Kane County Hospital relocated to a new facility in September 1997. We also began our Art Rotation at that time. Collectively we wanted to give our patients, residents, visitors and staff a little something to help distract them if only for a moment.

It was a meager showing at first and wobbled quite a bit, morphed every once in a while but the shows continued. In 2012 a city council member gave us the name, “Healing Arts” and reached out to the Utah Arts and Museum’s Traveling Art Exhibit giving credence to our show.

Our Healing Arts shows are now scheduled approximately 7 months in advance.  The traveling exhibit shows twice a year usually in the fall and spring. We are able to display up to 30 pieces each month. KCH hosts a reception spotlighting the artist or artists whose work is currently on display. The community is invited in for an hour or so to meet and speak with our artist while enjoying treats our dietary staff creates.

One of our patients stopped me the other day saying, she didn’t realize how much the Healing Arts show meant to people until she was a patient. It gave her a break from her hospital bed and let her mind wander at each art piece on display.

Administration and staff members weren’t quite sure about using the hospital as an art gallery but now they enjoy the show and look forward to each rotation. We have become the longest running art show in our county showcasing artist from 4 years old to 90something.