Healthcare Student Scholarship

Kane County Hospital is excited to announce a new scholarship program for graduating seniors, starting May of 2023.  This Healthcare Student Scholarship was created to provide a foundation for a future in healthcare for Kane County high school seniors.  This foundation will hopefully bring successful graduates of a healthcare degree back to our communities.  For the graduating class of 2023, the award amounts will be $2500 and will be payable to any accredited institution of higher education leading towards an associate or bachelor’s degree.

To be eligible, a student must graduate from high school, receive a grade of ‘C’ or higher, and enroll in an accredited institution of higher education.  The main requirement is that the student must complete a CNA or EMT course and pass the qualifying exams leading to a license or certificate.  These courses are offered to high school students in the county and can be the beginning of a wonderful medical career that will not only benefit the student, but the community in years to come.

We want to congratulate this year’s scholarship recipients: Britlynn Bettridge – Valley High School; Eryn Wayne – Kanab High School; Madi Orton – Kanab High School; and Kessa Wheeler – Kanab High School

scholarship photos
Valley High School and Kanab High School Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations Graduates!  Your future is bright!