project is in its beginning stages.

The group decided they all need their annual R&R time. The Thrift Store will be closing on Sunday, December 17th and reopening Tuesday, January 2, 2018. Even if this is tagged as a rest and relaxation break it is far from that. They set a day and all come in and help clean the store from top to bottom, have Brady and Ronny clean the carpets and have a general overhaul.

Every meeting ends with me thanking them for their time, dedication and humor. Every time I say it with a heartfelt sincerity. Next time you drive by notice their new window sign of 1.8 million dollars donated to KCH and maybe take a minute to stop by and thank them for all they do.