Walt Thirion

Born in Warren, Ohio, Walt Thirion’s love of photography, “Started when I was 12 years old. I first experienced the satisfaction of taking, developing and printing pictures in the school’s darkroom. My skill continued to evolve during my work as the high school yearbook photographer, for which I won several awards for sports photography as well as for my natural, candid editorial images.

In 1999, after a relatively successful career as a serial entrepreneur, I found I had more free time to pursue my lifelong love of nature and photography. I began to spend more time in the back country, hiking and back packing, with many nights camping under the stars.

However, when I attempted to relate these adventures to others, I found it hard to convey the strong emotions I experienced while exploring the natural environment. Recognizing the inherent truth in the cliché, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words,’ I began sharing images from my trips.”

Walt now works out of a studio in Kanab, where visitors can view large-format prints and other work in person. “My goal for the studio is to have a cool place for both tourists and locals to learn about and discuss environmental conservation issues in a conducive atmosphere, and ideally, feel called to support these efforts through a donation or a purchase.”

To learn more about Walt Thirion and his work visit http://waltthirion.com

Justyne Moore

Justyne Moore photographer and graphic designer shared, “Capturing the beauty that surrounds me is my passion. I am an artist who works mostly in Adobe Illustrator, designing illustrations for t-shirts and fundraisers. I donate my art to animal rescues for auctions to raise money for medical and transport expenses. I am also a photographer who loves to photograph the variety of desert flowers and amazing landscapes in the area. I love photographing the many rescue dogs who come into my life, helping to promote them for adoption with my photographs. I plan to travel the United States in the Spring of 2018 volunteering my photography skills to the various animal rescues to help promote their animals. 

Justyne has been published in the book “The Pit Bull Life: A Dog Lover’s Companion”. A cause near and dear to her heart, “advocating for the bully breeds.” She also submits photos to the Southern Utah News for a variety of stories, like the Kanab Balloons & Tunes Roundup, Memorial Day, Thunder Mountain Pow Wow and the Southern Utah Vacation Guide. 

Walt and Justyne are sharing a show which will be on display from July 3 through August 3. Kane County Hospital will be hosting an open house for them in the hospital lobby from 5:30 to 6:30 on July 20th. Come celebrate July with exceptional photography and designs by two very talented and dedicated artists.

To learn more regarding Jusyne Moore go to www.vangoart.co/justyne-moore.