Price Transparency

CPT/HCPCS,Description,Price,CDM,Bill Item ID
0,"13150 Complex Eyelid, Nose, Ear, Lip 1.0 cm > ED Charge",553,4504759,3596324
0,"13150 Repair Complex Eyelid, Nose, Ear, Lip 1.0 cm or less ED PRO FEE",342,9813606,3596246
0,99143 Conscious Sedation <5Yrs ED Charge,77,4504590,3650293
0,99143 Conscious Sedation <5Yrs ED PRO FEE,97,9813977,5175390
0,99144 Conscious Sedation ED PRO FEE,80,9814728,3596582
0,99145 Cons Sedation Ea Addtl 1 ED Charge,25.5,4506092,3650295
0,99145 Mod Sed Monitor Pt's Level of Consciousn/Physiological Status; each Addtl 15 Min ED PRO FEE,32,9815479,3596651
0,AIRWAY NASAL LATEX FREE 28 FR,11.75,2727143,4983730
0,AIRWAY NASAL LATEX FREE 30 FR,11.75,2727143,4983885
0,AIRWAY NASAL LATEX FREE 32FR,11.75,2727143,5339224
0,ANESTHESIA CIRCUIT/MASK,42,2702775,6390982
0,Anesthesia Mask-POM,35,2704691,22153634
0,Anesthesia Unit Charge - Kane,66,3702607,9547370
0,ANTI REFLUX VALVE,22.5,2705066,22511438
0,ANTI-EMBOLISM STCKING THIGH LG/RE,67.5,2704518,4983220
0,APPLICATION TOURNIQUET C-A-T BLK,82.25,2708881,23371818
0,ARGYLE TROCAR CATH KIT,102,2724088,4983828
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 BAW,120,2709006,5021065
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 BIN,120,2709006,5021067
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 BIO,120,2709006,5021064
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 BIV,120,2709006,5021066
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 GAW,120,2709006,5021073
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 GIN,120,2709006,5021075
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 GIO,120,2709006,5021072
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 GIV,120,2709006,5021074
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 OAW,120,2709006,5021069
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 OIN,120,2709006,5021071
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 OIO,120,2709006,5021068
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 OIV,120,2709006,5021070
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 PAW,120,2709006,5021053
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 PIN,120,2709006,5021055
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 PIO,120,2709006,5021052
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 PIV,120,2709006,5021054
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 RAW,120,2709006,5021049
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 RIN,120,2709006,5021051
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 RIO,120,2709006,5021048
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 RIV,120,2709006,5021050
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 WAW,120,2709006,5021061
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 WIN,120,2709006,5021063
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 WIO,120,2709006,5021060
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 WIV,120,2709006,5021062
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 YAW,120,2709006,5021057
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 YIN,120,2709006,5021059
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 YIO,120,2709006,5021056
0,B/H PED EMER SYST 7700 YIV,120,2709006,5021058
0,BARD FOLEY CATHETER 10FR PEDIATRIC,69.75,2723006,4983847
0,BARD FOLEY CATHETER 14FR,69.75,2723006,4983848
0,BARD FOLEY CATHETER 22FR,69.75,2723006,4983852
0,Bill Surgical Path Lvl II,66,3005120,3193515
0,BINDER ABDOMINAL 12 INCH 4-PANEL,48.75,2704975,4983736
0,BINDER ABDOMINAL 12 INCH 4-PANEL / LG,48.75,2704975,4983737
0,BLANKET BAIR HUGGER FULL BODY,210,2723398,4983738
0,CANNULA INFANT RAM,41.25,2702481,22553466
0,"CANOPY, PED AEROSOL, W/2 36IN",87.75,0,4983870
0,CAST TAPE SCOTCHCAST WHITE 2X4YD,76.25,2702396,4983742
0,CAST TAPE SCOTCHCAST WHITE 3X4YD,76.25,2702396,4983743
0,CAST TAPE SCOTCHCAST WHITE 4X4YD,76.25,2702396,4983744
0,CATH TRAY FOLEY 16FR 5CC LTX W/BAG,97,2727512,4983221
0,CATHETER FOLEY LTX RD TIP2WAY30CC24,97,2727512,4983222
0,CATHETER FOLEY SIL 2WAY 12FR 5CC LF,69.75,2723006,4983223
0,CATHETER FOLEY SIL 2WAY 16FR 5CC LF,69.75,2723006,4983224
0,CATHETER FOLEY SIL 2WAY 18FR 5CC LF,69.75,2723006,4983225
0,CATHETER FOLEY SIL 2WAY 30CC 22FR,69.75,2723006,4983226
0,CATHETER FOLEY SIL 2WAY 5CC 20FR,69.75,2723006,4983227
0,CATHETER FOLEY SIL PEDI 2WAY3CC 8FR,69.75,2723006,4983228
0,CATHETER TROCAR STERILE 32FR,45,2721786,5947232
0,Closed Treatment of Scapula Fracture,357,9818818,7142611
0,"Closed Treatment of Scapula Fracture, without manipulation",145,4509569,7142612
0,Conscious Sedation >5Yrs ED Charge,64,4505341,3650294
0,CT Maxillofacial w/o Contrast,767.4,0,630094
0,CT PE Chest/ Abdomen w/ Contrast,747,0,1005192
0,CUP ULTRA TOUCH SILICONE V.E. 60MM,46.5,2709047,4983746
0,D RX BAG NACL .9P 250ML,26.75,2582039,4983886
0,D RX BAG NACL .9P 500ML,26.75,2582039,4983887
0,D RX CHLORIDE SODIUM 3P INJ USP,26.75,2582039,4983888
0,D RX DEX 5P NACL 45P 500ML CS/24,26.75,2582039,4983889
0,D RX DEXTROSE 10P 500 ML,26.75,2582039,4983890
0,D RX DEXTROSE 5% & 0.2% SODIUM CHL,26.75,2582039,4983891
0,D RX DEXTROSE 5% & 0.45% 1000ML,26.75,2582039,4983892
0,D RX DEXTROSE 5% 0.9% SODIUM 1000,26.75,2582039,4983893
0,D RX DEXTROSE 5% INJECTION USP 1000,26.75,2582039,4983894
0,D RX DEXTROSE 5P INJ USP 500ML,26.75,2582039,4983895
0,D RX HETASTARCH 6% IN 0.9%,26.75,2582039,4983849
0,D RX INJECTION 5P DEXTROSE AND 0.2P,26.75,2582039,4983850
0,D RX LACTATED RINGERS & 5% DEXTROSE,26.75,2582039,4983851
0,D RX LACTATED RINGERS INJ USP 1000M,26.75,2582039,4983853
0,D RX SODIUM CHLORIDE INJ 0.45% USP(2B1314X),26.75,2582039,4983846
0,D RX SODIUM CHLORIDE INJ 0.9% 1000M,26.75,2582039,4983858
0,D RX TRAVENOL 0.9P NACL INJ 100ML,26.75,2582039,4983788
0,D RX TRAVENOL 5% DEX INJ USP,26.75,2582039,4983829
0,DELIVERY CHARGE,646,7222926,3762114
0,DISPOSABLE RESUSCITATOR BAG,93.25,2702942,6390981
0,DISPOSABLE SENSOR,53.25,2705886,6390983
0,DRAIN CHEST LATEX FREE,118.75,2727630,4983754
0,DRESSING DUODERM CGF 4X4,23.5,2708841,4983756
0,DRESSING DUODERM CGF 6X6,23.5,2708841,4983757
0,DRESSING DUODERM CGF 8X8,23.5,2708841,4983758
0,"Drug Detection Panel, Umbilical Cord Tissue, Qualitative ARUP",189,3002778,22543730
0,"Drug Pan 9, Ser/Pla, Scrn w/Rflx to Conf ARUP",111.56,3006808,1763985
0,ENDOSCOPIC GIA ROTICULATOR 45-2.5,560,2726378,4983766
0,EPIDURAL YELLOW STRIPE TUBING,32.25,2703729,4983549
0,"EPISTAXIS, INFL, UNILATRL, W/O AIRWAY 5.5CM",128.5,2703590,23384560
0,"EPISTAXIS, NON INFL, RAPID-PAC, 5.5CM",125,2704341,23384561
0,Evaluation Charge,88,4347507,691677
0,EXCERCISER VOLUMETRIC CAPA 2500ML,23.5,2708209,4983767
0,FINGER CLIP SENSOR PEDIATRIC,53.25,2705886,4983768
0,FLEX MASK/3/TODDLER,42,2702775,4983869
0,FLEX MASK/5/ADULT LARGE,42,2702775,4983868
0,FLOWTRON CALF GARMENT DVT10,210,2725531,4983823
0,FLOWTRON CALF GARMENT DVT20,210,2725531,4983824
0,FLOWTRON GARMENT,210,2725531,6390987
0,FOLEY 6 FRENCH 100% SILICONE 1.5CC,69.75,2723006,4983769
0,GARMENT FLOWTRON DVT LG THIGH,210,2725531,4983770
0,HOLDER TUBE ENDOTRACH ADULT,16,2701769,4983772
0,INSTRUMENT ENDOSCOPIC UNIVER 12MM,460.77,2706117,4983773
0,INTRAUTERINE PRESSURE SYSTEM,153.75,2708785,4983774
0,"Iodide, Serum or Plasma ARUP",179.13,3008111,1763938
0,KATZ EXTRACTOR,175.5,2707201,23041960
0,KCH Recovery,245,7105937,3884244
0,KENDALL 16G ILLINOIS STERNAL NEEDLE 8881245164,38.75,2709828,5424504
0,KIT TUBE GASTRIC 34FR,198,2703226,4983236
0,LABOR ROOM 01 HOUR CHARGE,240,7211001,3504698
0,LABOR ROOM 02 HOURS CHARGE,266,7211002,3504699
0,LABOR ROOM 03 HOURS CHARGE,293,7211003,3504700
0,LABOR ROOM 04 HOURS CHARGE,320,7211004,3504701
0,LABOR ROOM 05 HOURS CHARGE,346,7211005,3504702
0,LABOR ROOM 06 HOURS CHARGE,373,7211006,3504703
0,LABOR ROOM 07 HOURS CHARGE,399,7211007,3504704
0,LABOR ROOM 10 HOURS CHARGE,479,7211010,3504707
0,LABOR ROOM 11 HOURS CHARGE,506,7211011,3532192
0,LABOR ROOM 12 HOURS CHARGE,533,7211012,3532194
0,LABOR ROOM 13 HOURS CHARGE,559,7211013,3532195
0,LABOR ROOM 14 HOURS CHARGE,586,7211014,3762103
0,LABOR ROOM 15 HOURS CHARGE,612,7211015,3762104
0,LABOR ROOM 16 HOURS CHARGE,639,7211016,3762105
0,LABOR ROOM 17 HOURS CHARGE,666,7211017,3762106
0,LABOR ROOM 18 HOURS CHARGE,692,7211018,3762107
0,LABOR ROOM 19 HOURS CHARGE,719,7211019,3762108
0,LABOR ROOM 20 HOURS CHARGE,745,7211020,3762109
0,LABOR ROOM 21 HOURS CHARGE,772,7211021,3762110
0,LABOR ROOM 22 HOURS CHARGE,798,7211022,3762111
0,LABOR ROOM 23 HOURS CHARGE,825,7211023,3762112
0,LABOR ROOM 24 HOURS CHARGE,852,7211024,3762113
0,LABOR ROOM 8 HOURS CHARGE,426,7211008,3504705
0,LABOR ROOM 9 HOURS CHARGE,453,7211009,3504706
0,LED Vaginal Speculum,15.75,2702634,22724989
0,LENS MORGAN MEDI-FLOW,170.64,2706450,23012869
0,LMA DISPOSABLE,110,2702555,6390984
0,LMA SIZE 2 STD,110,2702555,5339228
0,LMA SIZE 3 STD,110,2702555,5339229
0,LMA SIZE 4 STD,110,2702555,5339230
0,LMA SIZE 5 STD,110,2702555,5339231
0,LUMBAR PUNCTURE TRAY,121,2723462,6390986
0,Major Each Addl 15 Minutes BCE,252,3601424,22113511
0,Major first 60 Minutes BCE,1532,3601100,22113506
0,MEDC INFU-STAT DISP 1000 ML PRESSURE INFUSER,103.25,2701959,4983906
0,MEDC LACERATION TRAY,33.25,2705808,4983827
0,MEDC TRAY CENT LINE TEG CHG TAPE,23.75,2709461,4983790
0,MICROBORE EXTENSION SETS,13.75,2702658,4983825
0,Mist Tent Treatment,87.75,2702511,1161580
0,MOUTHPIECE ACAPELLA DM BLUE,198.65,2708586,4983239
0,NASAL AIRWAY,11.75,2727143,6390985
0,NASAL ATOMIZER,23.5,2706024,23156738
0,NEO-TEE RESUSCITATOR,93.25,2702942,4983348
0,"Nicotine and Metabolites, Urine ARUP",155.63,3008702,5146973
0,"Nitrous Oxide, Per Hour",17,2794716,6726656
0,Office/OP Established  Visit Level 4 99214,137,9836204,1264828
0,ORTHOGLASS 5 IN.,76.25,2702396,4983826
0,OT EVALUATION MODERATE COMPLEXITY - Evaluation Charge,88,4347507,1230411
0,OT REEVALUATION - Reevaluation Charge,66,4348258,1230419
0,OXYGEN THERAPY DAILY CHARGE,281,2794212,5308993
0,Oxygen Therapy ED KCH,37,2793677,4582734
0,"OXYGEN, 1-12 HOURS CHARGE",140,2793461,3776193
0,"Oxygen, Per Hour",37,0,1819173
0,Paraffin Bath Charge - Paraffin Bath Charge,20,4207018,1230143
0,Pediatric Urine Bag,21,2701883,22724988
0,PENCIL ROCKERSWITCH,23.5,2705467,4983793
0,PLUG MESH LARGE PERFIX 1.6X1.90,582.5,2704809,4983794
0,PLUG MESH MEDIUM PERFIX,582.5,2704809,4983795
0,PLUG ULTRAPRO HERNIA LARGE,582.5,2704809,4983796
0,PLUG ULTRAPRO HERNIA MEDIUM,582.5,2704809,4983797
0,Pneumothorax Kit-Thoracic Vent Procedure Tray,440,2728672,9299426
0,POCKETPEAK PEAK FLOW METER,33.5,2707148,4983798
0,PRECISE SKIN STAPLER,134.75,2727277,4983882
0,PREMIE SKIN TEMP PROBE,91,2706775,23169281
0,PT Evaluation Charge - PT Evaluation Charge,88,4207001,1230396
0,PT RE-EVALUATION - Reevaluation Charge,44,4207002,1230363
0,PUMP HARMONY BREAST,42.75,2709798,4983863
0,Reevaluation Charge,66,4348258,691993
0,Rhino Rocket,40,2703582,22023797
0,ROOM/BED: Bed Hold,86,1206000,3884194
0,ROOM/BED: Isolation,1659,1204169,867367
0,ROOM/BED: Nursery,623,1703684,1101854
0,ROOM/BED: Obstetrics,1256,1222933,1101862
0,ROOM/BED: Private,1256,1201431,867360
0,ROOM/BED: SNF,190,1295930,3884193
0,ROOM/BED: Swing,250,1295179,867362
0,ROOM/BED: Telemetry,1659,2002182,867366
0,SENSOR OXISENSOR 2 NEONATAL/ADULT,53.25,2705886,4983243
0,SEPERATOR ACCESS SYSTEM 11X150MM,532.5,2728631,4983860
0,SHOWER PROTECTION GLOVE,35,2709110,23218806
0,SLEEVE FLOWTRON THIGH UP TO 28IN,210,2725531,4983800
0,SMARTSITE BURETTE INFUSION SET,33.25,2703947,5339267
0,"Smoking and Tobacco Cessation Counseling, Asymptomatic, >10 Minutes",25,9831150,5126978
0,"Smoking and Tobacco Cessation Counseling, Asymptomatic, 3-10 Minutes",15,9839921,5126977
0,SOFT CERVICAL COLLAR LG,27.25,2703793,5424508
0,SOFT CERVICAL COLLAR MED,27.25,2703793,5424509
0,SOFT CERVICAL COLLAR SM,27.25,2703793,5424510
0,SOFT CERVICAL COLLAR XSM,27.25,2703793,5424511
0,SPUR II PED RESUSCITATOR,93.25,2702942,4983862
0,STAPLER SKIN DISP VISTA PRECISE,134.75,2727277,4983809
0,STOCKING ANTI EMBOL/GP REG LGTH XLG,67.5,2704518,4983245
0,STOCKING TED KNEE LENGTH EXLG REG,67.5,2704518,4983810
0,STOCKING TED THIGH W/BELT XLG-LONG,67.5,2704518,4983814
0,STOCKING TED THIGH W/BELT XLG-REG,67.5,2704518,4983815
0,SYSTEM NON-THREADED SEPARATOR,532.5,2728631,4983246
0,Tetanus Toxoid POC,100,9508692,667679
0,Tetanus-Diphtheria Toxoids 7 yrs and Older POC,100,9503537,667687
0,TRAY CATHETER FOLEY 5CC 18FR,97,2727512,4983247
0,TRAY CIRCUMCISION ADD A CLAMP,60.75,2725562,4983818
0,TRAY LUBRISIL LATEXFREE FOLEY 16 FR,97,2727512,4983248
0,TRAY TURKEL SAFETY PRECISION,150,2727843,4983819
0,Tricyclic Antidepressant Detection ARUP,116.56,3003586,5146979
0,TROCAR Z THREAD 12X100,255.63,2727092,4983250
0,TruClose Thoracic Vent Set,718.4,2704374,22381647
0,TUBING INSUFLATION HI-LOW 20 LTR,60.75,2706868,4983820
0,Upper GI Endoscopy w/ Removal Esophagus KCH charge,425,9872551,5178972
0,US Breast Left,243.2,0,627718
0,US Breast Right,243.2,0,627720
0,VENTILATOR CIRCUIT UNIT,130,2709598,23450640
0,X RX KIT TRIPLE LUMEN CATHETERS 7X1,220.11,2707968,4983907
0,X RX TRAY LUMBAR PUNCTURE ADULT,121,2723462,4983821
0,X RX TRAY LUMBAR PUNCTURE INFANT 22G,121,2723462,5339252
0,X RX TRAY PARACENTESIS 8FR 4-3/4,80.25,2727092,4983251
0,XR Hip 1 View Left,214.4,0,630469
0,XR Hip 1 View Right,214.4,0,630465
0,XR Hip Bilateral w/Pelvis,247,3207558,1007976
0,XR Hip Complete Left,219.4,0,630453
0,XR Hip Complete Left,241,3206807,823580
0,XR Hip Complete Right,219.4,0,630449
0,XR Hip Complete Right,241,3206807,823582
0,XR Pelvis + Hips Infant/Child,219.4,0,630287
0,XR Pelvis + Hips Infant/Child,241,3209811,1008037
0,XR Spine Scoliosis Supine + Standing,378,0,630012
0,XR Spine Scoliosis Supine + Standing,416,3206687,1163889
1470,01470 Digital Block Lower Ext ED PRO FEE,188,9811470,3556471
1810,01810 Digital Block Upper Extr ED Pro Fee,188,9811810,3556478
10021,10021 ED Pro Fee,97,9814308,3556481
10021,10021 Fine Needle Aspiration ED Charge,179,4505059,3596205
10022,"10022 Fine Needle Aspiration, with Imaging Guidance, ED Fee",440,4504961,21859820
10022,"10022 Fine Needle Aspiration, with Imaging Guidance, Pro Fee",98,9815712,21859821
10060,10060 Incis/Drain Absc ED Pro Fee,140,9812022,3556482
10060,10060 Incision/Drainage Of Abs ED Charge,138,4507444,3596206
10060,"Drain Skin Abscess, Simple/Single Charge",126,9835946,713671
10061,10061 INCISION AND DRAINAGE ED Charge,158,4502345,5175391
10061,10061 INCISION AND DRAINAGE ED Profee Charge,263,9818318,5208984
10061,"Drain Skin Abscess, Complex/Multiple Charge",203,9835290,713673
10080,10080 Incision and Drainage of Pilonidal Cyst; Simple ED Charge,138,4507274,12042182
10080,"10080 Incision and Drainage of Pilonidal Cyst; Simple, ED PRO FEE",152,9818025,12042187
10120,10120 REMOVAL  FOREIGN BODY ED Charge,307,4503215,5175378
10120,10120 Remove Foreign Body ED Pro Fee,118,9813966,3556483
10120,"Incision & Removal of Foreign Body, Subcutaneous Tissues; Simple Charge",155,9831597,729091
10121,10121 REMOVAL FOREIGN BODY COMPLICAT,1700,4506857,22440736
10121,"10121 REMOVAL FOREIGN BODY, COMPLICATED- PROF CHG",276,9817608,9205686
10121,"Incision & Removal of Foreign Body, Subcutaneous Tissues; Complicated Charge",205,9833758,729093
10140,"10140 Incision & Drainage of hematoma, seroma or fluid collection, ED Charge",400,4508880,22409866
10140,"10140 Incision & Drainage of hematoma, seroma or fluid collection, ED Pro Fee",129,9819631,22409867
10140,Drainage of Skin Lesion Charge,175,9831014,713679
10160,10160 Aspiration Of Abcess/Hem ED Charge,158,4507927,3596207
10160,10160 CYST ASPIRATION ED Pro Fee,110,9818678,3556484
10160,"Puncture Aspirtn of Abscess, Hematoma, Bulla, or Cyst Charge",128,9832041,729095
11010,"11010  DEBRIDEMENT, SKIN SUBQ, MUSCLES ED Pro Fee",382,9812734,3556485
11010,"11010 Debridement Skin, Fx ED Charge",492,4503485,3596208
11010,"Debride Skin/Tissue, Fx Charge",275,9839334,713681
11042,11042 Debridement of Tissue ED Charge,307,4504130,3596209
11042,11042 DEBRIDEMENT OF TISSUE ED Pro Fee,89,9814881,3556491
11043,11043 Debridement Tissue/Muscle ED Charge,307,4507552,3596210
11043,"11043 Debridement; Skin, Subcutaneous Tissue, And Muscle ED Pro Fee",308,9818303,3556493
11055,"Paring or cutting of benign hyperkeratotic lesion (eg, corn or callus); single lesion",56.75,9833344,7876609
11056,"Paring or cutting of benign hyperkeratotic lesion (eg, corn or callus); 2 to 4  lesions",70,9834095,7876610
11100,"Biopsy of skin, subcutaneous tissue; single lesion",125,9831091,7693341
11100,"Biopsy of skin, subq. tissue &/or mucous memb. (incl. simple clos.); single lesion Charge",50,9834131,750102
11101,"Biopsy, Skin Subq/Mucous, Ea Add'l Charge",31,9833380,713689
11200,"Removal of Skin Tags, Mult Fibrocutaneous Tags, Any Area; Up to & w/15 Lesions Charge",86,9834490,729105
11201,"Removal of Skin Tags, Mult Fibrocutaneous Tags, Any Area; each Addtl Ten Lesions Charge",20,9835992,729107
11301,"Shave (Epi)Dermal Lesion, Single, Trunk, Arms or Legs; Diam 0.6 to 1.0 cm Charge",130,9831878,713805
11306,"Shave (Epi)Dermal Lesion, Single, Scalp, Neck, Hands, Feet, Genital; Diam 0.6 to 1.0 cm Charge",145,9831127,713813
11310,"Shave (Epi)Dermal Lesion, Single, Face/Ears/Eyelids/Nose/Lips/Mucous Membrane; Diam 0.5 cm > Charge",80,9833252,713819
11400,11400 Excision Benign Lesion ED Charge,492,4509757,3596212
11400,"11400 Remove Lesion, Trunk/Arm/Leg <.5 cm ED Pro Fee",127,9811025,3556497
11400,"Remove Lesion, Trunk/Arm/Leg <.5 cm Charge",123,9839300,713695
11401,"Remove Lesion, Trunk/Arm/Leg .6 to 1.0 cm Charge",143,9839301,713697
11402,"Remove Lesion, Trunk/Arm/Leg 1.1 to 2.0 cm Charge",163,9839302,713699
11403,"Remove Lesion, Trunk/Arm/Leg 2.1 to 3.0 cm Charge",183,9839303,713701
11404,"Remove Lesion, Trunk/Arm/Leg 3.1 to 4.0 cm Charge",195,9837081,713703
11406,"Remove Lesion, Trunk/Arm/Leg >4.0 cm Charge",290,9831393,713705
11420,"Remove Lesion, Scalp/Neck/Hand/Foot < .5 cm Charge",119,9839306,713707
11421,"Remove Lesion, Scalp/Neck/Hand/Foot .6 to 1.0 cm Charge",153,9839307,713709
11422,"Remove Lesion, Scalp/Neck/Hand/Foot 1.1 to 2.0 cm Charge",169,9839308,713711
11440,"Remove Lesion, Face/Lid/Ear/Nose/Lip <.5 cm Charge",144,9839312,713719
11441,"Remove Lesion, Face/Lid/Ear/Nose/Lip .6 to 1.0 cm Charge",166,9839313,713721
11442,"Remove Lesion, Face/Lid/Ear/Nose/Lip 1.1 to 2.0 cm Charge",186,9839314,713723
11443,"Remove Lesion, Face/Lid/Ear/Nose/Lip 2.1 to 3.0 cm Charge",229,9839315,713725
11600,"Excise, Malign Lesion w/Margins, Trunk, Arms, or Legs; Excised diam 0.5 cm or Less Charge",170,9838779,729109
11601,"Excise, Malign Lesion w/Margins, Trunk, Arms, or Legs; Excised diam 0.6 to 1.0 cm  Charge",208,9838780,729111
11602,"Excise, Malign Lesion w/Margins, Trunk, Arms, or Legs; Excised diam 1.1 to 2.0 cm  Charge",207,9838781,729113
11604,"Excise, Malign Lesion w/Margins, Trunk, Arms, or Legs; Excised diam 3.1 to 4.0 cm  Charge",342,9834509,729117
11606,"Remove Malig Lesion w/Margins, Trunk, Arms, or Legs; Diam 4.0+ cm Charge",352,9835260,713841
11620,"Remove Malig Lesion w/Margins, Scalp, Neck, Hands, Feet, Genital; Diam 0.5 cm > Charge",164,9838782,713843
11621,"Remove Malig Lesion w/Margins, Scalp, Neck, Hands, Feet, Genital; Diam 0.6 to 1.0 cm Charge",194,9838783,713845
11622,"Remove Malig Lesion w/Margins, Scalp, Neck, Hands, Feet, Genital; Diam 1.1 to 2.0 cm Charge",220,9838784,713847
11623,"Remove Malig Lesion w/Margins, Scalp, Neck, Hands, Feet, Genital; Diam 2.1 to 3.0 cm Charge",265,9832629,713849
11640,"Excise, Malign Lesion w/Margins, Face, Ears, Eyelids, Nose, Lips; Excised diam 0.5 cm or Less Charge",174,9838785,729119
11641,"Excise, Malign Lesion w/Margins, Face, Ears, Eyelids, Nose, Lips; Excised diam 0.6 to 1.0 cm  Charge",225,9838786,729121
11642,"Excise, Malign Lesion w/Margins, Face, Ears, Eyelids, Nose, Lips; Excised diam 1.1 to 2.0 cm  Charge",281,9838484,729123
11643,"Remove Malig Lesion w/Margins, Face, Ears, Eyelids, Nose, Lips; Diam 2.1 to 3.0 cm Charge",225,9831663,713861
11730,11730 NAIL AVULSION ED Charge,98,4503314,3596214
11730,11730 NAIL AVULSION ED TECH,84,9818854,3556498
11740,11740 EVAC SUBUNGAL HEMATOMA ED Charge,43,4505410,3596215
11740,11740 Evacuation Of Subungual Hematoma ED Pro Fee,40,9816161,3556503
11740,Evac of Subungual Hematoma Charge,44,9831174,729133
11750,"Excise of Nail & matrix, Part. or Complete, for Permanent Removal Charge",172,9831472,749077
11765,11765 WEDGE EXCISION TOE NAIL ED Charge,98,4506455,3596216
11765,11765 WEDGE EXCISION TOE NAIL ED Pro Fee,66,9817957,3556508
12001,"12001 Repair Simple  Scalp, Neck, Axillae, Ext. Genital, Trunk and/or Extrem; 2.5 cm > ED Charge",133,4505351,3596218
12001,"12001 Repair Simple  Scalp, Neck, Axillae, Ext. Genital, Trunk and/or Extrem; 2.5 cm > ED Pro Fee",136,9819959,3556517
12001,"Repair Simple  Scalp, Neck, Axillae, Ext. Genital, Trunk and/or Extrem; 2.5 cm > Charge",174,9839959,713867
12001,"Repair Simple  Scalp, Neck, Axillae, Ext. Genital, Trunk and/or Extrem; 2.5 cm or less Charge",110,9831967,7389378
12002,"12002 Rep Smple  Scalp, Neck, Axillae, Ext. Genital, Trunk and/or Extrem; 2.6 cm to 7.5 ED PRO FEE",150,9811344,3556518
12002,"12002 Repair Simple  Scalp, Neck, Axillae, Ext. Genital, Trunk and/or Extrem; 2.6 cm to 7.5 cm ED Ch",133,4505650,3596225
12002,"Repair Simple  Scalp, Neck, Axillae, Ext. Genital, Trunk and/or Extrem; 2.6 cm to 7.5 cm Charge",183.6,9831344,713869
12004,"12004 Rep Smpl  Scalp, Neck, Axillae, Ext. Genital, Trunk and/or Extrem; 7.6 cm to 12.5 ED PRO FEE",179,9812095,3596197
12004,"12004 Repair Simple  Scalp, Neck, Axillae, Ext. Genital, Trunk and/or Extrem; 7.6 cm to 12.5 cm ED C",133,4506401,3596227
12004,"Repair Simple  Scalp, Neck, Axillae, Ext. Genital, Trunk and/or Extrem; 7.6 cm to 12.5 cm Charge",216,9832095,713871
12005,"12005 Rep Smpl  Scalp, Neck, Axillae, Ext. Genital, Trunk and/or Extrem; 12.6 cm to 20.0 ED PRO FEE",224,9817575,5208985
12005,"12005 Repair Simple  Scalp, Neck, Axillae, Ext. Genital, Trunk and/or Extrem; 12.6 cm to 20.0 cm ED",133,4506824,3596228
12005,"Repair Simple  Scalp, Neck, Axillae, Ext. Genital, Trunk and/or Extrem; 12.6 cm to 20.0 cm Charge",268,9831345,713873
12006,"12006 Rep Smpl  Scalp, Neck, Axillae, Ext. Genital, Trunk and/or Extrem; 20.1 cm to 30.0 ED PRO FEE",290,9814236,3596201
12006,"12006 Simple  Scalp, Neck, Axillae, Ext. Genital, Trunk and/or Extrem; 20.1 cm to 30.0 cm ED Charge",133,4503670,3596233
12006,"Repair Simple  Scalp, Neck, Axillae, Ext. Genital, Trunk and/or Extrem; 20.1 cm to 30.0 cm Charge",333.45,9831346,713875
12007,"12007 Rep Smpl  Scalp, Neck, Axillae, Ext. Genital, Trunk and/or Extrem; 30.0+ ED PRO FEE",254,9819985,3596202
12007,"12007 Simple  Scalp, Neck, Axillae, Ext. Genital, Trunk and/or Extrem; 30.0+ cm ED Charge",133,4501475,3596259
12007,"Repair Simple  Scalp, Neck, Axillae, Ext. Genital, Trunk and/or Extrem; 30.0+ cm Charge",377.55,9831348,713877
12011,"12011 Rep Smpl  Face, Ears, Eyelids, Nose, Lips and/or Mucous Membranes; 2.5 cm > ED PRO FEE",141,9812846,3596203
12011,"12011 Simple  Face, Ears, Eyelids, Nose, Lips and/or Mucous Membranes; 2.5 cm > ED Charge",133,4507152,3596260
12011,"Repair Simple  Face, Ears, Eyelids, Nose, Lips and/or Mucous Membranes; 2.5 cm > Charge",182.7,9831349,713879
12013,"12013 Rep Smpl  Face, Ears, Eyelids, Nose, Lips and/or Mucous Membrane; 2.6 cm to 5.0 ED PRO FEE",161,9817693,3596211
12013,"12013 Simple  Face, Ears, Eyelids, Nose, Lips and/or Mucous Membranes; 2.6 cm to 5.0 cm ED Charge",133,4507903,3596261
12013,"Repair Simple  Face, Ears, Eyelids, Nose, Lips and/or Mucous Membranes; 2.6 cm to 5.0 cm Charge",200.25,9831350,713881
12014,"12014 Rep Smpl Face, Ears, Eyelids, Nose, Lips and/or Mucous Membranes; 5.1 cm to 7.5 ED PRO FEE",196,9818444,3596213
12014,"12014 Simple  Face, Ears, Eyelids, Nose, Lips and/or Mucous Membranes; 5.1 cm to 7.5 cm ED Charge",133,4508654,3596262
12014,"Repair Simple  Face, Ears, Eyelids, Nose, Lips and/or Mucous Membranes; 5.1 cm to 7.5 cm Charge",237.15,9831351,713883
12015,"12015 Rep Smpl  Face, Ears, Eyelids, Nose, Lips and/or Mucous Membranes; 7.6 cm to 12.5 ED PRO FEE",247,9817181,3596217
12015,"12015 Simple  Face, Ears, Eyelids, Nose, Lips and/or Mucous Membranes; 7.6 cm to 12.5 cm ED Charge",133,4507932,3596264
12015,"Repair Simple  Face, Ears, Eyelids, Nose, Lips and/or Mucous Membranes; 7.6 cm to 12.5 cm Charge",297.9,9831352,713885
12016,"12016 Rep Smpl  Face, Ears, Eyelids, Nose, Lips and/or Mucous Membranes; 12.6 cm to 20.0 ED PRO FEE",294,9813046,3596219
12016,"12016 Simple  Face, Ears, Eyelids, Nose, Lips and/or Mucous Membranes; 12.6 cm to 20.0 cm ED Charge",133,4503797,3596263
12016,"Repair Simple  Face, Ears, Eyelids, Nose, Lips and/or Mucous Membranes; 12.6 cm to 20.0 cm Charge",353.25,9831353,713887
12017,"Repair Simple  Face, Ears, Eyelids, Nose, Lips and/or Mucous Membranes; 20.1 cm to 30.0 cm Charge",318.15,9831354,713889
12018,"Repair Simple  Face, Ears, Eyelids, Nose, Lips and/or Mucous Membranes; 30.0+ cm Charge",378.9,9831355,713891
12020,Treatmement of Superficial Wound Dehiscence; Simple Closure Charge,180,9836823,729143
12020,"Treatment of superficial wound dehiscence; simple closure, ED Charge",589,4509572,22545206
12020,"Treatment of superficial wound dehiscence; simple closure, Pro Fee",282,9811298,22545207
12031,"12031 Clos of Wounds of Scalp, Axillae, Trunk, Extrem (Exclude Hands and Feet) 2.5 cm ED PRO FEE",170,9819195,3596266
12031,"12031 Layer Closure of Wounds of Scalp, Axillae, Trunk, Extremities(Exclude Hands and Feet) 2.5 cm o",362,4509405,3596220
12031,"12031 Repair, intermediate, wounds of scalp, axillae, trunk and/or extremities (excluding hands and",290,9838346,8459544
12032,"12032 Clos of Wounds of Scalp, Axillae, Trunk, Extrem(Excl Hands and Ft) 2.6 cm to 07.5 ED PRO FEE",362,4506102,3596267
12032,"12032 Lay Clos of Wounds of Scalp, Axillae, Trunk, Extremities(Excl Hands and Feet) 2.6cm ED PRO FEE",227,9819946,3596221
12032,"Layer Closure of Wounds of Scalp, Axillae, Trunk, Extremities(Exclude Hands and Feet) 2.6 cm to 07.5",325,9832053,881129
12034,"12034 Closure of Wounds of Scalp, Axillae, Trunk, Extremities(Exclude Hands and Feet) 7.6 cm to 12.5",362,4506853,3596268
12034,"12034 Lay Clos of Wounds of Scalp, Axillae, Trunk, Extremities(Excl Hands and Feet) 7.6cm ED PRO FEE",239,9815340,3596222
12034,"Layer Closure of Wounds of Scalp, Axillae, Trunk, Extremities(Exclude Hands and Feet) 7.6 cm to 12.5",286.65,9871203,881137
12035,"12035 Closure of Wounds of Scalp, Axillae, Trunk, Extremities(Exclude Hands and Feet) 12.6 cm to 20",362,4507604,3596269
12035,"12035 Lay Clos of Wounds of Scalp, Axillae, Trunk, Extremitie(Excl Hands and Feet) 12.6cm ED PRO FEE",285,9816100,3596223
12036,"12036 Closure of Wounds of Scalp, Axillae, Trunk, Extremities(Exclude Hands and Feet) 20.1 cm to 30",362,4505430,3596282
12036,"12036 Lay Clos of Wounds of Scalp, Axillae, Trunk, Extremitie(Excl Hands and Feet) 20.1cm ED PRO FEE",359,9816181,3596224
12041,"12041 Closure of Wounds of Neck, Hands, Feet and/or Ext Genitalia; 2.5 cm > ED Charge",133,4508355,3596283
12041,"12041 Lay Clos of Wounds of Neck, Hands, Feet and/or Ext Genitalia; 2.5cm or Less Charge ED PRO FEE",186,9811749,3596226
12041,"Layer Closure of Wounds of Neck, Hands, Feet and/or Ext Genitalia; 2.5 cm or Less Charge Tech Chg",245,9832575,1731849
12042,"12042 Lay Clos of Wounds of Neck, Hands, Feet and/or Ext Genitalia; 2.6 cm to 7.5 cm ED PRO FEE",232,9816851,3596229
12042,"Closure of Wounds of Neck, Hands, Feet and/or Ext Genitalia; 2.6 cm to 7.5 cm  Charge",362,4509106,3596284
12042,"Layer Closure of Wounds of Neck, Hands, Feet and/or Ext Genitalia; 2.6 cm to 7.5 cm  Charge",483,9838435,729147
12044,"12044 Closure of Wounds of Neck, Hands, Feet and/or Ext Genitalia; 7.6 cm to 12.5 cm ED Charge",362,4506971,3596285
12044,"12044 Lay Clos of Wounds of Neck, Hands, Feet and/or Ext Genitalia; 7.6 cm to 12.5 ED PRO FEE",269,9816220,3596231
12044,"Layer Closure of Wounds of Neck, Hands, Feet and/or Ext Genitalia; 7.6 cm to 12.5 cm  Charge",380,9833715,729149
12045,"12045 Closure of Wounds of Neck, Hands, Feet and/or Ext Genitalia; 12.6 cm to 20 cm ED Charge",362,4506149,3596286
12045,"12045 Lay Clos of Wounds of Neck, Hands, Feet and/or Ext Genitalia; 12.6 cm to 20.0 ED PRO FEE",321,9816900,3596230
12051,"12051 Closure of Wounds of Face, Ear, Eyelid, Nose, Lip, Mucous Membrane 2.5 cm > ED Charge",362,4502198,3596287
12051,"12051 Lay Clos of Wounds of Face, Ear, Eyelid, Nose, Lip, Mucous Membrane 2.5 cm or Less ED PRO FEE",198,9817602,3596232
12052,"12052 Closure of Wounds of Face, Ear, Eyelid, Nose, Lip, Mucous Membrane 2.6 cm to 5.0 cm ED Charge",362,4502949,3596288
12052,"12052 Lay Clos of Wounds of Face, Ear, Eyelid, Nose, Lip, Mucous Membrane 2.6 cm to 05.0 ED PRO FEE",242,9818353,3596234
12052,"Layer Closure of Wounds of Face, Ear, Eyelid, Nose, Lip, Mucous Membrane 2.6 cm to 05.0 cm Charge",297.9,9832052,881178
12053,"12053 Closure of Wounds of Face, Ear, Eyelid, Nose, Lip, Mucous Membrane 5.1 cm to 7.5 cm ED Charge",362,4502563,3596289
12053,"12053 Lay Clos of Wounds of Face, Ear, Eyelid, Nose, Lip, Mucous Membrane 5.1 cm to 07.5 ED PRO FEE",255,9813838,3596235
12054,"12054 Closure of Wounds of Face, Ear, Eyelid, Nose, Lip, Mucous Membrane 7.6 cm to 12.5 cm ED Charge",133,4504589,3596290
12054,"12054 Lay Clos of Wounds of Face, Ear, Eyelid, Nose, Lip, Mucous Membrane 7.6 cm to 12.5 ED PRO FEE",282,9816912,3596236
12055,"12055 Closure of Wounds of Face, Ear, Eyelid, Nose, Lip, Mucous Membrane 12.6 cm to ED Charge",362,4504647,3596291
12055,"12055 Lay Clos of Wounds of Face, Ear, Eyelid, Nose, Lip, Mucous Membrane 12.6 cm to 20.0 ED PRO FEE",361,9815398,3596237
13100,13100 Repair Complex Trunk 1.1 to 2.5 cm ED Charge,553,4509857,3596292
13100,13100 Repair Complex Trunk 1.1 to 2.5 cm ED PRO FEE,317,9813403,5175384
13101,13101 Repair Complex Trunk 02.6 to 07.5 cm ED PRO FEE,331,9812670,3596238
13101,13101 Repair Complex Trunk 2.6 to 7.5 cm ED Charge,553,4501004,3596293
13102,13102 Repair Complex Trunk Each Additional 5cm or Less ED Charge,313,4504905,5175385
13102,13102 Repair Complex Trunk Each Additional 5cm or Less ED PRO FEE,100,9813421,3596239
13120,"13120 Repair Complex, Scalp, Arms, and/or Legs; 1.1 cm to 2.5 cm ED Charge",362,4501755,3596294
13120,"13120 Repair Complex, Scalp, Arms, and/or Legs; 1.1 cm to 2.5 cm ED PRO FEE",268,9819104,3596240
13121,"13121 Repair Complex, Scalp, Arms, and/or Legs; 2.6 cm to 7.5 cm ED Charge",362,4502506,3596295
13121,"13121 Repair Complex, Scalp, Arms, and/or Legs; 2.6 cm to 7.5 cm ED PRO FEE",500,9819855,3596241
13121,"Repair Complex, Scalp, Arms, and/or Legs; 2.6 cm to 7.5 cm  Charge",385,9831689,729155
13122,"13122 Repair Complex, Scalp, Arms, and/or Leg Each Additional 5cm > ED Charge",133,4505779,3596296
13122,"13122 Repair Complex, Scalp, Arms, and/or Leg Each Additional 5cm or Less ED PRO FEE",132,9811353,3596242
13122,"Repair Complex, Scalp, Arms, and/or Leg Each Additional 5cm or Less Charge",112,9831413,881242
13131,13131 Complex Forehead/Cheek/Mouth/Neck/Axillae/Genitalia/Hands/Feet 1.1 to 2.5 cm  ED Charge,362,4503257,3596320
13131,13131 Repair Complex Forehead/Cheek/Mouth/Neck/Axillae/Genitalia/Hands/Feet 01.1 to 02.5 ED PRO FEE,311,9812104,3596243
13132,13132 Complex Forehead/Cheek/Mouth/Neck/Axillae/Genitalia/Hands/Feet 2.6 to 7.5 cm ED Charge,553,4504008,3596321
13132,13132 Repair Complex Forehead/Cheek/Mouth/Neck/Axillae/Genitalia/Hands/Feet 02.6 to 07.5 ED PRO FEE,492,9812855,3596244
13133,13133 Complex Forehead/Cheek/Mouth/Neck/Axillae/Genitalia/Hands/Feet Each Additional 5cm> ED Charge,362,4508284,3596323
13133,13133 Rep Compl Forehead/Cheek/Mouth/Neck/Axillae/Genitalia/Hands/Feet Each Addl 5cm ED PRO FEE,179,9817533,3983142
13151,"13151 Complex Eyelid, Nose, Ear, Lip 1.1 cm to 2.5 cm ED Charge",553,4505510,3596326
13151,"13151 Repair Complex Eyelid, Nose, Ear, Lip 01.1 cm to 02.5 cm ED PRO FEE",383,9814357,3596247
13152,"13152 Complex Eyelid, Nose, Ear, Lip 2.6 cm to 7.5 cm ED Charge",553,4506261,3596328
13152,"13152 Repair Complex Eyelid, Nose, Ear, Lip 02.6 cm to 07.5 cm ED PRO FEE",558,9815108,3596248
13153,"13153 Repair Complex Eyelid, Nose, Ear, Lip Each Additional 5cm or Less ED Charge",313,4504154,5175386
13153,"13153 Repair Complex Eyelid, Nose, Ear, Lip Each Additional 5cm or Less ED PRO FEE",196,9811945,3596249
14001,"Adj tissue xfer/rearrangement,trunk defect 10.1cm-30.0cm Tech Chg",842.4,9871400,1403578
16000,16000 BURN TREATMENT ED Charge,98,4505953,3596330
16000,16000 First Degree Burn ED PRO FEE,63,9814598,3596250
16020,"16020 Burn Care, Small ED Charge",167,4501713,3596331
16020,"16020 Dress and/or debridement of partial-thickness burns,initial or subsequent;(< 5%) ED PRO FEE",82,9819561,3596251
16020,"Dressings and/or debridement of partial-thickness burns, initial or subsequent; small (less than 5%",93.6,9836020,749804
16025,"16025 BURN CARE NO ANETH,MED ED Charge",167,4508708,3596333
16025,"16025 Dress and/or debridement of partial-thickness burns, initial or subsequent; medium ED PRO FEE",155,9819459,3596252
16025,"Dressings and/or debridement of partial-thickness burns, initial or subsequent; medium (eg, whole fa",115,9833068,749806
16030,"16030 Burn Treatment, Large ED Charge",167,4509805,3596335
16030,"16030 Dress and/or debridement of partial-thickness burns, initial or subsequent; large ED PRO FEE",174,9811222,3596253
17000,Destruction Benign/Premalig Lesion Charge,85,9834615,713765
17003,"Destruction Benign/Premalig 2-14 Lesions, each Charge",35,9835366,753175
17004,"Destruction (eg, laser surgery, electrosurgery, cryosurgery, chemosurgery, surgical curettement), pr",192,9838551,1137625
17110,"Destruction (eg, laser/electro/cryo/chemosurgery/curettement), of warts; up to 14 lesions Charge",107,9834616,753176
17111,"Destruction (laser/electro/cryo/chemosurgery/curette), of warts; 15 or more lesions Charge",128,9835367,753177
19000,"Breast Aspiration, Puncture Charge",180,9839460,723129
19120,"19120 Excis Of Cyst, Fibroadenoma, Or Oth Benign Or Malig Tumor Aberrant Breast Tiss, Duc ED PRO FEE",540,9819185,3596254
19120,19120 Removal Of Breast Lesion ED Charge,2837,4509936,3596337
20520,20520 Removal of Foreign Body In Muscle or Tendon Sheath; Simple ED Charge,492,4503145,3597050
20520,20520 Removal of Foreign Body In Muscle or Tendon Sheath; Simple ED PRO FEE,200,9813896,3596255
20526,"Inj, Therapeutic (eg, Local Anesthetic, Corticosteroid), Carpal Tunnel Charge",318,4507816,729193
20526,"Injection, therapeutic (eg, local anesthetic, cort - 205262",86,9818567,22136320
20550,"20550 Inj Plantar Fascia, Tend ED Charge",291,4502207,3597051
20550,"20550 Inj(s); Single Tendon Sheath, or Ligament, Aponeurosis (eg, Planterar """"Fascia"""") ED PRO FEE",57,9812206,3596256
20550,"Inj(s); Single Tendon Sheath, or Ligament, Aponeurosis (eg, Planterar """"Fascia"""") Charge",69,9832550,729195
20552,"20552 Inj(s); Single or Mult Trigger Point(S), One or Two Muscle(s) ED PRO FEE",47,9814562,3596297
20552,20552 TRIGGER POINT INJ 1 0R 2 ED Charge,291,4503811,3597052
20552,"Inj(s); Single or Mult Trigger Point(S), One or Two Muscle(s) Charge",63,9832158,729199
20553,"Inj(s); Single or Mult Trigger Point(S), Three or More Muscle(s) Charge",68.4,9832287,729201
20600,"20600 Arthrocentesis, Aspirtn and/or Inj; Small Joint or Bursa (eg, Fingers, toes) ED PRO FEE",55,9815469,3596300
20600,20600 ARTHROCENTESIS;SM JOINT ED Charge,291,4504718,3597053
20600,"Arthrocentesis, Aspirtn and/or Inj; Small Joint or Bursa (eg, Fingers, toes) Charge",63,9835400,729203
20605,"20605 Arthrocentesis Intermed Joint, Wrist, Elbow, Ankle ED PRO FEE",59,9816782,3596301
20605,"20605 ARTHROCENTESIS, INTERM. ED Charge",291,4506031,3597054
20605,"Arthrocentesis Intermed Joint, Wrist, Elbow, Ankle Charge",68,9835401,713767
20610,20610 Arthrocentesis Bursa ED PRO FEE,67,9811750,3596302
20610,"Arthrocentesis Major Joint, Shoulder, Hip, Knee Charge",83,9835402,713769
20610,Aspir/Inj Mj Jnt ED Charge,248,4509382,3597055
21337,"21337 Closed Treatment Of Nasal Septal Fracture, With Or Without Stabilization ED PRO FEE",142,9811337,3596303
21337,21337 Nasal Septum Fx ED Charge,1877,4501337,3597056
21480,21480 Closed Treatment Of Temporomandibular Dislocation; Initial Or Subseq ED PRO FEE,49,9813832,3596304
21480,21480 Temporomandibular Disloc ED Charge,119,4504583,3597057
23500,23500 Closed Trtmt of Clavicular Fx; w/o Manipulation Charge ED PRO FEE,256,9815704,3596305
23500,23500 TX OF CLAVICAL FX W\\OUT ED Charge,167,4504953,3597058
23500,Closed Trtmt of Clavicular Fx; w/o Manipulation Charge,236,9832350,729381
23505,23505 CLAVICLE FX W/MANIP ED Charge,2131,4502696,3597059
23505,23505 Closed Trtmt of Clavicular Fx; w/Manipulation Charge ED PRO FEE,420,9813447,3596306
23575,Closed Treatment of Scapular Fx w/manipulation Charge,345,9834077,1241616
23600,23600 Closed Trtmt of Proximal Humeral (Surgical or Anatomical Neck) Fx; w/o Manip ED PRO FEE,359,9814958,3596309
23600,23600 CLOSED TX HUMERAL FX ED Charge,167,4505709,3597060
23600,Closed Trtmt of Proximal Humeral (Surgical or Anatomical Neck) Fx; w/o Manipulation Charge,268.75,9837684,729403
23605,23605 Closed Treat Of Proximal Humeral (Surgical Or Anatomical Neck) Fracture; With Manip ED PRO FEE,474,9811467,3596310
23605,23605 HUMERAL FX W/MANIP ED Charge,2131,4502218,3597061
23605,Closed Treatment of proximal humerus w/manip Charge,520,9832360,1241608
23620,"Closed Treatment of Greater Humeral Tuberosity Fracture, w/out Manipulation",145,4507273,11199206
23620,"Closed Treatment of Greater Humeral Tuberosity Fracture, w/out Manipulation, Pro Fee",375,9818024,11199219
23650,"23650 Closed Trtmt of Shoulder Dislocation, w/Manipulation; w/o Anesthesia Charge ED PRO FEE",343,9816717,3596311
23650,23650 TX SHLDR DISLOC W MANIP ED Charge,167,4505966,3597062
23650,"Closed Trtmt of Shoulder Dislocation, w/Manipulation; w/o Anesthesia Charge",351,9831611,729411
23655,"23655 Closed Trtmt of Shoulder Dislocation, w/Manipulation; Requiring Anesthesia ED PRO FEE",485,9818428,3596312
23655,23655 SHLDR DISLOC W/ANESTH ED Charge,800,4509179,3597063
24200,"24200 Removal of Foreign Body, Upper Arm or Elbow Area; Subcutaneous ED PRO FEE",184,9813318,3596313
24200,"24200, REMOVAL FOREIGN BODY ED Charge",492,4502567,3597064
24500,Closed treatment of humeral shaft fracture; w/o manipulation,145,4503840,8415385
24500,Closed treatment of humeral shaft fracture; w/o manipulation; Pro Fee,403,9814591,8415386
24505,Closed treatment of humeral shaft fracture; w/manipulation w/ or w/o skeletal traction,145,4505342,8415387
24505,Closed treatment of humeral shaft fracture; w/manipulation w/ or w/o skeletal traction; Pro Fee,565,9816093,8415388
24530,Humeral supracondylar or transcondylar fracture  closed treatment of with or without intercondylar e,310,9831049,1163514
24535,"24535 Clos Trtmnt Of Supracondylar Or Transcondylar Humer Fract, With Or W/O Intercond ED PRO FEE",851,9819736,3596314
24535,"24535 Humeral Fx, Supracondyla ED Charge",566,4501579,4740187
24560,"Closed Trtmt of Humeral Epicondylar Fx, Medial or Lateral; w/o Manipulation Charge",260,9839371,729541
24565,"24565 Closed Trtmt of Humeral Epicondylar Fx, Medial or Lateral; w/Manipulation ED PRO FEE",621,9818683,3596315
24565,"24565, HUMERAL EPICONDYLAR FX ED Charge",167,4509434,4740188
24576,"24576 Closed Trtmt of Humeral Condylar Fx, Medial or Lateral; w/o Manipulation ED PRO FEE",362,9817007,3596317
24576,24576 CONDYLAR FRACTURE ED Charge,167,4506256,4740194
24576,"Closed Trtmt of Humeral Condylar Fx, Medial or Lateral; w/o Manipulation Charge",325,9831505,729547
24577,"24577 Closed Trtmt of Humeral Condylar Fx, Medial or Lateral; w/Manipulation ED PRO FEE",652,9815210,3596318
24577,24577 HUMERUS FRACTURE ED Charge,167,4504459,4740195
24605,24605 Trtmnt clsd elbow w/anes ED Charge,1719,4504605,4740197
24605,24605 Trtmt of Closed Elbow Dislocation; Requiring Anesthesia ED PRO FEE,607,9814605,3596322
24620,Treat elbow fracture,639,9832462,1241602
24640,"24640 Closed Trtmt of Radial Head Subluxation In Child, Nursemaid Elbow, w/Manip ED PRO FEE",115,9814871,3596319
24640,24640 NS MAID ELBOW W/MANIP ED Charge,167,4504120,4740198
24640,"Closed Trtmt of Radial Head Subluxation In Child, Nursemaid Elbow, w/Manipulation Charge",139,9834871,729559
24650,24650 Closed Trtmt of Radial Head or Neck Fx; w/o Manipulation ED PRO FEE,270,9811436,3596325
24650,24650 TX RADIAL HEAD FX ED Charge,167,4509429,4740204
24655,24655 Closed Trtmt of Radial Head or Neck Fx; w/Manipulation ED PRO FEE,512,9816724,3596327
24655,24655 RADIAL FX TX W/MANIP ED Charge,566,4507475,4740206
24655,Closed Treatment of Radial Head or Neck Fracture with manipulation,494,9872465,1241613
24670,24670 TX OF FX ULNAR PROXIMAL ED Charge,167,4509121,5175381
24670,"Closed  Treatment of Ulnar Fx Prox End (eg: Olecranon Process), w/o Manipulation, ED PRO FEE",370,9819872,5175382
25000,Incision Tendon Sheath,2123,3609619,22108631
25111,"Excise of Ganglion, Wrist (Dorsal or Volar); Primary Charge",375,9831927,729623
25500,25500 Closed Trtmt of Radial Shaft Fx; w/o Manipulation ED PRO FEE,285,9813113,3596332
25500,25500 TX RADIAL SHFT FX W\\OUT ED Charge,167,4502362,3634328
25500,Closed Trtmt of Radial Shaft Fx; w/o Manipulation Charge,215,9837832,729725
25505,25505 Closed Trtmt of Radial Shaft Fx; w/Manipulation ED PRO FEE,584,9811877,3596334
25505,25505 RADIAL SHAFT FX/W MANIP ED Charge,566,4501126,3634329
25505,Closed Treatment Of Radial Shaft Fracture; With Manipulation,511,9835664,1299537
25530,Closed treatment of ulnar shaft fracture; w/o manipulation,145,4502664,9039368
25530,Closed treatment of ulnar shaft fracture; w/o manipulation; Pro Fee,294,9813415,9039374
25530,Closed Trtmt of Ulnar Shaft Fx; w/o Manipulation Charge,288,9836415,729731
25535,Closed treatment of ulnar shaft fracture; w/manipulation,152,4504166,9039379
25535,Closed treatment of ulnar shaft fracture; w/manipulation; Pro Fee,550,9814917,9039380
25535,Closed Trtmt of Ulnar Shaft Fx; w/Manipulation Charge,504,9837166,729733
25560,25560 Closed Trtmt of Radial & Ulnar Shaft Fxs; w/o Manipulation ED PRO FEE,357,9815334,3596338
25560,25560 Radial/Ulnar Fx W/Out Ma ED Charge,167,4506085,3634330
25560,Closed Trtmt of Radial & Ulnar Shaft Fxs; w/o Manipulation Charge,290,9832528,729737
25565,25565 Closed Trtmt of Radial & Ulnar Shaft Fxs; w/Manipulation ED PRO FEE,614,9816373,3596339
25565,25565 RADIAL & ULNAR FRACTURE ED Charge,566,4505622,3634331
25565,Closed Trtmt of Radial & Ulnar Shaft Fxs; w/Manipulation Charge,596,9832527,729739
25600,"25600 Closed trtmnt of dist radial fract (eg, Colles or Smith type)  w/o manipualtion ED PRO FEE",449,9812179,3596342
25600,25600 TX DISTAL RADIAL FRAC ED Charge,167,4509532,3634332
25600,"Closed treatment of distal radial fracture (eg, Colles or Smith type)  w/o manipualtion charge",320,9832561,881953
25605,"25605 Closed treatment of distal radial fracture (eg, Colles or Smith type)  w/ manip ED PRO FEE",662,9818970,3596343
25605,25605 Tx Distal Radial Fx ED Charge,566,4508219,3634333
25622,"Closed Treatment of Carpal Scaphoid (Navicular) Fracture W/out Manipulation, ED Fee",145,4506289,22082737
25622,"Closed Treatment of Carpal Scaphoid (Navicular) Fracture W/out Manipulation, Pro Fee",405,9818542,22082741
25624,"Closed Treatment of Carpal Scaphoid (Navicular) Fracture W/Manipulation, ED Fee",490,4509293,22082738
25624,"Closed Treatment of Carpal Scaphoid (Navicular) Fracture W/Manipulation, Pro Fee",634,9811358,22082742
25630,"25630 Carpal bone fx, clsd tx ED Charge",167,4507443,3634334
25630,25630 Closed Trtmnt Of Carpal Bone Fract (Excl Carpal Scaphoid (Navicular)); W/O Mani ED PRO FEE,324,9818194,3596344
25630,"Closed treatment of carpal bone fracture (excluding carpal scaphoid); wo manipulation, each bone",336,9832563,1164282
25690,"25690 Closed Trtmt of Lunate Dislocation, w/ Manipulation ED PRO FEE",612,9811460,3596345
25690,25690 LUNATE DISLOC W\\MANIP ED Charge,2131,4509387,3634335
26010,26010 Drainage Of Finger Absce ED Charge,158,4506940,3634336
26010,26010 Drainage of Finger Abscess; Simple ED PRO FEE,202,9816189,3596352
26055,Trigger Finger Release,1654,3602767,1184946
26418,"26418 REP EXTENSOR TENDON, EA ED Charge",1912,4504304,3634337
26418,"26418 Rep, Extensor Tendon, Finger, Primary or Secondary; w/o Free Graft, each Tendon ED PRO FEE",921,9815055,3596353
26600,"26600 Closed Trtmt of Metacarpal Fx, Single; w/o Manipulation, each Bone ED PRO FEE",254,9812962,3596354
26600,26600 CLSD TX METACARP FX ED Charge,167,4502211,3634338
26600,"Closed Trtmt of Metacarpal Fx, Single; w/o Manipulation, each Bone Charge",221,9832962,729897
26605,"26605 Closed Trtmt of Metacarpal Fx, Single; w/Manipulation, each Bone ED PRO FEE",357,9818626,3597007
26605,26605 FX METACARPLE W/MANIPULA ED Charge,167,4509377,3634339
26605,"Closed Trtmt of Metacarpal Fx, Single; w/Manipulation, each Bone Charge",300,9832526,729899
26700,"26700 Clos Trtmt of Metacarpophalangeal Dislocation, Single, w/Manip; w/o Anesth ED PRO FEE",345,9813018,3596355
26700,26700 CLSD TX METACARP DISLOC ED Charge,167,4503769,3634340
26700,"Closed Trtmt of Metacarpophalangeal Dislocation, Single, w/Manipulation; w/o Anesthesia Charge",351,9837279,729911
26705,"26705 Clos Trtmt of Metacarpophalangeal Dislocation, Single, w/Manip; Requiring Anesth ED PRO FEE",466,9816801,3596356
26705,26705 Knuckle Dislocation Trea ED Charge,167,4506050,3634341
26720,"26720 Clos tx of phalangeal shaft fx, prox or midlle phalanx, finger or thumb: w/o manip ED PRO FEE",204,9816986,3596357
26720,"26720 PHALANGEAL SHAFT FX, EA ED Charge",167,4507737,3634342
26720,"Closed tx of phalangeal shaft fx, proximal or midlle phalanx, finger or thumb: without manipulation,",211,9832672,884264
26725,"26725 Clos Trtmnt Of Phalangeal Shaft Fract, Prox Or Middle Phalanx, Finger Or Thumb; Wi ED PRO FEE",380,9812705,3596358
26725,"26725, PHALANGEAL FX W/MANIP ED Charge",167,4501954,3634343
26742,"26742 Closed Treatment Of Articular Fracture, Involving Metacarpophalangeal Or Interphalangeal ED Ch",431,9816815,4740217
26742,26742 FINGER FX W/MANIPULATION- PROF CHG,167,4506064,3634344
26750,"26750 Clos Trtmnt Of Articular Fract, Involv Metacarpophalangeal Or Interphalang Joint ED PRO FEE",213,9817279,5175383
26750,26750 TX FRAC DISTAL PHALANGEA ED Charge,167,4506528,3634345
26755,"26755 Closed Trtmt of Distal Phalangeal Fx, Finger or Thumb; w/Manipulation, each ED PRO FEE",398,9816836,3596361
26755,26755 Distal Phalangeal Fx Tx ED Charge,167,4507587,3634346
26765,"26765 Open Trtmt of Dist Phalang Fx, Finger or Thumb, w/ or w/o Inter or Ext Fixation, ea ED PRO FEE",636,9812837,3596362
26765,26765 Open Tx Phalangeal Fx ED Charge,2911,4502086,3634347
26770,"26770 Closed Trtmt of Interphalang Joint Dislocation, Single, w/Manip; w/o Anesthesia ED PRO FEE",296,9815057,3596363
26770,26770 FINGER DISLOCATION TX ED Charge,167,4504306,3634349
26770,"Closed Trtmt of Interphalangeal Joint Dislocation, Single, w/Manipulation; w/o Anesthesia Charge",301,9836719,729927
27220,Acetabulum (hip socket) fracture(s) - closed treatment of; wo manipulation Charge,500,9838559,1185346
27252,"27252 Closed Trtmt of Hip Dislocation, Traumatic; Requiring Anesthesia ED PRO FEE",1004,9819068,3596364
27252,"27252, HIP DISLOCATION W/ANES ED Charge",1719,4508317,3634350
27266,27266 Clos Trtmt of Post Hip Arthroplasty Dislocat; Requiring Regional or General Anesth ED PRO FEE,782,9811924,3596365
27266,27266 DISLOCATION HIP TX W/ANE ED Charge,1719,4501173,3634352
27520,"27520 Closed Trtmt of Patellar Fx, w/o Manipulation ED PRO FEE",358,9818449,3596366
27520,27520 Closed Tx Patellar Fx ED Charge,167,4507698,3634353
27560,27560 Closed tx of patellar dislocation; without anesthesia ED PRO FEE,400,9818255,3596367
27560,27560 Clsd Tx Patellar Disloca ED Charge,167,4507504,3634354
27562,27562 Closed tx of patellar dislocation; with anesthesia ED PRO FEE,593,9818713,3596368
27562,27562 PATELLAR DISLOCATION TX ED Charge,1719,4507962,4740212
27613,"Biopsy, Soft Tissue of Leg or Ankle Area; Superficial Charge",352,9832710,730157
27750,27750 Closed Trtmt of Tibial Shaft Fx (With or w/o Fibular Fx); w/o Manipulation ED PRO FEE,391,9812804,3596369
27750,27750 FX TIBIA W/OUT MANIP ED Charge,167,4502053,3634355
27752,27752 Closed Treatment Of Tibial Shaft Fracture (With Or W/O Fibular Fract); With Manip ED PRO FEE,650,9814500,3596370
27752,27752 Tibia Fx Clsd Tx W/Manip ED Charge,2131,4505251,3634356
27756,Fracture and/or Dislocation Procedures on the Leg (Tibia and Fibula) and Ankle Joint,644,9879595,3486184
27756,Reduction of Simple FX KCH charge,644,9879595,4308219
27760,Closed Treatment of Medial Malleolus Fracture; without manipulation,145,4504971,7605367
27760,"Closed Treatment of Medial Malleolus Fracture; without manipulation, PRO FEE",431,9815722,7605368
27762,Closed Treatment of Medial Malleolus Fracture; with manipulation,1843,4506473,7605369
27762,"Closed Treatment of Medial Malleolus Fracture; with manipulation, PRO FEE",615,9817224,7605370
27780,27780 Closed Trtmt of Proximal Fibula or Shaft Fx; w/o Manipulation ED PRO FEE,324,9811949,3596371
27780,27780 TX OF PROXIMAL FIBULA FX ED Charge,167,4501198,3634357
27780,Closed Trtmt of Proximal Fibula or Shaft Fx; w/o Manipulation Charge,326.25,9832778,730225
27786,27786 Closed Trtmt of Distal Fibular Fx (Lateral Malleolus); w/o Manipulation ED PRO FEE,329,9818781,3596372
27786,27786 Tx Distal Fibular Frac ED Charge,167,4508030,3634358
27786,Closed Trtmt of Distal Fibular Fx (Lateral Malleolus); w/o Manipulation Charge,263,9831536,730231
27788,27788 ANKLE FX W/MANIPULATION ED Charge,167,4502309,3634359
27788,27788 Closed Trtmt of Distal Fibular Fx (Lateral Malleolus); w/Manipulation ED PRO FEE,506,9813060,3596373
27808,"27808 Closed Treatment of Bimalleolar Ankle Fracture, w/o Manipulation ED Pro Fee",443,9819531,13398196
27808,"27808 Closed Treatment of Bimalleolar Ankle Fracture, w/o Manipulation, ED Fee",145,4508780,13398191
27810,"27810 Closed Treatment of Bimalleolar Ankle Fracture, w/ Manipulation, ED Fee",149,4507965,21254731
27810,"27810 Closed Treatment of Bimalleolar Ankle Fracture, w/ Manipulation, ED PRO FEE",627,9817214,21254733
27818,"27818 Closed Treatment of Trimalleolar Ankle Fracture, ED Fee",490,4502534,22045691
27818,"27818 Closed Treatment of Trimalleolar Ankle Fracture, Pro Fee",642,9813285,22045693
27842,"27842 Closed Treatment Of Ankle Dislocation; Req Anesthesia, w/ Or w/o Percutaneous Skel ED PRO FEE",631,9818946,3597033
27842,27842 TX ANKLE DIS W ANESTHESI ED Charge,1719,4508195,3650297
28008,Plantar Fascia Release,2126,3602721,1059693
28190,28190 Foreign Body Rremoval ED Charge,920,4508059,3634360
28190,"28190 Removal of Foreign Body, Foot; Subcutaneous ED PRO FEE",290,9818810,3596374
28450,28450 FRACTURE TX TARSAL BONE ED Charge,167,4508473,3634361
28450,"28450 Trtmt of Tarsal Bone Fx (Except Talus & Calcaneus); w/o Manipulation, each ED PRO FEE",242,9817722,3596375
28470,"28470 Closed Trtmt of Metatarsal Fx; w/o Manipulation, each ED PRO FEE",265,9813157,3596376
28470,28470 FX TRMT METARS W/O MANIP ED Charge,167,4502406,3634362
28470,"Closed Trtmt of Metatarsal Fx; w/o Manipulation, each Charge",244,9832847,730373
28475,"28475 Closed Trtmt of Metatarsal Fx; w/Manipulation, each ED PRO FEE",346,9818345,3596377
28475,28475 Metatarsal Fx Treatment ED Charge,167,4509096,3634363
28490,"28490 CLOSED TX FRACT, TOE, PHALANX OR PHALANGES; W/O MANIP-PROF CHG",181,9819234,3596378
28490,"28490 Fracture Tx, Great Toe ED Charge",167,4508483,3634365
28495,"28495 Closed Trtmt of Fx Great to e, Phalanx or Phalanges; w/Manipulation ED PRO FEE",223,9819089,3596379
28495,"28495, Great Toe Fx W/Manipula ED Charge",167,4509840,3634367
28510,"28510 Closed Trtmt of Fx, Phalanx or Phalanges, Other Than Great to e; w/o Manipul, ea ED PRO FEE",143,9814733,3596380
28510,"28510 FX PHALANX/PHALAGES, EA ED Charge",167,4505484,3634369
28510,"Closed Trtmt of Fx, Phalanx or Phalanges, Other Than Great toe; w/o Manipulation, each Charge",124,9832851,730389
28515,"28515 Closed Trtmt of Fx, Phalanx or Phalanges, Other Than Great to e; w/Manipul, ea ED PRO FEE",181,9819951,3596381
28515,28515 Tx Of Toe Fracture ED Charge,167,4509200,3634370
28630,28630 Closed Trtmt of Metatarsophalangeal Joint Dislocation; w/o Anesthesia ED PRO FEE,150,9811496,3596382
28630,28630 MP JOINT DISLOCATION ED Charge,167,4502247,4740213
28660,28660 Closed Trtmt of Interphalangeal Joint Dislocation; w/o Anesthesia ED PRO FEE,113,9811065,3596383
28660,28660 TOE DISLOCATION ED Charge,167,4501816,3634372
29049,"Application, cast; figure-of-eight",104.4,9832904,1164274
29065,"Applic, Cast; Shoulder to Hand (Long Arm) Charge",96,9831667,730445
29075,"Applic, Cast; Elbow to Finger (Short Arm) Charge",97,9832033,730447
29085,"29085 Applic, Cast; Hand & Lower Forearm (Gauntlet) ED PRO FEE",305,9819085,3596384
29085,"29085 Casting hand, forearm ED Charge",125,4509085,3634377
29105,29105 Applic of Long Arm Splint (Shoulder to Hand) ED PRO FEE,78,9812700,3596385
29105,29105 Long Arm Splint ED Charge,125,4502700,3634378
29125,29125 APPLY FOREARM SPLINT - ED PF,55,9812065,3596386
29125,29125 SHORT ARM SPINT APPLIC. ED Charge,125,4501314,3634379
29125,Application of Short Arm Splint; Static,79,9831873,3021726
29130,29130 App Of Finger Splint ED Charge,125,4509223,3634380
29130,29130 Applic of Finger Splint; Static ED PRO FEE,38,9819974,3596387
29130,Applic of Finger Splint; Static Charge,46,9832910,730455
29200,29200 STRAPPING; THORAX ED Charge,125,4508514,3650208
29240,29240 STRAPPING OF SHOULDER - ED TECH/CCCPF,59,9812628,3596389
29240,29240 STRAPPING OF SHOULDER ED Charge,125,4502628,3650209
29260,29260 SPLINTING OF ELBOW\\WRIST ED Charge,125,4503451,3650210
29260,29260 Strapping; Elbow or Wrist ED PRO FEE,48,9814202,3596390
29280,29280 STRAPPING OF HAND/FINGER ED Charge,125,4508636,3650298
29280,29280 Strapping; Hand or Finger ED PRO FEE,52,9817885,3596391
29345,Applic of Long Leg Cast (Thigh to toes); Charge,142,9831183,730471
29355,Application Of Long Leg Cast (Thigh To Toes); Walker Or Ambulatory Type,146,9831678,1299578
29405,Applic of Short Leg Cast (Below Knee to toes); Charge,99.45,9832308,730477
29405,"Application of Short Leg Cast (below knee to toes), ED Charge",304,4501371,23240331
29405,"Application of Short Leg Cast (below knee to toes), PRO Fee",90,9812122,23240332
29505,29505 Applic of Long Leg Splint (Thigh to Ankle or to es) ED PRO FEE,63,9819153,3596392
29505,29505 LONG LEG SPLINT THGH DWN ED Charge,125,4501643,3650212
29515,29515 Applic of Short Leg Splint (Calf to Foot) ED PRO FEE,67,9815674,3596393
29515,29515 Splinting From Leg To Ft ED Charge,125,4504923,3650213
29515,Applic of Short Leg Splint (Calf to Foot) Charge,78,9839737,730487
29520,"29520 STRAPPING, HIP ED Charge",125,4508226,3650214
29520,29520 Strapping; Hip ED PRO FEE,53,9818977,3596394
29530,29530 STRAPPING KNEE ED TECH,125,4509575,3650215
29530,29530 Strapping; Knee ED PRO FEE,46,9818824,3596473
29540,29540 STRAPPING OF ANKLE/FOOT ED Charge,125,4507124,3650216
29540,29540 Strapping; Ankle and/or Foot ED PRO FEE,46,9817875,3596474
29550,29550 Strapping; Toes ED PRO FEE,49,9813171,3596475
29550,29550 STRAPPING-TOES ED Charge,125,4502420,3650217
29580,29580 STRAPPING UNNA BOOT - ED PF,125,4506425,3650218
29705,Removal or bivalving; full arm or full leg cast,122,9831199,1164259
29799,"29799 Unlisted Procedure, Casting Or Strapping ED PRO FEE",55,9814571,3596476
29799,"29799 Unlisted Procedure, Casting or Strapping, ED Charge",125,4503820,5175393
30300,30300 FOREIGN BODY REMOVAL ED Charge,73,4508957,3650220
30300,"Removal foreign body, intranasal",156,9811168,3596477
30300,"Removal foreign body, intranasal; procedure charge",212,9832427,749800
30901,30901 CONTROL OF NOSELBEED-CCC PF,87,9816571,3596478
30901,"30901 Epistaxis Simple, Anter ED Charge",119,4505820,3650221
30901,"Control Nasal Hemorrhage, Anterior, Simple (Limited Cautery and/or Packing) Any Method Charge",125,9831161,730573
30903,"30903 Control nasal hemorrhage, anterior, complex (cautery and/or packing) any method ED PRO FEE",113,9814464,3596481
30903,"30903 NASAL HEMORRHAGE, COMPLX ED Charge",119,4503713,3650222
30905,"30905 Control nasal hemorrhage, posterior, w/ post. nasal pks and/or cautery, any method ED PRO FEE",151,9818402,3596482
30905,"30905 EPISTAXIS, POSTERIOR ED Charge",119,4507651,3650223
31500,"31500 INTUBATION, ENDOTRAC ER ED Charge",248,4502816,3650224
31500,"31500 Intubation, Endotracheal, Emergency Procedure ED PRO FEE",159,9813567,3596487
31720,"31720 Cath Aspiration, Nasotra ED Charge",47,4506257,3650225
32551,"32551 Tube thoracostomy, incl. water seal (eg, abscess, hemothorax, empyema), when perf. ED PRO FEE",302,9815468,3596491
32551,Insertion of Chest Tube,613,4504717,1308757
32551,"Tube thoracostomy, includes water seal (eg, for abscess, hemothorax, empyema), when performed (separ",242,9873202,884285
32554,32421 Thoracentesis ED Charge,613,4504172,3650226
32554,"32421 Thoracentesis, puncture of pleural cavity for aspiration, initial or subsequent ED PRO FEE",109,9814923,3596488
32554,Thoracentisis KCH charge,197,9837574,4308235
32555,"Thoracentesis, Needle or Catheter, with Imaging Guidance, ED Charge",664,4507311,22452931
32555,"Thoracentesis, Needle or Catheter, with Imaging Guidance, Pro Fee",170,9818062,22452934
35206,"35206 Repair Blood Vessel, Direct; Upper Extremity ED PRO FEE",1133,9815028,3596496
35206,"35206, REPAIR BLOOD VESSEL ED Charge",3428,4504277,3650264
36415,Bill Venipuncture,16,3003256,5282975
36415,COLLECTION: Venous Draw,16,3003256,796180
36415,Venipuncture Charge,14.3,9833030,667653
36416,Collection of Capillary Blood,6,3001184,22166584
36430,TRANSFUSION BLOOD CHARGE,360.73,7616511,3824182
36556,36556 Ins. of Non-Tunneled Centrally Inserted Cent. Venous Catheter; Age 5 or Older ED PRO FEE,173,9816693,3596499
36556,36556 Insert Nontunnel Cv Cath ED Charge,1233,4505942,3650265
36556,Central Line Placement KCH Charge,150,9879186,4308252
36600,COLLECTION: Arterial Draw,48,3004007,796176
40804,"40804 Foreign Body Removal, Mo ED Charge",73,4505230,3650266
40804,"40804 Removal Of Embedded Foreign Body, Vestibule Of Mouth; Simple ED PRO FEE",199,9815981,3596504
40810,Exc Les-vestibule Mouth; Wo Re,125,9831861,1902013
41250,41250 Repair Of Laceration 2.5 Cm Or Less; Floor Of Mouth And/Or Anterior 2/3 Of Tongue ED PRO FEE,224,9817732,3596509
41250,41250 Repair Tongue Laceration ED Charge,119,4506981,3650267
41800,"41800 Drainage Of Abscess, Cyst, Hematoma From Dentoalveolar Structures ED PRO FEE",210,9817691,3596510
41800,41800 I&D Of Abscess Gum ED Charge,158,4508442,3650268
42700,"Incision and Drainage abscess, peritonsillar, ED Charge",300,4502121,22371856
42700,"Incision and Drainage abscess, peritonsillar, ED PRO Fee",207,9812872,22371857
42809,42809 FB REMOVAL PHARYNX ED Charge,73,4506773,3650269
42809,42809 Removal Of Foreign Body From Pharynx ED PRO FEE,153,9816022,3596511
42960,"42960 Control Oropharyngeal Hemorrhage, Primary Or Sec. (Eg, Posttonsillectomy); Simple ED PRO FEE",248,9818812,3596512
42960,42960 Control Tonsil Hemorrage ED Charge,119,4508061,3650270
43200,"43200 Esophagoscopy, Rigid/Flexible; Diagnostic, w/ or w/o Collection Of Specimen By Bru ED PRO FEE",146,9811525,3596513
43200,"43200 ESOPHAGOSCOPY,DIAGNOSTIC ED Charge",940,4509455,3650271
43235,"Upper GI Endoscopy, diagnositic w/wo collection of specimen KCH charge",349,9871059,4308246
43239,"Upper GI Endoscopy, diagnositic w/biopsy, single or multiple KCH charge",396,9871060,4308245
43247,43247 Egd/Foreign Body Removal ED Charge,800,4503908,3650272
43247,"43247 Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Incl. Esophagus, Stomach, And Either The Duodenum ED PRO FEE",312,9814659,3596516
43247,Upper GI Endoscopy w/ Removal of Foreign Body KCH charge,225,9878422,4308243
43251,Upper GI Endoscopy w/ Removal KCH charge,400,9878637,4308241
43753,43753 Gastric Lavage ED Charge,73,4502937,3650273
45330,"Sigmoidoscopy, Flexible diagnositc w/wo collection of specimen KCH charge",285,9874828,4308222
45331,"Sigmoidoscopy, Flexible diagnositc w/biopsy, single or multiple KCH charge",500,9879388,4308221
45333,"Sigmoidoscopy, flexible diagnostic w/removal of tumor , polyp or lesion by hot biopsy forceps KCH ch",500,9874533,4308224
45378,Colonoscopy KCH Charge,800,9872478,4308189
45380,Colonoscopy w/ Cold Forcep,966,9871600,4308190
45385,Colonoscopy w/ Polypectomy,1240,9871601,4308191
45900,45900 Reduction Of Procidentia (Separate Procedure) Under Anesthesia ED PRO FEE,230,9818704,3596519
45900,45900 REDUCTION OF PROCIDENTIA ED Charge,619,4507953,3650274
46040,46040 I&D of Ischiorectal and/or Perirectal Abscess ED PRO FEE,535,9811232,3596522
46040,46040 I&D Of Perirectal Absces ED Charge,2714,4509565,3650275
46050,"46050 Incision and Drainage of perianal abscess, superficial, ED Charge",450,4507883,22128460
46050,"46050 Incision and Drainage of perianal abscess, superficial, ED PRO Fee",145,9818634,22128465
46083,46083 INC OF THROMBOSED HEMORR ED Charge,217,4509697,3650299
46083,"46083 Incision of Thrombosed Hemorrhoid, Ext ED PRO FEE",130,9816219,3596985
46083,"Incision of Thrombosed Hemorrhoid, Ext Charge",160,9833363,730699
46320,Enucleation or Excise of Ext Thrombotic Hemorrhoid Charge,176,9873333,730709
46600,46600 Anoscopy; Diagnostic w/ or w/out Collection of Specimen ED Charge,63,4506917,5175388
46600,46600 Anoscopy; Diagnostic w/ or w/out Collection of Specimen ED Pro Fee,64,9817668,5175387
46600,Anoscopy Charge,76,9837869,667654
46608,"Anoscopy, with removal of foreign body",599,4503469,7590623
46608,"Anoscopy, with removal of foreign body, PRO FEE",117,9814220,7590624
49082,49082 ABD PARACENTESIS ED Charge,613,4508187,3650276
49082,49082 Abdominal Pracentesis ED PRO FEE,99,9815069,5175379
49082,Abdominal Paracentesis,98,9815069,5178971
51101,51101 Asp Bladder By Intracath ED Charge,123,4505271,3650277
51700,51700 Bladder Irrigation ED Charge,217,4507763,3650278
51703,"Insertion of Bladder Catheter, Complicated, ED Charge",107,4506568,22543260
51703,"Insertion of Bladder Catheter, Complicated, Pro Fee",121,9818821,22544969
55000,"55000 Punct. Aspiration Of Hydrocele, Tunica Vaginalis, w/ or w/o Injection of Medication ED Charge",440,4505656,5175389
55000,"55000 Punct. Aspiration Of Hydrocele, Tunica Vaginalis, w/ or w/o Injection Of Medication ED PRO FEE",117,9812578,3596527
56405,"56405 Incision and Drainage of vulva or perineal abscess, ED Charge",152,4506193,22157706
56405,"56405 Incision and Drainage of vulva or perineal abscess, ED PRO Fee",162,9815442,22157711
56420,56420 I&D Bartholin's Gland Abscess ED PRO FEE,132,9815582,3596533
56420,"56420, I&D BARTHOLINS GLAND ED Charge",176,4504831,3650279
57500,"Biopsy, Single or Multiple, or Local Excision of Lesion",154,9831281,667637
57511,Cryocautery Cervix Charge,211,9831322,667640
58301,58301 IUD REMOVAL ED Charge,176,4507073,3650280
58301,"58301 IUD, Remove ED PRO FEE",98,9817824,3596530
58600,Tubal Ligation KCH charge,550,9871373,4308238
58605,Tubal Ligation  Postpartum KCH charge,393,9871441,4308239
58611,Tubal Ligation w/ C-Section KCH charge,108,9871711,4308240
59025,Fetal Nonstress Test,135,7613297,888552
59160,Postpartum Curettage KCH charge,317,9871423,4308218
59200,Insert Cervical Dilator Charge,345,4502839,667650
59200,Insertion drug delivery implant,60,9812088,2789640
59300,Episiotomy (Non-attending),200,9875579,4308250
59400,OB Package KCH charge,2250,9879395,4308212
59409,OB (Delivery Only) KCH charge,950,9871342,4308211
59425,Antepartum (4-6 visits),456,9874250,4308183
59426,Antepartum (7 or more visits),863,9832298,4308185
59430,Postpartum care only (separate procedure) KCH charge,152,9873326,4308217
59510,C-Section KCH,2805,9871530,4308192
59514,C-Section (Delivery only) KCH Charge,1925,9871111,4308251
59812,"Treatment Incomplete Abortion, Surgical; Any Trimester Charge",400,9871336,723243
59812,"Treatment of incomplete abortion, any trimester (D & C) KCH charge",400,9871336,4308237
62270,62270 Lumbar Puncture ED Charge,434,4508938,3650281
62270,62270 Lumbar Puncture ED PRO FEE,98,9819689,3596535
62270,Lumbar puncture KCH charge,200,9878686,4308204
64450,64450 INJ ANES OTHR PERIPH NERV ED CHARGE,697,4502389,21083916
64450,INJ ANES OTH PERIPH NERVE,67,9813140,22534757
64718,Cubital Tunnel Release,1817,3608868,1184898
64721,Carpal Tunnel Release,1817,3602016,1184546
65205,65205 FB REMOVE EYE SUPERFSL ED Charge,118,4508370,3650282
65205,"65205 Foreign Body Remove, Superficial Conjunctival ED PRO FEE",48,9817619,3596537
65205,"Removal of foreign body, external eye; conjunctival superficial",61,9835418,667655
65220,65220 FB REMOVAL EYE-CORNEA ED Charge,118,4507677,3650283
65220,"65220 Foreign Body Remove, Corneal, w/o Slit Lamp ED PRO FEE",51,9816926,3596540
65220,"Foreign Body Remove, Corneal, w/o Slit Lamp Charge",57,9832131,667657
65222,"65222 Fb Removal, Eye W/Slit L ED Charge",118,4509406,3650284
65222,"65222 Foreign Body Remove, Corneal, w/Slit Lamp ED PRO FEE",87,9818655,5175395
65222,"Foreign Body Remove, Corneal, w/Slit Lamp Charge",72,9832132,667658
65426,"Excision of Pterygium, w/Graft",2150,3604732,23556130
66821,YAG Laser,488,4905347,1380035
66986,Intraocular Lens Exchange,2297,3601970,1184883
67938,67938 REMOVAL FB EYELID ED Charge,226,4502938,3650285
67938,"67938 Removal Of Embedded Foreign Body, Eyelid ED PRO FEE",101,9813689,3596544
69200,69200 CLEAR OUTER EAR CANAL - ED PF,72,9815777,3596547
69200,69200 FOREIGN BODY REMOVAL EAR ED Charge,73,4505026,3650286
69200,Removal foreign body from external auditory canal; without general anesthesia Charge,55,9832317,749802
69205,Removal Foreign Body From Ext Auditory Canal; w/General Anesthesia Charge,98,9834667,730857
69209,"Removal of Impacted Cerumen using Irrigation/Lavage, Unilateral, ED Charge",77,4507319,22543285
69209,"Removal of Impacted Cerumen using Irrigation/Lavage, Unilateral, Pro Fee",29,9818070,22544966
69210,69210 CERUMEN REMOVAL ED Charge,77,4504065,3650287
69210,69210 Ear Lavage ED PRO FEE,49,9813096,3596550
69210,Cerumen removal with Instrumentation,57,9837292,667660
70100,XR Mandible Partial Less Than 4 Views,219.4,0,630337
70100,XR Mandible Partial Less Than 4 Views,241,3201228,1008013
70110,XR Mandible Complete Minimum 4 Views,224.4,0,630339
70110,XR Mandible Complete Minimum 4 Views,247,3201979,823600
70130,XR Mastoids Complete,224.4,0,630320
70130,XR Mastoids Complete,247,3203481,1021649
70130,XR Mastoids Complete Bilateral,234.4,0,630325
70130,XR Mastoids Complete Bilateral,258,3203481,1008017
70130,XR Mastoids Complete Left,224.4,0,630323
70130,XR Mastoids Complete Left,247,3203481,1021647
70140,XR Facial Bones < 3 Views,219.4,0,630666
70140,XR Facial Bones < 3 Views,241,3204232,823524
70150,XR Facial Bones Minimum 3 Views,224.4,0,630663
70150,XR Facial Bones Minimum 3 Views,247,3204983,823526
70160,XR Nasal Bones Minimum 3 Views,224.4,0,630309
70160,XR Nasal Bones Minimum 3 Views,247,3205734,823602
70200,XR Orbits Complete Bilateral,234.4,0,630301
70200,XR Orbits Complete Bilateral,258,3206485,823606
70200,XR Orbits Complete Left,224.4,0,630299
70200,XR Orbits Complete Left,247,3206485,1163868
70200,XR Orbits Complete Right,224.4,0,630297
70200,XR Orbits Complete Right,247,3206485,1163870
70220,XR Sinuses Paranasal Complete,224.4,0,630100
70220,XR Sinuses Paranasal Complete,247,3207236,823631
70240,XR Sella Turcica,224.4,0,630156
70240,XR Sella Turcica,247,3207987,1008063
70250,XR Skull < 4 Views,224.4,0,630096
70250,XR Skull < 4 Views,247,3208738,823633
70260,XR Skull Complete,378,0,630092
70260,XR Skull Complete,416,3209489,1008072
70328,XR TMJ Open and Closed Left,219.4,0,629928
70328,XR TMJ Open and Closed Left,241,3201619,1021671
70328,XR TMJ Open and Closed Right,219.4,0,629922
70328,XR TMJ Open and Closed Right,241,3201619,1021673
70360,XR Neck Soft Tissue,214.4,0,630307
70360,XR Neck Soft Tissue,236,3202370,823604
70450,CT Head or Brain w/o Contrast,767.4,0,629966
70450,CT Head or Brain w/o Contrast,844,3507112,821336
70450,CT Head or Brain w/o Contrast - BCE,844,3507112,6934609
70460,CT Head or Brain w/ Contrast,1201.7,0,629962
70460,CT Head or Brain w/ Contrast,1322,3507863,821334
70470,CT Head or Brain w/ + w/o Contrast,1336,0,629958
70470,CT Head or Brain w/ + w/o Contrast,1470,3508614,821332
70480,CT IAC w/o Contrast,767.4,0,1161168
70480,CT IAC w/o Contrast,844,3509908,1163590
70480,CT Orbit Sella etc. w/o Contrast,767.4,0,630104
70480,CT Orbit Sella etc. w/o Contrast,844,3508668,821352
70481,CT IAC w/ + w/o Contrast,1201.7,0,1161167
70481,CT IAC w/ + w/o Contrast,1322,3501144,1163587
70481,CT Orbit Sella etc. w/ Contrast,1201.7,0,630102
70481,CT Orbit Sella etc. w/ Contrast,1322,3505728,821350
70482,CT Orbit Sella etc. w/ + w/o Contrast,1336,0,630098
70482,CT Orbit Sella etc. w/ + w/o Contrast,1470,3504785,1005187
70486,CT Maxillofacial w/o Contrast,844,3509365,821348
70486,CT Sinus w/o Contrast,844,3503155,2214002
70486,CT Sinus w/o Contrast - BCE,844,3155,6934610
70487,CT Maxillofacial w/ Contrast,1201.7,0,630090
70487,CT Maxillofacial w/ Contrast,1322,3500487,821346
70487,CT Sinus w/ Contrast,1201.7,0,3778207
70487,CT Sinus w/ Contrast,1322,3503905,3778210
70488,CT Maxillofacial w/ + w/o Contrast,1336,0,630086
70488,CT Maxillofacial w/ + w/o Contrast,1470,3504608,1005185
70488,CT Sinus w/ + w/o Contrast,1336,0,3778206
70488,CT Sinus w/ + w/o Contrast,1470,3504608,3778208
70490,CT Soft Tissue Neck w/o Contrast,767.4,0,630160
70490,CT Soft Tissue Neck w/o Contrast,844,3505655,821370
70491,CT Soft Tissue Neck w/ Contrast,1201.7,0,630158
70491,CT Soft Tissue Neck w/ Contrast,1322,3504904,821368
70492,CT Soft Tissue Neck w/ + w/o Contrast,1336,0,630154
70492,CT Soft Tissue Neck w/ + w/o Contrast,1470,3504153,821366
70540,MRI Face Neck Orbit w/o Contrast,2411,6100001,1005420
70542,MRI Face Neck Orbit w/ Contrast,2449,6100002,821408
70543,MRI Face Neck Orbit w/ + w/o Contrast,2549,6100003,821406
70544,MRA Head w/o Contrast,2046,6100049,1005367
70545,MRA Head w/ Contrast,2084,6100050,821394
70546,MRA Head w/ + w/o Contrast,2181,6100051,1005365
70547,MRA Neck w/o Contrast,2125,6105843,821396
70548,MRA Neck w/ Contrast,2225,6106594,1005378
70549,MRA Neck w/ + w/o Contrast,2925,6107345,1005376
70551,MRI Brain w/o Contrast,2411,6100004,821402
70552,MRI Brain w/ Contrast,2449,6100005,821400
70553,MRI Brain w/ + w/o Contrast,2549,6100006,821398
71010,XR Chest 1 View,214.4,0,629716
71020,XR Chest 2 Views,219.4,0,629718
71020,XR Chest 2 Views -BCE,241,3204623,6934611
71045,XR Chest 1 View,236,3203121,823510
71046,XR Chest 2 Views,241,3204623,823512
71048,XR Chest 4 Views,224.4,0,629724
71048,XR Chest 4 Views,247,3206073,1007896
71100,XR Ribs 2 Views Left,219.4,0,630229
71100,XR Ribs 2 Views Left,241,3206876,823610
71100,XR Ribs 2 Views Right,219.4,0,630227
71100,XR Ribs 2 Views Right,241,3206876,823612
71101,XR Ribs Min 3 Views Left w/ PA Chest,224.4,0,2213977
71101,XR Ribs Min 3 Views Left w/ PA Chest,247,3207627,2214275
71101,XR Ribs Min 3 Views Right w/ PA Chest,224.4,0,2213978
71101,XR Ribs Min 3 Views Right w/ PA Chest,247,3207627,2214278
71110,XR Ribs 3 Views Bilateral,234.4,0,787869
71110,XR Ribs 3 Views Bilateral,258,3208378,823614
71111,XR Ribs w/ PA Chest Bilateral,378,0,630225
71111,XR Ribs w/ PA Chest Bilateral,416,3209129,1008048
71120,XR Sternum Minimum 2 Views,219.4,0,629974
71120,XR Sternum Minimum 2 Views,241,3209880,823653
71130,XR Sternoclavicular Joint(s),214.4,0,629976
71130,XR Sternoclavicular Joint(s),236,3201430,823651
71250,CT Chest W/O Contrast,767.4,0,853280
71250,CT Chest W/O Contrast,844,3501900,1005143
71260,CT Chest W/Contrast,1201.7,0,853279
71260,CT Chest W/Contrast,1322,3501149,1005140
71270,CT Chest W/WO Contrast,1336,0,853278
71270,CT Chest W/WO Contrast,1470,3502651,1005146
71275,CT Angio Chest,1322,3505772,1005115
71550,MRI Chest w/o Contrast,2425,6100007,1005415
71551,MRI Chest w/ Contrast,2625,6100008,1005413
71552,MRI Chest w/ + w/o Contrast,2725,6100009,821404
71555,MRA Chest w/ Contrast,2288,6100056,2214029
71555,MRA Chest w/o Contrast,2247,6100052,2214032
72020,XR Spine 1 View Cervical,214.4,0,629692
72020,XR Spine 1 View Cervical,236,3202932,1021660
72020,XR Spine 1 View Lumbar,214.4,0,630080
72020,XR Spine 1 View Lumbar,236,3202932,1021662
72020,XR Spine 1 View Thoracic,214.4,0,630076
72020,XR Spine 1 View Thoracic,236,3202932,1021664
72040,XR Spine Cervical 2 or 3 Views,224.4,0,629600
72040,XR Spine Cervical 2 or 3 Views,247,3203683,823635
72050,XR Spine Cervical Comp w/ Oblique,416,3204434,823637
72050,XR Spine Cervical Comp w/ Obliques,378,0,629602
72070,XR Spine Thoracic 2 Views,219.4,0,630002
72070,XR Spine Thoracic 2 Views,241,3205185,823647
72072,XR Spine Thoracic 3 Views,224.4,0,629997
72072,XR Spine Thoracic 3 Views,247,3205936,823649
72081,XR Spine Entire 1 View,235,3204188,22200642
72082,XR Spine Entire 2-3 Views,246,3204939,22200645
72082,XR Spine Entire Survey AP/Lat,378,0,630054
72082,XR Spine Entire Survey AP/Lat,416,3202181,1021666
72083,XR Spine Entire 4-5 Views,330,3205690,22200648
72084,XR Spine Entire Min 6 Views,416,3206441,22200651
72100,XR Spine Lumbosacral 2 or 3 Views,224.4,0,630048
72100,XR Spine Lumbosacral 2 or 3 Views,247,3207438,823641
72110,XR Spine Lumbosacral Minimum 4 Views,378,0,630022
72110,XR Spine Lumbosacral Minimum 4 Views,416,3208189,823643
72125,CT Spine Cervical w/o Contrast,767.4,0,629610
72125,CT Spine Cervical w/o Contrast,844,3509114,821372
72126,CT Spine Cervical w/ Contrast,1201.7,0,629608
72126,CT Spine Cervical w/ Contrast,1322,3506249,1005215
72127,CT Spine Thoracic w/ + w/o Contrast,1336,0,630164
72127,CT Spine Thoracic w/ + w/o Contrast,1470,3506158,1005221
72128,CT Spine Thoracic w/o Contrast,767.4,0,630172
72128,CT Spine Thoracic w/o Contrast,844,3509865,821376
72129,CT Spine Thoracic w/ Contrast,1201.7,0,630168
72129,CT Spine Thoracic w/ Contrast,1322,3505407,1005223
72131,CT Spine Lumbar w/o Contrast,767.4,0,630056
72131,CT Spine Lumbar w/o Contrast,844,3506110,821374
72132,CT Spine Lumbar w/ Contrast,1201.7,0,630052
72132,CT Spine Lumbar w/ Contrast,1322,3506861,1005219
72133,CT Spine Lumbar w/ + w/o Contrast,1336,0,630049
72133,CT Spine Lumbar w/ + w/o Contrast,1470,3507038,1005217
72141,MRI Spine Cervical w/o Contrast,2138,6100010,821441
72142,MRI Spine Cervical w/ Contrast,2237,6100011,821439
72146,MRI Spine Thoracic w/o Contrast,2138,6100013,821449
72147,MRI Spine Thoracic w/ Contrast,2237,6100014,821447
72148,MRI Spine Lumbar w/o Contrast,2138,6100016,821445
72149,MRI Spine Lumbar w/ Contrast,2237,6100017,821443
72156,MRI Spine Cervical w/ + w/o Contrast,2406,6100012,1005501
72157,MRI Spine Thoracic w/ + w/o Contrast,2406,6100015,1005505
72158,MRI Spine Lumbar w/ + w/o Contrast,2406,6100018,1005503
72159,MRA Spine w/ Contrast,2282,6100057,2214146
72159,MRA Spine w/o Contrast,2244,6100053,20006172
72170,XR Pelvis 1 or 2 Views,214.4,0,630285
72170,XR Pelvis 1 or 2 Views,236,3208940,823608
72192,CT Pelvis w/o Contrast,767.4,0,630114
72192,CT Pelvis w/o Contrast,844,3504108,821361
72193,CT Pelvis w/ Contrast,1201.7,0,630112
72193,CT Pelvis w/ Contrast,1322,3505610,821359
72194,CT Pelvis w/ + w/o Contrast,1336,0,630108
72194,CT Pelvis w/ + w/o Contrast,1470,3504859,821357
72195,MRI Pelvis w/o Contrast,2132,6100019,821434
72196,MRI Pelvis w/ Contrast,2221,6100020,821432
72197,MRI Pelvis w/ + w/o Contrast,2396,6100021,1005497
72198,MRA Pelvis w/ Contrast,2282,6100058,2214131
72198,MRA Pelvis w/o Contrast,2244,6100054,1021594
72202,XR Sacroiliac Joints,247,3201555,1319992
72202,XR Sacroiliac Joints Minimum 3 Views,224.4,0,630196
72202,XR Sacroiliac Joints Minimum 3 Views,247,3201555,1021658
72220,XR Sacrum and Coccyx,224.4,0,1161111
72220,XR Sacrum and Coccyx,247,3202306,1163877
73000,XR Clavicle Left,219.4,0,629752
73000,XR Clavicle Left,241,3203057,823516
73000,XR Clavicle Right,219.4,0,629754
73000,XR Clavicle Right,241,3203057,823518
73010,XR Scapula Left,219.4,0,630165
73010,XR Scapula Left,241,3203808,823619
73010,XR Scapula Right,219.4,0,630162
73010,XR Scapula Right,241,3203808,823621
73020,XR Shoulder 1 View Left,214.4,0,630146
73020,XR Shoulder 1 View Left,236,3204559,823623
73020,XR Shoulder 1 View Right,214.4,0,630142
73020,XR Shoulder 1 View Right,236,3204559,823625
73030,XR Shoulder Complete Left,224.4,0,630126
73030,XR Shoulder Complete Left,247,3205310,823627
73030,XR Shoulder Complete Right,224.4,0,630121
73030,XR Shoulder Complete Right,247,3205310,823629
73050,XR AC Joints w/ or w/o weights Bilateral,224.4,0,1319559
73050,XR AC Joints w/ or w/o weights Bilateral,247,3206812,1319951
73060,XR Humerus Left,219.4,0,630429
73060,XR Humerus Left,241,3207563,823588
73060,XR Humerus Right,219.4,0,630427
73060,XR Humerus Right,241,3207563,823590
73070,XR Elbow 2 Views Left,219.4,0,630689
73070,XR Elbow 2 Views Left,241,3208314,823520
73070,XR Elbow 2 Views Right,219.4,0,630687
73070,XR Elbow 2 Views Right,241,3208314,823522
73080,XR Elbow Complete Right,224.4,0,630679
73080,XR Elbow Complete Right,224.4,0,630683
73080,XR Elbow Complete Right,247,3209065,1007932
73080,XR Elbow Complete Right,247,3209065,1007934
73090,XR Forearm 2 Views Left,219.4,0,630523
73090,XR Forearm 2 Views Left,241,3209816,823562
73090,XR Forearm 2 Views Right,219.4,0,630519
73090,XR Forearm 2 Views Right,241,3209816,823564
73092,XR UE Infant Min 2 Views Left,219.4,0,2213984
73092,XR UE Infant Min 2 Views Left,241,3201550,2214296
73092,XR UE Infant Min 2 Views Right,219.4,0,2213985
73092,XR UE Infant Min 2 Views Right,241,3201550,2214299
73100,XR Wrist 2 Views Left,219.4,0,613632
73100,XR Wrist 2 Views Left,241,3202301,823685
73100,XR Wrist 2 Views Right,219.4,0,613634
73100,XR Wrist 2 Views Right,241,3202301,823683
73110,XR Wrist Complete Left,224.4,0,611596
73110,XR Wrist Complete Left,247,3203052,823681
73110,XR Wrist Complete Right,224.4,0,611594
73110,XR Wrist Complete Right,247,3203052,823679
73120,XR Hand 2 Views Left,219.4,0,630493
73120,XR Hand 2 Views Left,241,3203803,823568
73120,XR Hand 2 Views Right,219.4,0,630489
73120,XR Hand 2 Views Right,241,3203803,823570
73130,XR Hand Complete Left,224.4,0,630479
73130,XR Hand Complete Left,247,3204554,823572
73130,XR Hand Complete Right,224.4,0,630473
73130,XR Hand Complete Right,247,3204554,823574
73140,XR Finger 2nd Digit Left,224.4,0,630649
73140,XR Finger 2nd Digit Left,247,3205305,823532
73140,XR Finger 2nd Digit Right,224.4,0,630647
73140,XR Finger 2nd Digit Right,247,3205305,823534
73140,XR Finger 3rd Digit Left,224.4,0,630641
73140,XR Finger 3rd Digit Left,247,3205305,823536
73140,XR Finger 3rd Digit Right,224.4,0,630633
73140,XR Finger 3rd Digit Right,247,3205305,823538
73140,XR Finger 4th Digit Left,224.4,0,630625
73140,XR Finger 4th Digit Left,247,3205305,823540
73140,XR Finger 4th Digit Right,224.4,0,630622
73140,XR Finger 4th Digit Right,247,3205305,823542
73140,XR Finger 5th Digit Left,224.4,0,630618
73140,XR Finger 5th Digit Left,247,3205305,823544
73140,XR Finger 5th Digit Right,224.4,0,630609
73140,XR Finger 5th Digit Right,247,3205305,823546
73140,XR Finger Thumb Left,224.4,0,630603
73140,XR Finger Thumb Left,247,3205305,823548
73140,XR Finger Thumb Right,224.4,0,630599
73140,XR Finger Thumb Right,247,3205305,823550
73200,CT Elbow w/o Contrast Left,767.4,0,629834
73200,CT Elbow w/o Contrast Left,844,3509820,1021533
73200,CT Elbow w/o Contrast Right,767.4,0,629836
73200,CT Elbow w/o Contrast Right,844,3509820,1021535
73200,CT Forearm w/o Contrast Left,767.4,0,629904
73200,CT Forearm w/o Contrast Left,844,3509820,1286803
73200,CT Forearm w/o Contrast Right,767.4,0,629906
73200,CT Forearm w/o Contrast Right,844,3509820,1286805
73200,CT Hand w/o Contrast Left,767.4,0,629950
73200,CT Hand w/o Contrast Left,844,3509820,1286821
73200,CT Hand w/o Contrast Right,767.4,0,629954
73200,CT Hand w/o Contrast Right,844,3509820,1286823
73200,CT Humerus w/o Contrast Left,767.4,0,635588
73200,CT Humerus w/o Contrast Left,844,3509820,1286839
73200,CT Humerus w/o Contrast Right,767.4,0,630024
73200,CT Humerus w/o Contrast Right,844,3509820,1286841
73200,CT Shoulder w/o Contrast Left,767.4,0,630148
73200,CT Shoulder w/o Contrast Left,844,3509820,1021573
73200,CT Shoulder w/o Contrast Right,767.4,0,630152
73200,CT Shoulder w/o Contrast Right,844,3509820,1021575
73200,CT Wrist w/o Contrast Left,767.4,0,630261
73200,CT Wrist w/o Contrast Left,844,3509820,1021580
73200,CT Wrist w/o Contrast Right,767.4,0,630263
73200,CT Wrist w/o Contrast Right,844,3509820,1021582
73201,CT Elbow w/ Contrast Left,1201.7,0,629828
73201,CT Elbow w/ Contrast Left,1322,3501895,1284628
73201,CT Elbow w/ Contrast Right,1201.7,0,629832
73201,CT Elbow w/ Contrast Right,1322,3501895,1284630
73201,CT Forearm w/ Contrast Left,1201.7,0,629894
73201,CT Forearm w/ Contrast Left,1322,3501895,1286797
73201,CT Forearm w/ Contrast Right,1201.7,0,629898
73201,CT Forearm w/ Contrast Right,1322,3501895,1286799
73201,CT Hand w/ Contrast Left,1201.7,0,629940
73201,CT Hand w/ Contrast Left,1322,3501895,1286815
73201,CT Hand w/ Contrast Right,1201.7,0,629944
73201,CT Hand w/ Contrast Right,1322,3501895,1286817
73201,CT Humerus w/ Contrast Left,1201.7,0,630014
73201,CT Humerus w/ Contrast Left,1322,3501895,1286833
73201,CT Humerus w/ Contrast Right,1201.7,0,630016
73201,CT Humerus w/ Contrast Right,1322,3501895,1286835
73201,CT Shoulder w/ Contrast Left,1201.7,0,630138
73201,CT Shoulder w/ Contrast Left,1322,3501895,1286857
73201,CT Shoulder w/ Contrast Right,1201.7,0,630140
73201,CT Shoulder w/ Contrast Right,1322,3501895,1286859
73201,CT Wrist w/ Contrast Left,1201.7,0,630255
73201,CT Wrist w/ Contrast Left,1322,3501895,1286893
73201,CT Wrist w/ Contrast Right,1201.7,0,630257
73201,CT Wrist w/ Contrast Right,1322,3501895,1286895
73202,CT Elbow w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1336,0,629822
73202,CT Elbow w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1470,3502646,1284622
73202,CT Elbow w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1336,0,629824
73202,CT Elbow w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1470,3502646,1284624
73202,CT Forearm w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1336,0,629886
73202,CT Forearm w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1470,3502646,1286789
73202,CT Forearm w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1336,0,629888
73202,CT Forearm w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1470,3502646,1286793
73202,CT Hand w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1336,0,629930
73202,CT Hand w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1470,3502646,1286809
73202,CT Hand w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1336,0,629938
73202,CT Hand w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1470,3502646,1286811
73202,CT Humerus w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1336,0,630004
73202,CT Humerus w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1470,3502646,1286827
73202,CT Humerus w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1336,0,630008
73202,CT Humerus w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1470,3502646,1286829
73202,CT Shoulder w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1336,0,630132
73202,CT Shoulder w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1470,3502646,1286851
73202,CT Shoulder w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1336,0,630134
73202,CT Shoulder w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1470,3502646,1286853
73202,CT Wrist w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1336,0,630249
73202,CT Wrist w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1470,3502646,1286887
73202,CT Wrist w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1336,0,630251
73202,CT Wrist w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1470,3502646,1286889
73218,MRI UE Non Joint w/o Contrast Left,1397,6100034,1007537
73218,MRI UE Non Joint w/o Contrast Right,1397,6100022,1007539
73219,MRI UE Non Joint w/ Contrast Left,1456,6100035,1007528
73219,MRI UE Non Joint w/ Contrast Right,1456,6100023,1007530
73220,MRI UE Non Joint w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1573,6100036,1007524
73220,MRI UE Non Joint w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1573,6100024,1007526
73221,MRI UE Joint w/o Contrast Left,1397,6100037,821455
73221,MRI UE Joint w/o Contrast Right,1397,6100025,821457
73222,MRI UE Joint w/ Contrast Left,1456,6100038,1007515
73222,MRI UE Joint w/ Contrast Right,1456,6100026,1007517
73223,MRI UE Joint w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1573,6100039,1005509
73223,MRI UE Joint w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1573,6100027,1005511
73225,MRA Upper Extremity Left,2221,6100064,1005387
73225,MRA Upper Extremity Right,2221,6100060,1005389
73501,XR Hip 1 View Left,236,3206056,823576
73501,XR Hip 1 View Lt w/ Pelvis,236,3207192,22200615
73501,XR Hip 1 View Right,236,3206056,823578
73501,XR Hip 1 View Rt w/ Pelvis,236,3207943,22200618
73502,XR Hip 2-3 Views Lt w/ Pelvis,247,3208694,22200621
73502,XR Hip 2-3 Views Rt w/ Pelvis,247,3209445,22200624
73503,XR Hip Min 4 Views Lt w/ Pelvis,330,3201244,22200627
73503,XR Hip Min 4 Views Rt w/ Pelvis,330,3201995,22200630
73521,XR Hips Bil w/ Pelvis 2 Views,247,3202746,22200633
73522,XR Hips Bil w/ Pelvis 3-4 Views,289,3203497,22200636
73523,XR Hips Bil w/ Pelvis Min 5 Views,330,3204248,22200639
73550,XR Hip Bilateral w/Pelvis,224.4,0,630461
73551,XR Femur 1 View Left,236,3204999,2160505
73551,XR Femur 1 View Right,236,3205750,2160508
73552,XR Femur 2 Views Left,247,3206501,2214248
73552,XR Femur 2 Views Right,247,3207252,2214251
73552,XR Femur Left,219.4,0,630655
73552,XR Femur Left,247,3201570,823528
73552,XR Femur Right,219.4,0,630651
73552,XR Femur Right,247,3201570,823530
73560,XR Knee One or Two Views Left,219.4,0,630361
73560,XR Knee One or Two Views Left,241,3202321,823596
73560,XR Knee One or Two Views Right,219.4,0,630355
73560,XR Knee One or Two Views Right,241,3202321,823598
73562,XR Knee 3 Views Left,224.4,0,630403
73562,XR Knee 3 Views Left,247,3203562,823592
73562,XR Knee 3 Views Right,224.4,0,630395
73562,XR Knee 3 Views Right,247,3203562,823594
73564,XR Knee Complete Left,224.4,0,630373
73564,XR Knee Complete Left,252,3203072,1007996
73564,XR Knee Complete Right,224.4,0,630369
73564,XR Knee Complete Right,252,3203072,1007998
73565,XR Knee Standing AP Bilateral,214.4,0,630351
73565,XR Knee Standing AP Bilateral,236,3203476,1008002
73590,XR Tib/Fib 2 Views Bilateral,224.4,0,1003649
73590,XR Tib/Fib 2 Views Bilateral,247,3203823,1008110
73590,XR Tibia/Fibula 2 Views,241,3203823,2214290
73590,XR Tibia/Fibula 2 Views,241,3203823,2214293
73590,XR Tibia/Fibula 2 Views Left,219.4,0,2213982
73590,XR Tibia/Fibula 2 Views Right,219.4,0,2213983
73592,XR LE Infant Min 2 Views Left,219.4,0,2213972
73592,XR LE Infant Min 2 Views Left,241,3204574,2214260
73592,XR LE Infant Min 2 Views Right,219.4,0,2213973
73592,XR LE Infant Min 2 Views Right,241,3204574,2214263
73600,XR Ankle 2 Views Left,219.4,0,625718
73600,XR Ankle 2 Views Left,241,3205325,1007853
73600,XR Ankle 2 Views Right,219.4,0,625720
73600,XR Ankle 2 Views Right,241,3205325,1007855
73610,XR Ankle Complete Left,224.4,0,625724
73610,XR Ankle Complete Left,247,3206076,823492
73610,XR Ankle Complete Right,224.4,0,625726
73610,XR Ankle Complete Right,247,3206076,823494
73620,XR Foot 2 Views Left,219.4,0,630559
73620,XR Foot 2 Views Left,241,3206827,823554
73620,XR Foot 2 Views Right,219.4,0,630555
73620,XR Foot 2 Views Right,241,3206827,823556
73630,XR Foot Complete Left,224.4,0,630548
73630,XR Foot Complete Left,247,3207578,823558
73630,XR Foot Complete Right,224.4,0,630533
73630,XR Foot Complete Right,247,3207578,823560
73650,XR Calcaneous Left,219.4,0,629618
73650,XR Calcaneous Left,241,3208329,823496
73650,XR Calcaneous Right,219.4,0,629620
73650,XR Calcaneous Right,241,3208329,823498
73660,XR Toes 2nd Digit Left,224.4,0,629918
73660,XR Toes 2nd Digit Left,247,3209080,823659
73660,XR Toes 2nd Digit Right,224.4,0,629912
73660,XR Toes 2nd Digit Right,247,3209080,823661
73660,XR Toes 3rd Digit Left,224.4,0,629908
73660,XR Toes 3rd Digit Left,247,3209080,823663
73660,XR Toes 3rd Digit Right,224.4,0,629899
73660,XR Toes 3rd Digit Right,247,3209080,823665
73660,XR Toes 4th Digit Left,224.4,0,629896
73660,XR Toes 4th Digit Left,247,3209080,823667
73660,XR Toes 4th Digit Right,224.4,0,629890
73660,XR Toes 4th Digit Right,247,3209080,823669
73660,XR Toes 5th Digit Left,224.4,0,629882
73660,XR Toes 5th Digit Left,247,3209080,823671
73660,XR Toes 5th Digit Right,224.4,0,629876
73660,XR Toes 5th Digit Right,247,3209080,823673
73660,XR Toes Great Left,224.4,0,629866
73660,XR Toes Great Left,247,3209080,823675
73660,XR Toes Great Right,224.4,0,629858
73660,XR Toes Great Right,247,3209080,823677
73700,CT Ankle w/o Contrast Left,767.4,0,625694
73700,CT Ankle w/o Contrast Left,844,3506406,1021529
73700,CT Ankle w/o Contrast Right,767.4,0,625696
73700,CT Ankle w/o Contrast Right,844,3506406,1021531
73700,CT Femur w/o Contrast Left,767.4,0,629852
73700,CT Femur w/o Contrast Left,844,3506406,1286777
73700,CT Femur w/o Contrast Right,767.4,0,629854
73700,CT Femur w/o Contrast Right,844,3506406,1286779
73700,CT Foot w/o Contrast Left,767.4,0,629878
73700,CT Foot w/o Contrast Left,844,3506406,1021545
73700,CT Foot w/o Contrast Right,767.4,0,629880
73700,CT Foot w/o Contrast Right,844,3506406,1021547
73700,CT Hip w/o Contrast Left,767.4,0,629992
73700,CT Hip w/o Contrast Left,844,3506406,1021557
73700,CT Hip w/o Contrast Right,767.4,0,629996
73700,CT Hip w/o Contrast Right,844,3506406,1021559
73700,CT Knee w/o Contrast Left,767.4,0,630044
73700,CT Knee w/o Contrast Left,844,3506406,1021569
73700,CT Knee w/o Contrast Right,767.4,0,630046
73700,CT Knee w/o Contrast Right,844,3506406,1021571
73700,CT Tibia/Fibula w/o Contrast Left,767.4,0,630203
73700,CT Tibia/Fibula w/o Contrast Left,844,3506406,1286881
73700,CT Tibia/Fibula w/o Contrast Right,767.4,0,630205
73700,CT Tibia/Fibula w/o Contrast Right,844,3506406,1286883
73701,CT Ankle w/ Contrast Left,1201.7,0,625688
73701,CT Ankle w/ Contrast Left,1322,3507157,1021525
73701,CT Ankle w/ Contrast Right,1201.7,0,625690
73701,CT Ankle w/ Contrast Right,1322,3507157,1021527
73701,CT Femur w/ Contrast Left,1201.7,0,629846
73701,CT Femur w/ Contrast Left,1322,3507157,1286771
73701,CT Femur w/ Contrast Right,1201.7,0,629848
73701,CT Femur w/ Contrast Right,1322,3507157,1286773
73701,CT Foot w/ Contrast Left,1201.7,0,629870
73701,CT Foot w/ Contrast Left,1322,3507157,1021541
73701,CT Foot w/ Contrast Right,1201.7,0,629872
73701,CT Foot w/ Contrast Right,1322,3507157,1021543
73701,CT Hip w/ Contrast Left,1201.7,0,629984
73701,CT Hip w/ Contrast Left,1322,3507157,1021553
73701,CT Hip w/ Contrast Right,1201.7,0,629988
73701,CT Hip w/ Contrast Right,1322,3507157,1021555
73701,CT Knee w/ Contrast Left,1201.7,0,630038
73701,CT Knee w/ Contrast Left,1322,3507157,1021565
73701,CT Knee w/ Contrast Right,1201.7,0,630040
73701,CT Knee w/ Contrast Right,1322,3507157,1021567
73701,CT Tibia/Fibula w/ Contrast Left,1201.7,0,630194
73701,CT Tibia/Fibula w/ Contrast Left,1322,3507157,1286875
73701,CT Tibia/Fibula w/ Contrast Right,1201.7,0,630198
73701,CT Tibia/Fibula w/ Contrast Right,1322,3507157,1286877
73702,CT Ankle w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1336,0,625682
73702,CT Ankle w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1470,3503397,1021521
73702,CT Ankle w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1336,0,625684
73702,CT Ankle w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1470,3503397,1021523
73702,CT Femur w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1336,0,629840
73702,CT Femur w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1470,3503397,1286765
73702,CT Femur w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1336,0,629842
73702,CT Femur w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1470,3503397,1286767
73702,CT Foot w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1336,0,629862
73702,CT Foot w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1470,3503397,1021537
73702,CT Foot w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1336,0,629864
73702,CT Foot w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1470,3503397,1021539
73702,CT Hip w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1336,0,629972
73702,CT Hip w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1470,3503702,1021549
73702,CT Hip w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1336,0,629980
73702,CT Hip w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1470,3503702,1021551
73702,CT Knee w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1336,0,630030
73702,CT Knee w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1470,3503397,1021561
73702,CT Knee w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1336,0,630034
73702,CT Knee w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1470,3503397,1021563
73702,CT Tibia/Fibula w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1336,0,630184
73702,CT Tibia/Fibula w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1470,3503397,1286869
73702,CT Tibia/Fibula w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1336,0,630188
73702,CT Tibia/Fibula w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1470,3503397,1286871
73718,MRI LE Non Joint w/o Contrast Left,1397,6100040,1005472
73718,MRI LE Non Joint w/o Contrast Right,1397,6100028,1005474
73719,MRI LE Non Joint w/ Contrast Left,1456,6100041,1005468
73719,MRI LE Non Joint w/ Contrast Right,1456,6100029,1005470
73720,MRI LE Non Joint w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1573,6100042,1005464
73720,MRI LE Non Joint w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1573,6100030,1005466
73721,MRI LE Joint w/o Contrast Left,1397,6100043,821420
73722,MRI LE Joint w/ Contrast Left,1456,6100044,1005460
73722,MRI LE Joint w/ Contrast Right,1456,6100032,1005462
73723,MRI LE Joint w/ + w/o Contrast Left,1573,6100045,821414
73723,MRI LE Joint w/ + w/o Contrast Right,1573,6100033,821416
73725,MRA Lower Extremity Left,2251,6100065,1005372
73725,MRA Lower Extremity Right,2251,6100061,1005374
74018,XR Abdomen 1 View,236,3209831,823483
74019,XR Abdomen 1 View,214.4,0,796083
74019,XR Abdomen 2 View,241,3201598,823486
74019,XR Abdomen 2 Views,219.4,0,625630
74022,XR Abdomen Complete w/ Decub/Erect,378,0,625618
74022,XR Abdomen Complete w/ Decub/Erect,416,3202349,823490
74150,CT Abdomen w/o Contrast,767.4,0,625600
74150,CT Abdomen w/o Contrast,844,3503857,821330
74160,CT Abdomen w/ Contrast,1201.7,0,625598
74160,CT Abdomen w/ Contrast,1322,3502606,821328
74170,CT Abdomen w/ + w/o Contrast,1336,0,615590
74170,CT Abdomen w/ + w/o Contrast,1470,3501855,821326
74176,CT Abdomen/Pelvis w/o Contrast,1069.19,0,885755
74176,CT Abdomen/Pelvis w/o Contrast,1176,3505651,1005112
74177,CT Abdomen/Pelvis w/ Contrast,1674.28,0,885753
74177,CT Abdomen/Pelvis w/ Contrast,1842,3506402,1005109
74178,CT Abdomen/Pelvis w + w/o Contrast,1724.03,0,885754
74178,CT Abdomen/Pelvis w + w/o Contrast,1896,3507153,1005106
74181,MRI Abdomen w/o Contrast,2449,6100046,1005395
74182,MRI Abdomen w/ Contrast,2625,6100047,1005393
74183,MRI Abdomen w/ + w/o Contrast,2725,6100048,1005391
74185,MRA Abdomen w/ Contrast,2282,6100059,2214011
74185,MRA Abdomen w/o Contrast,2244,6100055,2214014
74249,XR Fluoro UGI w/ Air w/ Small Bowel,712.2,0,613602
74249,XR Upper GI w/ Air w/ Small Bowel,783,3207759,1008128
74250,XR Small Bowel Series,429.8,0,1319574
74250,XR Small Bowel Series,473,3205353,1319995
74400,XR Fluoro IVP,920.8,0,630417
74400,XR IVP,920.8,0,1319570
74400,XR IVP,1013,3208357,1007987
74400,XR IVP,1013,3208357,1319984
74420,XR Fluoro Urography Retrograde,911.6,0,613610
74420,XR Urography Retrograde,920.8,0,1319576
74420,XR Urography Retrograde,1003,3209859,1008134
74420,XR Urography Retrograde,1013,3209859,1320000
74430,XR Cystogram Non Voiding,920.8,0,1319563
74430,XR Cystogram Non Voiding,1013,3204430,1319963
76010,XR Child  Nose-Rectum For FB,236,3205173,1007907
76010,XR Child Nose-Rectum For FB,214.4,0,853148
76536,US Head/Neck Soft Tissue,372.3,0,631151
76536,US Head/Neck Soft Tissue,410,4023530,823428
76641,US Breast Left,268,4024135,1007730
76641,US Breast Right,268,4024135,1007735
76700,US Abdomen Complete,306,0,625608
76700,US Abdomen Complete,337,4028950,823404
76705,US Abdomen Limited,245,0,625610
76705,US Abdomen Limited,270,4029701,823406
76706,US AAA Screening,121,4022080,11849858
76770,US Renal,372.3,0,853416
76770,US Renal,410,4025783,1007818
76770,US Retroperitoneal Complete,372.3,0,630892
76770,US Retroperitoneal Complete,410,4029648,823461
76801,US Pregnancy < 14 weeks,372.3,0,630921
76801,US Pregnancy < 14 weeks,410,4029696,823452
76801,US Pregnancy Multi Gest < 14 weeks,258,4021300,1319945
76802,US Preg Each Addl Gest < 14 Weeks,84,4021329,11137643
76802,US Pregnancy Multi Gest < 14 weeks,243.2,0,1319557
76805,US Pregnancy > 14 weeks,372.3,0,630919
76805,US Pregnancy > 14 weeks,410,4022051,1007800
76805,US Pregnancy Multi Gest > 14 weeks,323,4022802,1136396
76810,US Preg Each Addl Gest > 14 Weeks,159,4021265,11137648
76810,US Pregnancy Multi Gest > 14 weeks,372.3,0,1136351
76815,US Pregnancy Limited,180,0,630906
76815,US Pregnancy Limited,198,4022029,1007813
76816,US Pregnancy Follow Up,225,0,630910
76816,US Pregnancy Follow Up,248,4022618,1007811
76817,US Pregnancy Transvaginal,243.2,0,630903
76817,US Pregnancy Transvaginal,268,4023369,823456
76818,US Fetal Biophysical Profile w/ Non-Str,372.3,0,631102
76818,US Fetal Biophysical Profile w/ Non-Str,410,4026534,1007761
76830,US Transvaginal,372.3,0,630827
76830,US TRANSVAGINAL,410,4024281,823467
76856,US Pelvis Non-OB Complete,372.3,0,630929
76856,US Pelvis Non-OB Complete,410,4028641,823448
76857,US Pelvis Non-OB Limited,243.2,0,630925
76857,US Pelvis Non-OB Limited,268,4024784,823450
76870,US Scrotum (Contents),372.3,0,630851
76870,US Scrotum (Contents),410,4022779,823463
76881,US Extremity Non-Vasc Real-time Complete,372.3,0,1235866
76881,US Extremity Non-Vasc Real-time Complete,410,4027890,1235869
76882,US Extremity Non-Vasc Real-time Limited,243.2,0,1235868
76882,US Extremity Non-Vasc Real-time Limited,268,4022900,1235872
76882,US Soft Tissue Mass,243.2,0,3778202
76882,US Soft Tissue Mass,268,4021896,3778203
76942,US Guidance Needle Placement,200,0,1075661
76942,US Guidance Needle Placement,220,4028701,1075662
77073,XR Bone Length Studies Scanograms,224.4,0,627646
77073,XR Bone Length Studies Scanograms,247,3205924,1007879
77074,XR Bone Survey Limited (Mets),368,0,1160277
77074,XR Bone Survey Limited (Mets),405,3206675,1160961
77074,XR Bone Survey Long Bone,433.44,0,627662
77074,XR Bone Survey Long Bone,477,3206675,1007888
77075,XR Bone Survey Complete,378,0,1319561
77075,XR Bone Survey Complete,416,3200061,1319957
80048,BMP 5,64,3001535,910512
80050,General Health Panel 1,200,3007762,3579544
80051,Electrolyte Panel,53,3009538,633610
80053,CMP 7,80,3003037,1200257
80055,Prenatal Reflexive Panel ARUP,140.97,3008513,5095119
80061,Cholesterol Test,36,9838039,4404192
80061,Lipid Panel 3,102,3001677,1657586
80069,Renal Panel 5,66,3005212,1200258
80074,"Hepatitis Panel, Acute ARUP",110.16,3002858,1764004
80076,Hepatic Panel 1,62,3005212,1414277
80150,"Amikacin, Trough Level ARUP",48.26,3009067,12750983
80156,"Carbamazepine, Total ARUP",73.6,3004681,5095057
80158,Cyclosporine A ARUP,89.19,3007662,1763944
80159,Clozapine ARUP,55.46,3001474,20951742
80162,Digoxin Level,101,3005432,633719
80164,Valproic Acid ARUP,68.89,3003907,1763605
80164,"Valproic Acid, Free and Total ARUP",122.26,3003727,23074379
80168,Ethosuximide ARUP,47.46,3002683,1764043
80169,Everolimus by Tandem Mass Spectrometry ARUP,155.46,3001478,22034146
80170,"Gentamicin, Trough Level ARUP",48.26,3001201,20112147
80175,Lamotrigine ARUP,100.03,3002939,1763920
80178,"Lithium, Serum or Plasma ARUP",71.29,3006183,5095102
80180,Mycophenolic Acid and Metabolites ARUP,240.9,3001532,22034147
80183,Oxcarbazepine Metabolite ARUP,119.42,3007860,1763841
80184,Phenobarbital ARUP,68.8,3006934,5146975
80184,"Phenobarbital, Free and Total, Ser/Pla ARUP",68.8,3006934,5095114
80185,Phenytoin Lvl,101,3007685,858788
80195,Sirolimus by Tandem Mass Spectrometry ARUP,142.92,3006609,1763722
80197,Tacrolimus ARUP,82.28,300299,1763702
80198,Theophylline ARUP,69.53,3009938,1763687
80200,"Tobramycin, Peak Level ARUP",69.38,3007726,1763649
80200,"Tobramycin, Random Level ARUP",69.38,3007726,5095135
80200,"Tobramycin, Trough Level ARUP",52.26,3001299,1763647
80201,Topiramate ARUP,87.86,3001665,1763645
80202,"Vancomycin, Peak Level ARUP",51.46,3002126,22119194
80202,"Vancomycin, Trough Level ARUP",72.65,3001884,5095143
80299,Amiodarone and Metabolite ARUP,111.77,3005858,1763683
80299,Flecainide ARUP,109.06,3009792,1764060
80299,Gabapentin Level ARUP,57.48,3004888,7228611
80299,Keppra (Levetiracetam) ARUP,160.79,3006170,2669545
80299,Zonisamide Quantitative ARUP,114,3009168,6980616
80307,"Cotinine Screen, Urine ARUP",59.46,3002091,22048195
80307,"Drugs of Abuse 9 Panel, Urine-Screen Only ARUP",63.86,3003668,23259987
80307,Pain Management Drug Panel by High-Resolution Time-of-Flight or Tandem Mass Spectrometry and Enzyme,95.46,3004240,23383531
80307,Pain Management Drug Screen with Interpretation by High-Reso,157.46,3004344,23383350
80307,"Pain Management Panel, Screen with Reflex to Quantitation ARUP",87.46,3004181,23384421
80307,UDS 3,111,3006808,1042631
80320,"Alcohol, Urine, Quantitative ARUP",83.46,3003439,23244752
80320,Ethanol Level,82,3003238,633725
80323,"Nicotine and Metabolites, Ser/Pla ARUP",155.63,3008702,5095111
80327,"DHT, LC-MS/MS ARUP",81.46,3001066,1763970
80329,Acetaminophen Level,154,3002487,857776
80376,"Laxatives Panel (Qual), Urine Test",311,3002280,22119084
81000,UA Complete 2,24,3001736,1042632
81002,Urine Dipstick POC,17.79,9831380,607619
81003,UA Dipstick 2,17,3002273,5208971
81025,Urine Pregnancy Test POC,17,9837183,607621
81220,Cystic Fibrosis (CFTR) 165 Pathogenic Variants ARUP,331.46,3003466,22442290
81220,Cystic Fibrosis (CFTR) 32 Mutations ARUP,201.46,3001522,1763948
81240,Bill Prothrombin (F2) G20210A Mutation,35,3005944,5405007
81240,Prothrombin (F2) G20210A Mutation ARUP,31.46,3005944,1773547
81240,Prothrombin (F2) G20210A Mutation ARUP,31.46,3005944,5095123
81241,Factor V Leiden (F5) R506Q Mutation ARUP,31.46,3006224,1764051
81243,Fragile X (FMR1) with Reflex to Methylation Analysis ARUP,136.46,3004291,23394011
81256,Hemochromatosis (HFE) 3 Mutations ARUP,256.46,3008423,1764044
81257,"BILL Alpha Thalassemia, 7 Deletions ARUP",469,3009134,7018645
81270,"JAK2 Gene, V617F Mutation, Qualitative ARUP",331.46,3003731,1763932
81291,MTHFR 2 Mutations ARUP,151.46,3007938,1763879
81335,"TPMT Genotyping, 4 Variants ARUP",456.46,3001415,16899496
81401,"Apolipoprotein E (APOE) Genotyping, Alzheimer Disease Risk ARUP",171.46,3004217,23532548
81401,BILL Beta Globin (HBB) Mutations ARUP,293,3009212,7018640
81403,Y Chromosome Microdeletion ARUP,281.46,3003799,22891024
81404,BILL Beta Globin Full Gene Sequencing ARUP,612,3008983,7018641
81405,BILL Alpha Thalassemia HBA1 and HBA2 Seq ARUP,695,3009130,7018646
81406,Wilson Disease (ATP7B) Sequencing ARUP,1181.46,3001573,22030452
81420,Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing For Fetal Aneuploidy ARUP,606.46,3004272,23095460
81479,BILL Hemoglobin Lepore (HBD/HBB) 3 Mut ARUP,288,3008831,7018648
82009,"Acetone, Quantitative ARUP",70.2,3001349,5094972
82010,Beta-Hydroxybutyric Acid ARUP,60,3003709,1763777
82017,Carnitine Panel ARUP,251.46,3001932,22107610
82024,Adrenocorticotropic Hormone ARUP,85.67,3008978,1763567
82040,Albumin Level,35,3006500,633634
82042,"Albumin, Body Fluid ARUP",72.42,3001235,1763573
82042,"Albumin, CSF ARUP",72.42,3001235,1763574
82043,Bill Microalbumin Urine,63,3005245,5422975
82043,"Microalbumin, Urine ARUP",56.96,3005245,5095107
82085,"Aldolase, Serum ARUP",63.66,3008547,1763575
82088,Aldosterone ARUP,108.26,3008830,2436936
82088,Aldosterone Renin ACT Ratio ARUP,77.46,3001892,16899476
82088,"Aldosterone, Urine ARUP",74.66,3002450,16899459
82103,Alpha-1-Antitrypsin (Serpina 1) Enzyeme Concentration and 2 Mutations w/ Reflex to Alpha-1-Antitryps,354,3002894,22485107
82103,Alpha-1-Antitrypsin ARUP,208.21,3001192,1763677
82103,Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Phenotype ARUP,95.46,3007892,1763679
82105,Alpha Fetoprotein Tumor Marker ARUP,49.46,3001576,1763675
82105,"Maternal Serum Screen AFP, hCG, EST, INH ARUP",81.84,3003804,2465195
82108,"Aluminum, Serum ARUP",47.46,3002143,22118897
82131,Methionine QN P1,273,3001890,22146566
82131,"Tryptophan, Plasma ARUP",211.46,3001987,22045457
82139,"Amino Acids Quantitative, Plasma ARUP",177.92,3006126,1763681
82140,"Ammonia, Plasma ARUP",72.5,3001735,5094973
82150,Amylase Level,49,3003989,631567
82150,"Amylase, Body Fluid ARUP",42.66,3009626,1763686
82164,"Angiotensin Converting Enzyme, Serum ARUP",81.89,3001709,1763698
82172,Apolipoprotein B ARUP,51.46,3001529,20954704
82172,Apolipoprotein B/A Ratio ARUP,71.46,3001456,20954282
82175,"Arsenic, Blood ARUP",74.3,3004856,1763725
82175,"Arsenic, Fractionated, Urine ARUP",74.3,3004856,1763760
82175,"Heavy Metals Panel 3, Urine with Reflex ARUP",75.46,3008741,1764050
82175,"Heavy Metals Panel 4, Blood ARUP",95.46,3001546,1764048
82180,Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) Plasma ARUP,65.86,3002027,16899480
82232,"Beta-2-Microglobulin, Serum or Plasma ARUP",99.92,3002077,5094977
82239,"Bile Acids, Total ARUP",54,3009453,1763780
82247,Bilirubin Total,38,3005491,633672
82247,Neonatal Bili,38,3005491,1019625
82247,Neonatal Bilirubin 1,38,3005491,3770221
82248,Bilirubin Direct,38,3006242,633670
82261,"Biotinidase, Serum ARUP",59.46,3003502,23358248
82270,Stool for Occult Blood Screening POC,33,9838226,607615
82271,Gastric Occult Blood,39.62,3003400,997686
82272,Occult Blood Stool,44,3006993,633788
82300,"Cadmium, Blood ARUP",87.3,3004722,1763808
82306,"25-Hydroxyvitamin D2 and D3, Serum ARUP",83.46,3002821,1763547
82306,"Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy ARUP",92.26,3002870,1763571
82308,Calcitonin ARUP,63.46,3001249,1763811
82310,"Bill Calcium for Parathyroid Hormone, Intact",39,3007744,5404977
82310,"Calcium for Parathyroid Hormone, Intact",39,3007744,1773247
82310,Calcium Level Total,39,3007744,633690
82330,"Calcium, Ionized, Serum ARUP",72.31,3002539,1763812
82340,"Calcium, Urine ARUP",72.04,3002219,5095044
82340,"Supersaturation Profile, Urine ARUP",226.46,3003529,23252269
82365,Calculi (STONE) Analysis ARUP,107.5,3002037,1763816
82374,Carbon Dioxide Level,33,3005749,633626
82375,Carboxyhemoglobin Quantitation ARUP,127.58,3004640,23566530
82378,Carcinoembryonic Antigen ARUP,70.98,3008495,1763825
82379,"Carnitine, Free & Total (Includes Carnitine, Esterified) ARUP",79,3008700,14777394
82384,"Catecholamines Panel, Plasma ARUP",90.02,3001825,5095060
82384,"Catecholamines Panel, Urine Free ARUP",73.86,3002300,1763831
82390,Ceruloplasmin ARUP,75.53,3008695,1763836
82390,"Wilson Disease Screening Panel, Serum ARUP",111.46,3003139,22573614
82397,Leptin Quant by CIA ARUP,109.46,3001319,16899455
82435,Chloride Level,23,3009246,633621
82436,"Chloride, Urine ARUP",77.47,3002430,1763844
82436,"Electrolytes, Urine ARUP",69,3003918,23003651
82465,Cholesterol Total,33,3009997,633705
82495,"Chromium, Serum ARUP",51.46,3009001,14777393
82507,"Citric Acid, Serum ARUP",83.6,3003829,5095063
82507,"Citric Acid, Urine ARUP",83.6,3003829,1763858
82507,"Kidney Stone Risk Panel, Urine ARUP",85.86,3002913,1763925
82523,"N-Telopeptide, Cross-Linked, Urine ARUP",69.46,3002991,16899387
82525,"Copper, RBC ARUP",97.46,3002207,22099325
82525,"Copper, Serum ARUP",78.86,3005602,1763881
82525,"Copper, Serum Free (Direct) ARUP",125.42,3007565,5095065
82530,Cortisol Urine Free ARUP,53.46,3009752,9894373
82530,"Cortisol, Free ARUP",145,3008799,14277371
82530,"Cortisol, Urine Free by LC-MS/MS ARUP",53.46,3002456,1763888
82533,"Cortisol by LC-MS/MS, Serum or Plasma ARUP",70.7,3001400,5095066
82533,"Cortisol, Saliva ARUP",87.94,3001236,1763884
82533,"Cortisol, Serum or Plasma ARUP",70.7,3001400,1763887
82542,"Fatty Acids Profile, Essential Serum or Plasma ARUP",413.46,3003724,23306746
82550,Creatine Kinase,70,3002151,633712
82552,Creatine Kinase Isoenzymes ARUP,61.06,3003978,16899454
82553,"Creatine Kinase, MB ARUP",49.06,3008267,11921368
82553,Creatine Kinase-MB,53,3002902,785969
82570,Bill Creatinine Urine,75,3002208,5422976
82570,Creatinine Body Fluid ARUP,67.92,3002208,5095067
82570,"Creatinine, 24-Hour Urine ARUP",39.49,3008948,7228610
82575,"Creatinine Clearance, Urine ARUP",74.73,3008753,5095068
82585,Cryofibrinogen ARUP,42.26,3003593,1763894
82595,Cryoglobulin Qualitative with Rflx ARUP,41.46,3003201,1763895
82607,Vitamin B12 ARUP,78.6,3009305,1763579
82610,Cystatin C ARUP,111.46,3001519,1763946
82626,Dehydroepiandrosterone by TMS ARUP,192.97,3008413,1763964
82627,"DHEA Sulfate, Serum ARUP",80.52,3006760,1763969
82652,"Vitamin D, 1,25-Dihydroxy ARUP",111.8,3002118,1763572
82657,Leukocyte Lysosomal Enzyme ARUP,773.46,3002643,1763910
82657,"Thiopurine Methyltransferase, RBC ARUP",303.86,3001834,1763682
82668,Erythropoietin ARUP,91.4,3009817,1764028
82670,Estradiol by TMS ARUP,94.24,3003809,1764029
82670,"Estradiol, Adult Premenopausal Female ARUP",94.24,3003809,1764030
82670,"Estradiol, Free ARUP",234.46,3002324,1764031
82671,"Estrogens, Fractionated by TMS ARUP",121.25,3002382,1764034
82677,"Estriol, Serum ARUP",92.18,3008533,5095072
82679,Estrone by TMS ARUP,105.57,3003884,1764036
82705,"Fat, Fecal Qualitative ARUP",79.57,3008115,1764056
82710,"Fat, Fecal Quantitative 48-Hour Collection ARUP",121.46,3004145,23393904
82710,"Fat, Fecal Quantitative 72-Hour Collection ARUP",141.46,3001287,16071380
82726,Very Long-Chain and Branched-Chain Fatty Acids Profile ARUP,160.46,3003174,22283273
82728,Ferritin ARUP,75.52,3005409,5095075
82731,Fetal Fibronectin ARUP,251.46,3008260,14777399
82746,"Folate, Serum ARUP",71.84,3001105,5095078
82747,"Folate, RBC ARUP",51.46,3002246,1764064
82784,Celiac Reflexive Panel ARUP,44.66,3003034,1763832
82784,Immunoglobulin A ARUP,44.66,3009022,1763975
82784,Immunoglobulin G ARUP,73.01,3002525,1763973
82784,Immunoglobulin M ARUP,72.94,3003067,1763963
82784,"Immunoglobulins, Quantitative ARUP",60.66,3003664,1763961
82785,Immunoglobulin E ARUP,82.65,3009698,1763974
82787,"Immunoglobulin G Subclasses (1, 2, 3, 4) ARUP",108.26,3003261,1763971
82800,Venous pH,42,2229,4382195
82803,ABG 7,147,3005155,1200260
82941,Gastrin Level ARUP,49.46,3009278,1764074
82945,Glucose Body Fluid ARUP,38.66,3008611,1764072
82945,Glucose Cerebrospinal Fluid,35,3009643,633604
82945,"Glucose, CSF",35,3009643,3798980
82947,Fasting Glucose 1,30,3005906,2013630
82947,Glucose Level,30,3005906,633594
82948,Blood Glucose POC,4,9838034,2435622
82950,.GTT 2 Hour (75gm),30,3004629,1277519
82950,Gluc 1 Hr OB,30,3004629,2446661
82950,Glucose 1 Hour,30,3004629,633597
82950,Glucose 2 Hour,30,3004629,633599
82950,OB GTT (1 Hr),30,3004629,5300980
82951,.GTT- Fasting OB,89,3004629,1296916
82951,.GTT Glucose Fasting,89,3000750,3324334
82951,Lactose Tolerance ARUP,75.46,3002585,22704397
82952,Glucose 3 Hour,30,3004629,633600
82977,"Gamma Glutamyl Transferase, Serum/Plasma ARUP",67.38,3007408,1764073
82985,Fructosamine ARUP,46.66,3001725,16899481
83001,Follicle Stimulating Hormone ARUP,83.71,3008159,5146972
83002,"Luteinizing Hormone, Serum ARUP",82.48,3008910,5095103
83003,Growth Hormone ARUP,93.76,3009767,1764065
83010,Haptoglobin ARUP,72.44,3002139,1764061
83018,"Cobalt, Serum or Plasma ARUP",59.46,3003031,22493767
83018,"Iodine, Urine ARUP",196.46,8008682,14777391
83018,"Titanium Quantitative, Serum or Plasma ARUP",152.46,3001637,22030447
83018,"Titanium, Urine ARUP",175.46,3001147,22030449
83021,Hemoglobin Evaluation ARUP,73.46,3003952,1764042
83021,"Hemoglobin S, Evaluation (Sickle Cell) ARUP",275.46,3001036,17219389
83036,Hemoglobin A1C ARUP,73.4,3001356,5095084
83036,Hemoglobin A1c POC,42.02,9838038,684349
83090,"Bill Homocysteine, Total",87,3003635,5404986
83090,"Homocysteine, Total ARUP",78.91,3003635,1763997
83090,"Homocysteine, Total NLL",78.91,3003635,1773548
83497,"5-Hydroxyindoleacetic Acid (HIAA), Urine ARUP",53.86,3003199,1763549
83498,17-Hydroxyprogesterone ARUP,84.05,3008589,1763542
83498,"17-Hydroxyprogesterone Qnt by MS/MS, Ser ARUP",84.05,3001777,5094971
83516,Aquaporin-4 Receptor Antibody ARUP,401.46,3001705,1763723
83516,"Bill Saccharomyces cerevisiae Ab (gASCA), IgG",42,3006890,5405014
83516,"Centromere Ab, IgG ARUP",87.06,3006241,1763834
83516,"Deamidated Gliadin Peptide (DGP) Ab, IgA ARUP",99.69,3006890,1772121
83516,"Deamidated Gliadin Peptide (DGP) Ab, IgG ARUP",31.46,3006890,1772122
83516,"F-Actin (SM) Ab, IgG by ELISA with Reflex to Titer(0051174) ARUP",100.66,3008606,1764049
83516,"F-Actin (Smooth Muscle) Antibody, IgG ARUP",100.66,3008606,5095073
83516,"Gastric Parietal Cell Ab, IgG ARUP",61.46,3003176,22452930
83516,"Gliadin Peptide Antibody, IgA ARUP",45.46,3006890,1764076
83516,"Gliadin Peptide Antibody, IgG ARUP",46.46,3006890,1764075
83516,Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase Antibody ARUP,152.91,3005228,1764066
83516,"Histone Antibody, IgG  ARUP",47.46,3002877,22511434
83516,Laminaribioside Carbohydrate Ab ALCA IgG,42,3006890,5149019
83516,"Mannobioside Carbohydrate Ab (AMCA), IgG",42,3006890,5149018
83516,"Mitochondrial M2 Ab, IgG ARUP",45.46,3009425,1763883
83516,MPO/PR-3 (ANCA) Antibodies ARUP,69.86,3002114,1861618
83516,"Neuronal Nuclear (Hu, Ri, Yo and Amphiphysin) Antibodies IgG by Immunoblot ARUP",243,3009433,11428203
83516,Ribosomal P Protein Antibody ARUP,63.46,3002965,22511468
83516,"RNA Polymerase III Antibody, IgG ARUP",153.62,3009031,5095128
83516,"Saccharomyces cerevisiae Ab (gASCA), IgG",42,3006890,5149017
83516,"Tissue Trans. Ab, IgA with Reflex ARUP",43.46,3002958,1763658
83516,"Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody, IgA ARUP",43.66,3002029,1763655
83516,"Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody, IgG ARUP",71.46,3005047,1763652
83519,21-Hydroxylase Antibody ARUP,115.36,3006063,1763545
83519,Acetylcholine Receptor Ab Reflex Panel ARUP,142.26,3001937,1763560
83519,"Acetylcholine Receptor Antibodies and Striated Muscle Antibodies Reflexive Panels, and Titin Antibod",310,3002704,22687235
83519,"Melanocyte Stimulation Hormone, Alpha (a-MSH) ARUP",211.46,3002270,22046140
83519,Pancreatic Polypeptide ARUP,151.46,3001489,22026112
83519,Parathyroid Hormone-Related Peptide ARUP,118.77,3007187,1763833
83519,Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Receptor Ab ARUP,109.7,3002259,1763666
83519,Trypsin-Like Immunoreactivity ARUP,59.46,3001139,22026111
83520,Adiponectin ARUP,231.46,3003319,23203437
83520,Anti-Mullerian Hormone ARUP,129.46,3001937,1763700
83520,"Cytokine Panel, TH1 by MAFD ARUP",256.46,300-7391,8297370
83520,"Cytokine Panel, TH2 by MAFD ARUP",256.46,300-9762,8297369
83520,"Pancreatic Elastase, Fecal ARUP",255,3001641,8758502
83520,Tryptase ARUP,209,3008860,1763618
83525,Bill Total Insulin,88,3003197,5405024
83525,"Insulin, Fasting ARUP",43.46,3001381,1763943
83525,"Insulin, Random ARUP",79.91,3003197,1763942
83525,Total Insulin ARUP,79.91,3003197,5099063
83527,Bill Insulin Free,65,3009665,5404995
83527,Insulin Free ARUP,59.46,3009665,5099062
83540,"Bill Iron, Serum or Plasma",76,3009661,5404997
83540,"Iron, Plasma or Serum ARUP",69.09,3009661,5095098
83540,"Iron, Serum or Plasma ARUP",69.09,3009661,5099070
83550,Bill Iron Binding Capacity Total,56,3001885,5404996
83550,Iron Binding Capacity Total ARUP,50.55,3001885,5099071
83605,Lactic Acid,41,3008517,633772
83615,Lactate Dehydrogenase Body Fluid ARUP,66.71,3004472,1763923
83615,"Lactate Dehydrogenase, Plasma or Serum ARUP",66.71,3004472,5095101
83655,"Lead, Blood (Capillary) ARUP",79.73,3004461,1763919
83655,"Lead, Blood (Venous) ARUP",79.73,3004461,1763918
83690,Lipase Level,36,3006613,633776
83690,"Lipase, Fluid ARUP",41.46,3009925,1763909
83698,Lipoprotein-Associated Phospholipase A2 (PLAC) ARUP,156.46,3001392,20954300
83700,Lipoprotein Electrophoresis ARUP,100.26,3002070,1763908
83701,Bill VAP Cholesterol,67,3009628,6340979
83704,"LipoProfile by NMR, Particle Analysis Only ARUP",86.46,3003521,22914233
83721,Cholesterol Low Density Lipids,57,3006694,633704
83735,Magnesium Level,51,3002856,633781
83735,"Magnesium, RBC ARUP",85.23,3009174,14777387
83735,"Magnesium, Urine ARUP",44.26,3008674,14777386
83785,"Manganese, Whole Blood ARUP",51.46,3009550,14777380
83825,"Mercury, Blood ARUP",45.46,3002225,16899382
83825,"Mercury, Urine ARUP",83.8,3007609,5095106
83835,"Metanephrines Fractionated by HPLC-MS/MS, Ur ARUP",68,3009524,8758506
83835,"Metanephrines, Plasma (Free) ARUP",145,3002744,1763886
83864,"MPS Screen, Urine ARUP",271.46,3002789,1763880
83874,"Myoglobin, Serum ARUP",100.6,3002719,1763864
83874,"Myoglobin, Urine ARUP",48.66,3003207,1763862
83880,NT Pro-BNP,245,3009576,853229
83883,Bill Free Urinary Kappa Light Chains,52,3006027,5404983
83883,Free Urinary Kappa Light Chains ARUP,47.26,3006027,1770260
83883,Free Urinary Lambda Light Chain ARUP,47.26,3006027,1770262
83883,"Kappa Free Light Chains, Urine ARUP",47.26,3006027,5095099
83883,Kappa-Lambda Quant FLC with Ratio ARUP,150.66,3008887,5095100
83921,"MMA Serum/Plasma, Vitamin B12 Deficiency ARUP",318.03,3003166,1763882
83930,"Osmolality, Serum or Plasma ARUP",74.24,3002128,1763848
83935,"Osmolality, Urine ARUP",79.73,3001404,1763847
83945,"Oxalate, Total, Urine ARUP",84.26,3003568,1763843
83970,"Bill Parathyroid Hormone, Intact",117,3008051,5405001
83970,Parathyroid Hormone Intact ARUP,106.67,3008051,5095113
83970,"Parathyroid Hormone, CAP ARUP",106.67,3008051,5146974
83970,"Parathyroid Hormone, Intact ARUP",106.67,3008051,1773248
83986,pH Body Fluid ARUP,38.26,3008802,1763821
83986,"Ph, Fecal ARUP",38.26,3003645,1763820
83993,"Calprotectin, Fecal ARUP",210.46,92303,1763817
84030,Newborn Screening Test 1,158,3003607,5813123
84075,Alkaline Phosphatase,39,3004358,633642
84075,Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzymes ARUP,59.06,3003890,1763577
84080,Bone Specific Alkaline Phosphatase ARUP,104.66,3008136,11427371
84100,Phosphorus Level,39,3009504,633803
84100,"Phosphorus, Inorganic, Plasma or Serum ARUP",66.47,3009504,5095115
84105,"Phosphorus, Urine ARUP",76.44,3002869,1763815
84120,"Porphyrins and Porphobilinogen (PBG), Urine ARUP",109.06,3009751,11428216
84132,Potassium Level,35,3005109,633616
84133,Potassium Urine ARUP,77.35,3005569,5095118
84134,"Prealbumin, Serum ARUP",75.47,3003726,1763809
84140,"Pregnenolone by MS/MS, Serum ARUP",118.22,3006436,1763807
84144,Progesterone ARUP,74.67,3009013,5095120
84145,Procalcitonin ARUP,211.46,3004523,23382695
84146,Prolactin ARUP,86.08,3005860,1763801
84152,"Prostate Specific Antigen, Complexed ARUP",178.46,3001489,21686032
84153,"Bill Prostate Specific Ag, Reflex",126,3007109,5405005
84153,"Prostate Specific Ag, Reflex ARUP",45.46,3007109,2247555
84153,Prostate Specific Antigen ARUP,73.2,3006611,5095121
84153,"Prostate Specific Antigen, Total ARUP",45.46,3006611,1773371
84153,PSA Ultra Sensitive ARUP,114.92,3007109,5095124
84154,"Bill Prostate Specific Antigen, Free, Reflex",111,3003373,5405006
84154,"Prostate Specific Antigen, Free ARUP",47.42,3003373,1773372
84154,"Prostate Specific Antigen, Free, Reflex",52,3003373,2247556
84155,Protein Total,41,3002299,633818
84156,Bence Jones Prot Detect w/ Reflex ARUP,93.46,3003454,7954617
84156,"Bence Jones Protein, Quantitative, Urine ARUP",117.46,3003958,1763774
84156,Bill Total Protein,80,3002565,5405025
84156,Total Protein ARUP,72.41,3002565,1770259
84156,"Total Protein, Urine ARUP",40.66,3002565,5095136
84157,"Protein, Total, CSF ARUP",41.86,3009433,11428280
84157,"Total Protein, Body Fluid ARUP",68.63,3001993,1763636
84165,"Protein Electrophoresis, Serum ARUP",82.73,3007362,1763789
84166,Protein Electrophoresis CSF ARUP,82.2,3005384,5095122
84206,Proinsulin ARUP,70.66,3003552,1763803
84207,Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate) ARUP,93,3004514,1763576
84238,Soluble Transferrin Receptor ARUP,55.46,3002324,16899457
84244,Renin Activity ARUP,98.66,3003786,1763775
84252,Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) ARUP,228,3008638,14277372
84255,"Selenium, Serum or Plasma ARUP",51.46,3009000,14777381
84260,"Serotonin, Serum ARUP",123.87,3006546,1763727
84270,Bill Sex Hormone Binding Globulin,85,3001491,3274278
84270,Sex Hormone Binding Globulin ARUP,77.68,3001491,1763726
84270,Sex Hormone Binding Globulin ARUP,77.68,3001491,1773508
84270,Sex Hormone Binding Globulin ARUP,77.68,3001491,1773515
84295,Sodium Level,37,3008113,633611
84300,"Sodium, Urine ARUP",77.83,3009424,1763716
84302,"Sodium, Fecal ARUP",47.86,3001495,20111692
84305,IGF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor I) w/calculated Z-score ARUP,96.95,3009324,1763978
84311,"Cholesterol, Fluid ARUP",40.66,3002388,1763849
84311,"Phospholipids, Serum ARUP",64.26,3001202,16899486
84402,Testosterone Free by LC-MS/MS ARUP,102.8,3009190,5095131
84402,"Testosterone Free, Adult Male ARUP",74.46,3004290,1763696
84403,"Bill Testosterone, LC-MS/MS",112,3008745,5405017
84403,"Testosterone, Adult Male ARUP",82.59,3008864,1763695
84403,"Testosterone, Adult Male ARUP",82.59,3008864,1773513
84403,"Testosterone, LC-MS/MS ARUP",102.15,3008745,1773505
84403,"Testosterone, LC-MS/MS ARUP",102.15,3008745,5095133
84425,"Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Plasma ARUP",101.5,3008271,1763583
84425,"Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Whole Blood ARUP",60.26,3001699,1763581
84432,"Thyroglobulin by LC-MS/MS, Serum/Plasma ARUP",82.9,3001333,5146978
84436,Thyroxine ARUP,82.05,3009615,1763662
84439,Thyroxine Free ARUP,72.72,3005231,1763660
84442,Thyroxine Binding Globulin ARUP,49.46,3003194,22409226
84443,Bill Thyroid Stimulating Hormone,128,3001527,5405023
84443,Thyroid Stimulating Hormone,128,3001527,633844
84443,Thyroid Stimulating Hormone ARUP,116.04,3001527,5148975
84445,Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulins ARUP,122.46,3008929,1763664
84446,"Vitamin E, Serum or Plasma ARUP",102.92,3007914,1763568
84450,Aspartate Aminotransferase,39,3002278,633633
84450,AST 1,39,3002278,795476
84460,Alanine Aminotransferase,38,3003029,633632
84460,ALT 1,38,3003029,792289
84466,"Transferrin, Serum ARUP",43.46,3008316,1763626
84478,Bill Triglycerides,44,3003780,6340984
84478,"Triglycerides, Fluid ARUP",40.66,3002283,22171861
84479,T3 Uptake ARUP,93.82,3006331,1763704
84480,"Triiodothyronine, Total (Total T3) ARUP",70.99,3003316,1763619
84481,"Triiodothyronine, Free (Free T3) ARUP",74.17,3009764,5095137
84482,"Triiodothyronine, Reverse ARUP",78.06,3001658,1763622
84484,Troponin I,50,3004637,908527
84484,Troponin T ARUP,91.46,3003775,23012882
84520,Blood Urea Nitrogen,30,3005282,633605
84540,"Urea Nitrogen, Urine ARUP",77.51,3006071,5095138
84550,"Uric Acid, Serum or Plasma ARUP",67.92,3006033,5095140
84560,"Uric Acid, Body Fluid ARUP",71.48,3003710,5095139
84560,"Uric Acid, Urine ARUP",71.48,3003710,1763609
84585,"Vanillylmandelic Acid (VMA), Ur ARUP",55.86,3001988,9830316
84586,Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide ARUP,69.46,3002038,1763594
84588,Arginine Vasopressin Hormone ARUP,111.92,3009139,1763724
84590,"Vitamin A (Retinol), Serum or Plasma ARUP",102.32,3004354,1763586
84591,Niacin (Vitamin B3) ARUP,111.46,3002476,1763857
84597,"Vitamin K1, Serum ARUP",105.46,3001276,1763566
84630,"Zinc, RBC ARUP",103.46,3002416,22107669
84630,"Zinc, Serum ARUP",83.9,3005159,1763538
84681,C-Peptide ARUP,99.92,3006055,1763800
84702,"Beta-hCG, Serum Quant Tumor Marker ARUP",86.07,3006186,1763776
84702,"Beta-hCG, Serum Quantitative ARUP",68.97,3003014,5094978
84703,"Beta-hCG, Serum Qualitative ARUP",43.46,3002973,22593127
84703,Pregnancy Serum Test,57,3006784,2493908
84703,Pregnancy Urine Test,57,3006784,2493907
84999,"Electrolyte and Osmolality Profile, Fecal ARUP",109.06,3004676,23394004
84999,"Osmolality, Fecal ARUP",63.46,30011701,20111677
84999,"Potassium, Fecal ARUP",47.86,3001181,20112107
85007,.Man Diff 12,20,3009613,4184784
85025,CBC w/ Auto Differential,34,3009037,3116413
85025,CBC w/ Auto Differential 1,34,3009037,4742180
85027,BILL Hemogram,34,3009037,5281305
85045,"Reticulocytes, Percent and Absolute ARUP",71.79,3009788,5095127
85049,Platelet Count,34,3005176,633807
85240,"Bill Factor VIII, Activity",188,3003630,5404982
85240,"Factor VIII, Activity ARUP",170.86,3003630,1773543
85240,"Factor VIII:C, Activity ARUP",170.86,3003630,1764055
85240,Von Willebrand Panel ARUP,236.67,3006747,1763552
85247,Von Willebrand Multimeric Panel ARUP,266.93,3009023,1763556
85250,"Factor IX, Activity ARUP",79.46,3003021,22260311
85270,"Factor XI, Activity ARUP",138.95,3006625,5095074
85300,"Antithrombin, Enzymatic (Activity) ARUP",101.91,3002737,1763720
85300,"Antithrombin, Enzymatic (Activity) ARUP",101.91,3002737,5138596
85300,"Bill Antithrombin, Enzymatic (Activity)",112,3002737,5404972
85301,Antithrombin Antigen ARUP,83.08,3006770,5138597
85301,"Antithrombin, Antigen ARUP",83.08,3006770,1763718
85301,Bill Antithrombin Antigen,91,3006770,5404973
85302,"Protein C, Total Antigen ARUP",51.46,3009503,1763793
85303,"Protein C, Functional ARUP",107.91,3008494,1763795
85303,"Protein C, Functional with Reflex to Protein C, Total and Protein S, Free with Reflex to Protein S,",159,3003572,23074405
85305,"Protein S, Total Antigen ARUP",51.46,3009680,1763787
85306,"Protein S, Functional ARUP",119.21,3007511,1763788
85307,APC Resistance ARUP,31.46,3009602,1773544
85307,Bill APC Resistance,35,3009602,5404974
85384,Fibrinogen ARUP,74.73,3003911,5095077
85384,Fibrinogen Panel ARUP,100.66,3001256,20954706
85460,Kleihauer-Betke ARUP,86.19,3001830,1763924
85520,"Heparin Anti-Xa, LMWH ARUP",121.46,3002019,1764040
85525,Bill PTT-D Heparin Neutralized,44,3009734,5405010
85525,PTT-D Heparin Neutralized ARUP,40.17,3009734,1772929
85549,"Lysozyme, Serum ARUP",52.26,3001928,1763897
85597,"Bill Platelet Neutralization (PTT-D, Confirm)",44,3009885,5405003
85597,"Platelet Neutralization (PTT-D, Confirm)",44,3009885,1772930
85598,Bill Hexagonal Phospholipid Neutral Reflex,93,3009963,5404985
85598,Hexagonal Phospholipid Neutral Reflex AR,93,3009963,1772928
85610,Bill Prothrombin Time,41,3003128,5405008
85610,Coaguchek PT,30,3003128,2013555
85610,Prothrombin Time,41,3003128,633793
85610,Prothrombin Time ARUP,37.12,3003128,1772933
85610,Prothrombin/INR POC,18,3009948,714167
85610,Protime Test,27.23,9838037,4404191
85613,Bill dRVVT Confirmation,93,3005490,5404981
85613,dRVVT 1:1 Mix ARUP,84.23,3005490,1772938
85613,dRVVT Confirmation ARUP,84.23,3005490,1772931
85613,dRVVT Reflex to 1:1 Mix and Confirm ARUP,84.23,3005490,5095069
85613,dRVVT Screen ARUP,84.23,3005490,1772937
85635,Bill Reptilase Time,41,3009794,5405011
85635,Reptilase Time ARUP,37.12,3009794,1772935
85651,Sedimentation Rate,27,3003879,633830
85670,Bill Thrombin Time,41,3009881,5405019
85670,Thrombin Time ARUP,37.12,3009881,1772934
85730,Bill Partial Thromboplastin Time,44,3004630,5405002
85730,Partial Thromboplastin Time,44,3004630,633794
85730,Partial Thromboplastin Time ARUP,40.17,3004630,1773546
85730,PTT-LA Screen (PTT-D) ARUP,40.17,3004630,1772932
85732,Bill PTT-D 1:1 Mix,44,3009582,5405009
85732,PTT-D 1:1 Mix ARUP,40.17,3009582,1772936
85810,"Viscosity, Serum ARUP",98.05,3007855,5095144
86001,"Allergen, Fungi and Molds, Trichophyton rubrum IgG ARUP",53.19,3003138,22379253
86001,Stachybotrys chartarum/atra Panel III ARUP,124.31,3002297,22057932
86003,"Allergen, Animal, Dog/Cat Epi Profile ARUP",49.06,3003894,16899412
86003,"Allergen, Food, Broccoli ARUP",40.26,3003048,22300199
86003,"Allergen, Food, Casein ARUP",40.26,3009594,12925387
86003,"Allergen, Food, Common Adult Profile ARUP",153.92,3008249,1763595
86003,"Allergen, Food, Comprehensive Profile 1 ARUP",260.26,3002000,16899458
86003,"Allergen, Food, Cucumber IgE ARUP",40.26,3002715,22299971
86003,"Allergen, Food, Milk (Cow's) ARUP",40.26,3009771,1763607
86003,"Allergen, Food, Peanut ARUP",40.26,3009000,1763610
86003,"Allergen, Food, Zucchini IgE ARUP",46.42,3002770,22300184
86003,"Allergens, Food, Profile 13 ARUP",145.86,3002703,22378470
86003,"Allergens, Food, Profile 8 ARUP",101.86,3002162,22107647
86003,"Allergens, Inhalens/Foods Comp Profile ARUP",286.66,3007951,9845923
86003,"Allergens, Latex/Cross-Reactive Food Panel IgE ARUP",131.46,3004550,23532396
86003,"Allergens, Pediatric Foods Profile 1 ARUP",75.46,3002392,22147083
86022,"Platelet Abs, Indirect with Reflex ARUP",245.06,3004494,5146976
86022,"Platelet Antibodies, Indirect ARUP",245.06,3004494,5095116
86022,Platelet Antibody Identification ARUP,245.06,3004494,5095117
86023,"Platelet Assoc Abs, Direct Assay ARUP",131.35,3007499,5146977
86038,Anti-nuclear Ab (ANA) Reflex ARUP,41.06,3003227,1763703
86038,"Anti-Nuclear Ab, IgG w/Rflx to IFA ARUP",74.44,3005381,1763705
86039,"Antinuclear Antibody (ANA) with HEp-2 Substrate, IgG by IFA ARUP",102.91,3005100,1763688
86060,Antistreptolysin O Screen ARUP,72.85,3006060,1763717
86140,C-Reactive Protein,33,3003156,633716
86140,"C-Reactive Protein, Neonatal ARUP",77.46,3003392,23171841
86141,"CRP, High Sensitivity ARUP",77.59,3007100,1763892
86146,Beta-2 Glycoprotein 1 Ab G/M/A ARUP,120,3007776,14277370
86147,Antiphospholipid Syndrome Reflexive Panel ARUP,319.46,3008085,11428295
86147,"Cardiolipin Ab IgG, IgM, IGA ARUP",90,3009020,8758500
86147,"Cardiolipin Antibodies, IgA, IgG, IgM ARUP",90,3009020,1763827
86147,Cardiolipin Antibody IgA ARUP,48.26,3004205,23549612
86147,"Cardiolipin Antibody, IgG ARUP",111.66,3009498,5095059
86160,Complement Component 3 ARUP,73.9,3007402,1763873
86160,Complement Component 4 ARUP,31.46,3007402,1763876
86162,"Complement Activity, Total EIA ARUP",93.06,3002241,1763869
86200,"Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Ab, IgG ARU",68,3004883,7228622
86200,"Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Ab, IgG ARUP",104.09,3004883,1763941
86215,DNase-B Ab ARUP,50,3008272,1763979
86225,"dsDNA Ab IgG, ELISA w/Reflex to dsDNA ARUP",49,3006648,8759393
86225,"dsDNA Ab, IgG w/ Reflex to IFA Titer ARUP",88.35,3006648,1764006
86235,Extractable Nuclear Ag Abs 5 ARUP,255.42,3008689,1764047
86235,JO-1 Antibody ARUP,109.06,3008892,1763927
86235,"Ribonucleic Protein (ENA) Antibody, IgG ARUP",101.42,3007400,1763767
86235,"Scleroderma (Scl-70) (ENA) Ab, IgG ARUP",54,3008150,8758501
86235,"Scleroderma (Scl-70) (ENA) Antibody, IgG ARUP",54,3008150,1763730
86235,Smith (ENA) Ab IgG ARUP,54,3008290,8758496
86235,"Smith (ENA) Ab, IgG ARUP",101.42,3008290,1763719
86235,SSA (Ro) (ENA) Ab IgG ARUP,54,3007979,8758497
86235,"SSA 52 and 60 (Ro)(ENA) Antibodies, IgG ARUP",101.42,3007976,1763712
86235,SSB (La) (ENA) Ab IgG ARUP,54,3009203,8758498
86235,"SSB (La) (ENA) Ab, IgG ARUP",101.42,3009203,1763709
86255,"Anti-Neutrophil Cyto Ab, IgG ARUP",126.1,3007994,5094975
86255,Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Ab ARUP,99.17,3009547,1763701
86255,Atypical ANCA ARUP,99.17,3009547,5099056
86255,Bill Atypical ANCA,109,3009547,5404975
86255,"Glomerular Basement Membrane Antibody, IgG (IFA) ARUP",111.46,3001672,16071381
86255,Neuron Specific Enolase ARUP,123.92,3008643,1763860
86255,"Neuronal Nuclear Ab, Anti-Hu ARUP",123.92,3008643,5095110
86255,Paraneoplastic Antibodies by IFA with Reflex ARUP,79.46,3003785,23282996
86256,".Smooth Muscle Antibody Titer, IgG ARUP",85.06,3002443,1861588
86256,DsDNA Ab IgG by IFA ARUP,65,3009451,8758499
86256,"Endomysial Antibody, IgA Titer ARUP",103.46,3008439,1861578
86256,Epstein-Barr Virus Antibody Panel 1 ARUP,91,3008855,1764020
86300,"CA 15-3, Cancer Antigen - Breast ARUP",110.14,3001843,1763806
86300,Cancer Antigen 27.29 ARUP,110.14,3001843,1763819
86301,Cancer Antigen-GI (CA 19-9) ARUP,96.61,3003545,1763822
86304,Cancer Antigen 125 ARUP,72.78,3009887,1763818
86308,Mono Screen 1,36,3009136,3770180
86308,Mononucleosis Screen,36,3009136,633785
86316,Chromogranin A ARUP,92.66,3008869,1763850
86317,Humoral Immunity Panel I ARUP,230.61,3008320,5095092
86317,Humoral Immunity Panel II ARUP,230.61,3008320,5146981
86317,"Streptococcus pneumoniae Ab, IgG ARUP(14 Serotypes)",81.86,3009970,9830310
86317,"Toxoplasma gondii Ab, IgG and IgM ARUP",65,3001008,20111674
86331,Hyper Pneumo Extended Panel ARUP,117.92,3007200,1763982
86331,Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis I ARUP,117.92,3008127,5095093
86332,Immune Complex Panel ARUP,252.26,3001817,22164917
86334,Immunofix Electrophoresis Gel ARUP,105.6,3002817,5095094
86334,Serum Protein Electrophoresis Reflex ARUP,49.46,3002423,2029039
86335,Beta-2 Transferrin ARUP,131.46,3003742,23168908
86335,Bill IFE Interpretation,125,3004934,5404994
86335,IFE Interpretation ARUP,113.32,3004934,1770253
86340,Intrinsic Factor Blocking Antibody ARUP,98.56,3001941,1763940
86341,IA-2 Antibody ARUP,263.46,3001489,16899472
86341,"Islet Cell Antibody, IgG ARUP",105.91,3004818,1763934
86352,Bill Urticaria-Inducing Activity,189,3009492,5405029
86352,Urticaria-Induced Basophil Activation ARUP,171.46,3009492,5095141
86352,Urticaria-Inducing Activity ARUP,171.46,3009492,5148976
86355,Lymphocyte Subset Panel 5 - Total Lymphocyte Enumeration ARUP,169.46,3001636,20112118
86356,"CD57+ NK Cells, Peripheral Blood by Flow Cytometry ARUP",251.46,3003748,22941789
86356,"PNH, High Sensitivity, RBC and WBC ARUP",635.46,3002569,22452929
86361,Lymphocyte Subset Pan 1-CD4 Abs Cnt Only ARUP,77.46,3001375,1763900
86376,Bill Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Antibody,85,3004442,5405022
86376,"Liver-Kidney Microsome Abs, IgG ARUP",50.66,3002649,1763907
86376,Thyroglobulin Antibody ARUP,77.59,3004442,1773555
86376,Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Ab ARUP,77.59,3004442,1763671
86376,Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Antibody ARUP,77.59,3004442,5148973
86376,Thyroid Peroxidase Ab ARUP,54,3004442,8758493
86382,Rabies Antibody Screen (RFFIT) (2014351) ARUP,96.46,3003434,22956685
86431,Lupus Comprehensive Reflexive Panel ARUP,83,3008250,8758490
86431,Rheumatoid Factor ARUP,43.46,3003117,7228623
86431,Rheumatoid Factor ARUP,75.36,3003117,1763770
86480,Quantiferon TB Gold In-Tube ARUP,111.46,3002452,16899368
86480,"QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus, 4-Tube ARUP",111.46,3004030,23375893
86580,TB Skin Test POC,9,9504735,2673222
86592,.RPR with Reflex to Titer ARUP,10.08,3003232,6634697
86592,"Bill Treponema pallidum (VDRL) Titer, Serum",81,3004619,5405026
86592,RPR with Reflex to Titer and TP-PA Conf ARUP,73.42,3004619,5194975
86592,"Treponema pallidum (VDRL) Titer, Serum A",81,3004619,1773672
86593,.Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR) Titer ARUP,28.4,3004734,5194991
86593,"Bill Treponema pallidum (VDRL), Serum",66,3008389,5405027
86593,"Treponema pallidum (VDRL), Serum ARUP",59.86,3008389,1773673
86606,Aspergillus Antibody by CF ARUP,52,3002688,22563957
86606,"Aspergillus fumigatus Antibody, IgG by ELISA ARUP",100.46,3002917,22563972
86611,"Bartonella henselae (Cat Scratch) Antibodies, IgG & IgM by IFA ARUP",61.06,3003455,23324439
86615,"Bordetella pertussis Ab, IgG by ELISA w/ Reflex to Immunoblot ARUP",61,3003826,23197179
86617,"Lyme Abs, IgG and IgM by Western Blot ARUP",87.46,3003889,1763903
86618,Lyme Disease Acute Reflexive Panel ARUP,111.05,3006911,1763901
86622,Brucella Ab (Total) by Agglutination ARUP,71,3009774,5950971
86628,"Candida albicans Ab IgA, IgG, and IgM by ELISA ARUP",96.06,3001674,20954263
86631,"Chlamydia Ab Panel, IgG by IFA ARUP",110.56,3005276,5095061
86631,"Chlamydia Ab Panel, IgG/IgM by IFA ARUP",103.46,3003024,16899420
86632,"Chlamydia Ab Panel, IgM by IFA ARUP",110.56,3004947,5095062
86635,"Coccidioides Ab, IgG by ELISA ARUP",98.42,3003220,1763861
86635,"Coccidioides Ab, IgM by ELISA ARUP",89.37,3002906,1763863
86635,"Coccidioides Antibodies Panel, Serum ARUP",95.46,3003616,23358249
86638,"C. Burnetii Abs IgG/IgM, Reflex to Titer ARUP",103.46,3004040,16899498
86644,"Cytomegalovirus Antibody, IgG ARUP",81.1,3005691,1763955
86645,"Cytomegalovirus Antibody, IgM ARUP",86.12,3006185,1763957
86658,"Coxsackie A Antibodies (Serotypes 2, 4, 7, 9, 10 and 16), Serum ARUP",120,3001471,22035014
86663,"EBV Ab to Early (D) Ag, IgG ARUP",86.02,3009478,1764010
86664,Epstein-Barr Virus Ab Nuclear Antigen ARUP,90.08,3009773,5095071
86665,"EBV Ab to Viral Capsid Ag, IgG ARUP",82.2,3009886,1764013
86665,"EBV Ab to Viral Capsid Ag, IgM ARUP",82.11,3009649,1764014
86665,Epstein-Barr Virus Ab Panel 1 ARUP,91,3008855,8758507
86668,"Francisella tularensis Antibodies, IgG and IgM ARUP",89.96,3003954,22985147
86671,"Bill Chitobioside Carbohydrate Ab (ACCA), IgA",42,3009884,5404980
86671,"Bill S. cerevisiae Antibody, IgA",83,3009979,5405012
86671,"Bill S. cerevisiae Antibody, IgG",83,3009919,5405013
86671,"Chitobioside Carbohydrate Ab (ACCA), IgA",42,3009884,5149020
86671,"S. cerevisiae Antibody, IgA ARUP",75.73,3009979,5099055
86671,"S. cerevisiae Antibody, IgG ARUP",75.73,3009919,5099054
86671,"Saccharomyces cerevisiae Antibodies, IgG & IgA ARUP",103.46,3008843,14777385
86677,H Pylori,77,3004955,1019516
86677,"Helicobacter Pylori Ab, IgM ARUP",47.46,3002222,16899395
86677,"Helicobacter pylori Abs, IgG and IgA ARUP",63.46,3001186,1764046
86677,"Helicobacter pylori Antibody, IgG ARUP",47.46,3008929,7228612
86689,"HTLV I/II Antibodies Conf, Western Blot ARUP(0020642)",135.46,3003540,1763987
86692,Hepatitis D Virus Antibody ARUP,99.76,3008310,5095085
86694,"Bill HSV Type 1/2 Combined Ab, IgG",82,3003345,5404991
86694,"Bill HSV Type 1/2 Combined Ab, IgM",82,3007944,5404993
86694,"HSV 1 and/or 2 Abs, IgM by ELISA ARUP",47.46,3003167,16899408
86694,"HSV Type 1,2 Combined Ab, IgG ARUP",74.54,3003345,5095091
86694,"HSV Type 1/2 Combined Ab, IgG ARUP",74.54,3003345,1772386
86694,"HSV Type 1/2 Combined Ab, IgG ARUP",74.54,3003345,5138577
86694,"HSV Type 1/2 Combined Ab, IgM by ELISA A",82,3007944,1772387
86694,"HSV Type 1/2 Combined Ab, IgM by ELISA A",82,3007944,5138578
86695,"HSV 1 Glycoprotein G Ab, IgG ARUP",84.05,3003003,1763996
86696,"HSV 2 Glycoprotein G Ab, IgG ARUP",87.81,3002666,1763989
86703,"HIV-1,-2 w/Reflex to HIV-1 Western Blot ARUP",98.71,3005370,5095088
86705,"Hepatitis B Virus Core Antibodies, Total ARUP",78.81,3001128,1764035
86705,"Hepatitis B Virus Core Antibody, IgM ARUP",78.81,3001128,1764033
86706,Hepatitis B Virus Surface Antibody ARUP,76.93,3002107,1764025
86708,"Hepatitis A Virus Antibodies, Total ARUP",89.79,3008611,1764039
86709,"Hepatitis A Virus Antibody, IgM ARUP",82.5,3008216,1764038
86710,"Influenza A, B Virus Abs, IgG, IgM ARUP",195.32,3009011,1763953
86735,"Mumps Virus Ab, IgG ARUP",73.5,3003181,1763878
86735,"Mumps Virus Ab, IgM ARUP",43.46,3003320,1763877
86738,"Mycoplasma pneumoniae Ab, IgG ARUP",94.5,3001292,5095108
86738,"Mycoplasma pneumoniae Ab, IgM ARUP",89.71,3006130,1763874
86747,"Parvovirus B19 Abs, IgG and IgM ARUP",92.69,3001190,1763823
86757,Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever IgG and IgM ARUP,73.06,3002050,1763766
86762,"Rubella Antibody, IgG ARUP",15.12,3001871,1763759
86765,"Measles (Rubeola) Antibody, IgG ARUP",80.66,3003237,1763896
86765,"Occupation Screen - MMR/VZV Ab Assessment Panel, IgG ARUP",83.06,30011463,21686033
86778,"Toxoplasma gondii Ab, IgM ARUP",45.46,3003336,1763628
86780,Treponema pallidum Ab by TP-PA ARUP,52.26,3002568,1763624
86787,"Bill Varicella-Zoster Virus Ab, IgG",92,3004392,5405030
86787,"Varicella-Zoster Virus Ab, IgG ARUP",83.37,3004392,1763600
86787,"Varicella-Zoster Virus Ab, IgG ARUP",83.37,3004392,1773654
86790,"Hantavirus Antibodies, ELISA w/Reflex ARUP",369.54,3004176,1764063
86790,Hepatitis E IgG ARUP,139.27,3008390,5095086
86790,Hepatitis E IgM ARUP,140.32,3008104,5095087
86790,"Herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) Antibodies, IgG and IgM with Reflex to IgM Titer ARUP",127,3002425,22099323
86790,"Herpesvirus 6 Ab, IgM Screen w/Reflex to Titer by IFA ARUP",91.46,3003593,22747120
86790,Herpesvirus 6 Antibody IgG ARUP,131.46,3002883,22425174
86790,HTLV I/II Antibodies w/Reflex to Confirm ARUP(0051164),47.46,3003925,1763986
86790,"Rabies Ab,(Vaccine Response) IgG ARUP",97,3008527,14277373
86790,"West Nile Virus Ab IgG, Serum ARUP",113.67,3003621,1763550
86790,"West Nile Virus Ab IgM, Serum ARUP",78.62,3002101,1763546
86800,Bill Thyroglobulin Antibody,94,3002014,5405021
86800,Thyroglobulin Antibody ARUP,85.83,3002014,1763676
86800,Thyroglobulin Antibody ARUP,85.83,3002014,5148974
86800,"Thyroglobulin, Serum or Plasma Reflex ARUP",85.83,3002014,5095134
86800,Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Antibody ARUP,85.83,3002014,1773554
86803,Hepatitis C Virus Antibody by CIA ARUP,98.48,3004656,1764012
86812,Ankylosing Spondylitis (HLAB27) ARUP,119.82,3002376,5094974
86812,HLA-B27 ARUP,119.82,3002376,1763998
86850,Antibody Screen 1,49,3007623,997512
86850,"Antibody Screen RBC, Reflex to Ident ARUP",51.9,3007623,5138972
86850,Post-Transfusion Reaction ABSC 1,49,3007623,3730983
86850,Pre-Transfusion Reaction ABSC 1,49,3007623,3730986
86850,REF Antibody Screen,49,3007623,1422360
86880,Direct Antiglobulin Test 2,41,3008374,3730981
86880,Post-Transfusion Reaction DAT 2,41,3008374,3730984
86880,Pre-Transfusion Reaction DAT 2,41,3008374,3730987
86900,ABO/Rh. Neonatal,23,3009001,6344971
86900,ABORH Prenatal ARUP,65.02,3009001,5138971
86900,Post-Transfusion Reaction ABO/Rh,23,3009001,1138160
86900,Pre-Transfusion Reaction ABO/Rh,23,3009001,1138164
86900,Reference ABO/Rh,23,3009001,1165544
86901,"BLOOD TYPING, RH",30,3009001,4662845
86905,P1 Antigen Typing-Patient ARUP,123.46,3002976,22493768
86922,Compatible - Crossmatch IS Interp,210,3001313,2171550
86922,Compatible - X-Match AHG Tube Interp,210,3001313,4662835
86923,Compatible - Computer XM Interp,210,3001313,1779651
87015,Bill Only AFB Concentration,88,3002679,22249687
87040,"Culture, Blood ARUP",91.2,3002815,5151051
87045,"Culture, Stool ARUP",95.24,3003566,5151038
87046,"Stool Culture, Campylobacter ARUP",77.86,3002387,22077989
87070,Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Culture and Gram Stain ARUP,78.66,3009818,11428268
87070,"Culture, Body Fluid ARUP",88.63,3002636,5194971
87070,"Culture, Respiratory ARUP",88.63,3002636,5194972
87070,"Culture, Sterility ARUP",73.46,3002801,22452879
87070,"Culture, Wound ARUP",88.63,3002636,5194973
87070,"Eye Culture, ARUP",83.86,3009141,11427372
87075,Anaerobe Culture and Gram Stain ARUP,104.26,3008280,11185317
87076,Bill Only Anaerobic organism ID by MALDI-TOF,134,3002240,22119138
87077,Bill Only Bacterial Identification,96,3009890,13175375
87077,Bill Only Bacterial Identification by MALDI,96,3009892,13175371
87081,Staphylococcus Serveillance Cutlure ARUP,80,3009587,8758503
87081,Streptococcus (Group A) Culture ARUP,71.06,3001818,22107241
87088,"Culture, Urine ARUP",73.35,3005819,5151039
87101,"Culture, Fungal - Skin, Hair or Nails ARUP",87.56,3009606,1763928
87102,"Culture, Fungal ARUP",82.52,3001513,1763906
87116,"Blood Culture,  Acid-Fast Bacillus (AFB) ARUP",102.5,3002409,5151037
87116,"Culture, Acid Fast Bacilli ARUP",104.26,3002448,1763898
87147,Bill Only E coli O157 Latex,35,3002758,22510152
87147,Bill Only Salmonella Serotyping,51,3002980,22560972
87147,Bill Only Staph Latex,54,3002038,22053930
87147,Bill Only Strep A Latex ARUP,105.06,3001759,22096493
87147,Bill Only Strep B Latex ARUP,63.46,3002132,22097428
87147,Bill Only Strep C Latex,70,3002007,22130001
87147,Bill Only Strep G Latex,70,3002214,22130002
87147,Bill Only Susceptibility - Penicillin Binding Protein 2a,105,3009769,13175374
87147,PBP2A Normal Flora Use,178,3003572,23039150
87153,Bill Only DNA Sequencing-Bacterial Indentification,252,3003075,22544053
87172,Pinworm ARUP,51.46,3003782,23108716
87177,"Ova and Parasite Exam, Fecal. ARUP",90.03,3007321,1763845
87181,Bill Only Susceptibility - Single Drug by Etest,116,3001952,22065853
87184,Bill Only Susceptibility - Automated Disk Diffusion ARUP,83.86,3007923,14781415
87184,Bill Only Susceptibility - Disk Diffusion,91,3002738,22249685
87184,Bill Only Susceptibility - ESBL by Disk Diffusion,91,3009611,13175372
87185,Bill Only Susceptibility - Beta - Lactamase,73,3001787,22032187
87186,Bill Only Susceptibility - Automated Broth Dilution,98,3009941,13175373
87186,Bill Only Susceptibility - Broth Dilution Panel,131,3009394,13175379
87186,Bill Only Susceptibility - Nonfermenter by Broth Dilution ARUP,114,3008126,14781416
87186,Susceptibility - AFB/Nocardia by Broth Dilution,98,3002865,22626326
87186,Susceptibility - Anaerobe by Broth Dilution,121,3002751,22626047
87207,"Parasites Smear (Giemsa Stain), Blood ARUP",157.06,3009699,5095112
87252,"Culture, Herpes Simplex Virus ARUP",67.06,3009553,1763931
87252,Varicella-Zoster Virus Culture ARUP,79.06,3009553,13175410
87290,Varicella-Zoster Virus and Herpes Simplex Virus DFA with Reflex to Varivella-Zoster Virus Culture an,174,3009433,12952059
87301,LDL Subclasses (0050021)  ARUP,110.66,3003927,23027647
87324,Clostridium difficile Toxins (A/B) EIA ARUP,76.15,3002071,5095064
87328,Cryptosporidium Antigen by EIA ARUP,55.46,300-8665,8297368
87329,Giardia Antigen by EIA ARUP,89.72,3005888,1764080
87338,"Helicobacter pylori Ag, Fecal by EIA ARUP",112.78,3009837,5095083
87340,Hepatitis B Surface Ag w/ Reflex to Conf ARUP,74.27,3007364,1764037
87340,"Hepatitis B Surface Ag w/Rflx, Prenatal ARUP",12.6,3003983,6634698
87389,"HIV Combo Antigen/Antibody (HIV-1/O/2) by ELISA, Reflexive Panel ARUP",70,3002538,22247601
87420,Respiratory Syncytial Virus,63,3006121,1079524
87425,Rotavirus Antigen by EIA ARUP,82.37,3003122,5095129
87427,E Coli Shiga-Like Toxin by EIA ARUP,85.94,3005698,5095070
87430,Strep A Screen,91,3001615,1077554
87449,"Legionella Pneumophila Antigen, Urine ARUP",98.19,3009581,1763915
87476,Borrelia Species by PCR (Lyme Disease) ARUP,183.92,3008109,5095041
87480,Bill Candida Species DNA Probe,87,3006016,5404979
87480,Candida Species DNA Probe ARUP,79.09,3006016,5100997
87491,Bill C. trachomatis by DNA Probe,102,3004580,5404976
87491,C. trachomatis Amplified ARUP,46.73,3004580,1770312
87491,Chlamydia Trach and N.gonorrhoeae (TMA) ARUP,93.46,3009347,9830318
87491,Chlamydia trachomatis Amplified Detect ARUP,92.8,3004580,1763837
87493,"C. difficile toxin B gene (tcdB), RT-PCR ARUP",171.46,3001026,1763802
87495,"Cytomegalovirus by PCR, Whole Bld/Bn Mrw ARUP",151.46,3002510,1763960
87495,"Cytomegalovirus by Qualitative PCR, Saliva ARUP",151.46,3009626,12951223
87496,Cytomegalovirus by PCR ARUP,151.46,3008388,1763959
87497,Cytomegalovirus DNA Quantitation by PCR ARUP,291.46,3003203,1763962
87498,Enterovirus Detection by RT-PCR ARUP,221.46,3001697,1764018
87505,Gastrointestinal Parasite Panel by PCR ARUP,281.46,3003509,23113958
87506,Gastrointestinal Bacterial Panel by PCR ARUP,311.46,3003289,22746458
87506,Gastrointestinal Viral Panel by PCR ARUP,281.46,3003489,22746455
87507,"Bill Combined GI Bacterial and Viral Panel, Stool, by PCR",652,3003628,23136540
87510,Bill Gardnerella vaginalis DNA Probe,87,3005737,5404984
87510,Gardnerella vaginalis DNA Probe ARUP,79.09,3005737,5100998
87517,Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) by Quantitative NAAT ARUP,177.92,3008118,1764026
87522,Hepatitis C RNA Qnt w/ Genotype Reflex ARUP,240.13,3009086,1764022
87522,Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) by Quantitative NAAT ARUP,240.13,3009086,1764008
87529,Herpes Simplex Virus By PCR ARUP,95.3,3001321,1764001
87529,HSV Subtype by PCR ARUP,229.46,3003772,22861788
87535,Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 (HIV-1) by Qualitative PCR ARUP,275.32,3004709,23548320
87536,HIV 1 Quant PCR ARUP,191.46,3002997,22392314
87581,Mycoplasma pneumoniae by PCR ARUP,159.46,3003950,1763870
87591,Bill N. gonorrhoeae DNA Probe,96,3004096,5405000
87591,N. gonorrhoeae Amplified ARUP,46.73,3007845,1770313
87591,"Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Amplified Detect ARUP",46.73,3007845,5095109
87631,Respiratory Virus Mini Panel by RT-PCR ARUP,258.26,3009362,5095126
87633,Respiratory Virus Panel ARUP,771.46,3001898,21580067
87641,Bill Only Susceptibility - MecA Gene Detection by PCR,121,3002842,22249686
87653,Streptococcus Group B by PCR ARUP,175,3002338,5194974
87660,Bill Trichomonas vaginalis DNA Probe,87,3006129,5405028
87660,Trichomonas vaginalis DNA Probe ARUP,79.09,3006129,5100999
87798,"Bill Malaria Speciation PCR, P. falciparum",92,3008001,5404998
87798,"Bordetella Pertussis, PCR ARUP",127.28,3009610,5095032
87798,JC Virus by PCR ARUP,282.76,3003279,22855792
87798,"Malaria Speciation PCR, P. falciparum AR",92,3008001,5099120
87798,"Malaria Speciation PCR, P. knowlesi ARUP",83.59,3008001,5099121
87798,"Malaria Speciation PCR, P. malariae ARUP",83.59,3008001,5099123
87798,"Malaria Speciation PCR, P. ovale ARUP",83.59,3008001,5099124
87798,"Malaria Speciation PCR, P. vivax ARUP",83.59,3008001,5099122
87798,Varicella-Zoster Virus by PCR ARUP,131.46,3003894,1763598
87798,West Nile Virus RNA by RT-PCR ARUP,318.92,3008197,5095145
87799,"BK Virus, Quantitative by PCR ARUP (0090067)",261.46,3003634,16899398
87799,Epstein-Barr Virus by Quantitative PCR ARUP,238,3007938,1764027
87799,Epstein-Barr Virus Qt PCR ARUP,238,3007938,8758505
87801,Bill Only Blood Culture Rapid Identification by Film Array,321,3001964,22065851
87804,Influenza A + B Rapid,58,3004235,853224
87804,Rapid Flu A&B POC,108,9838035,2913534
87807,RSV POC,22,9838036,4370178
87880,Rapid Strep POC,22,9871792,684345
87899,"Streptococcus pneumoniae Ag, Urine ARUP",139.61,3001923,5095130
87902,HCV Genotyping by PCR and Sequencing ARUP,191.46,3008124,1764058
88112,"Bill Cytopathology, selective cellular enhancement technique with interpretation (e.g. liquid based",162,3001953,22211352
88184,".Technical Leuk/Lymph Pheno, 15 markers ARUP",401.46,3009133,13093370
88184,Leukemia/Lymphoma Phenotype Whole Blood ARUP,626.46,3003394,1763912
88188,.Prof Leuk/Lymph Pheno 9-15 markers ARUP,116.46,3008851,13093369
88262,Chromosome Analysis Peripheral Blood ARUP,406.46,3001213,1763852
88271,"Chromosome FISH, CLL Panel ARUP",771.46,3002166,22163409
88300,Bill Surgical Path Lvl I,53,3005246,3193514
88304,Bill Surgical Path Lvl III,70,3005419,3193516
88305,Bill Surgical Path Lvl IV,73,3004945,3193517
88307,Bill Surgical Path Lvl V,84,3005256,3193518
88309,Bill Surgical Path Lvl VI,114,3004919,3193519
88312,Bill Special Stain Grp I,68,3004927,3193522
88313,Bill Special Stain Grp II,67,3001365,3193523
88341,"Bill Immunohistochemistry, additional single antibody stain procedure",74,3003716,23125260
88342,Bill Immunohistochemistry,259,3003430,22799119
89050,CSF Cell Count 1,43,3001850,1019598
89051,"Cell Count, Body Fluid ARUP",50.26,300-1299,8297371
89055,Fecal WBC,44,3007514,1279774
89055,"Lactoferrin, Fecal by ELISA ARUP",69.46,3001692,1763921
89310,Post Vasectomy Semen Examination,53,3003319,23230446
90471,90471 Immunization Admin. ED Charge,28,4501812,3650288
90471,90471 Immunization administration; 1 vaccine,28,9824802,1169530
90471,VFC - Immunization administration; 1 vaccine,20,9834802,3067557
90472,90472  Each additional vaccine,17,9824803,1169531
90472,VFC - Each additional vaccine,15,9834803,3067556
90473,IMM ADM >8 1ST ORL/N NSG Charge,18,9823991,859123
90473,VFC - IMM ADM>8 1st ORL/N,23,9823991,3067558
90474,IMM ADM >8 EA ADD OR Charge,9,9824742,859127
90632,Hepatitis A Adult Vaccine,99.25,9501840,667665
90633,58160-0825-52 Hepatitis A Peds/Adol Vaccine 2 Dose Sched Charge,47,9501746,667666
90636,Hepatitis A-Hepatitis B Adult Vaccine Charge,148.25,9507118,667667
90648,"Hemophilus influenza b vaccine (Hib), PRP-T conjugate (4 dose schedule), for IM Use POC",24.5,9501395,749823
90649,Human Papilloma virus (HPV) Vaccine POC,304.25,9509064,784548
90660,Flu Vaccine Live Intranasal POC,36.75,9509248,667671
90662,"Influenza Vaccine, Split Virus",30,9502414,3486194
90670,"Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, 13 valent, for intramuscular use",248.5,9503240,1165947
90675,Rabies Vaccine IM Charge,472,9501675,667674
90680,"Rotavirus vaccine, pentavalent, 3 dose schedule, live, for oral use POC",126.75,9509294,749829
90681,"Rotavirus vaccine, human, attenuated, 2 dose schedule, live, for oral use",126.75,9503916,1787560
90687,VFC Flu Vaccine Split 6-35 Months IM POC,36,9509452,667669
90688,Flu Vaccine split (0.5ml dosage) IM POC,28.75,9503554,667670
90691,"Typhoid vaccine, Vi capsular polysaccharide (ViCPs) IM use",93,9503302,1229856
90696,"Diphtheria, tetanus toxoids, acellular pertussis vaccine and poliovirus vaccine, inactivated (DTaP-I",76.25,9506367,1787562
90698,"Diphtheria, tetanus toxoids, acellular pertussis vaccine, haemophilus influenza Type B, and poliovir",135.25,9505616,1229742
90700,"DTaP Diphtheria/Pertussis, acellular/Tetanus Vaccine DTaP Under 7 yrs",34.5,9503842,667676
90707,MMR Measles/Mumps/Rubella Virus Vaccine POC,104,9507597,667682
90713,IPV Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine POC,46.75,9501284,667685
90715,"Tetanus, diphtheria toxoids & acellular pertussis vaccine (TdaP), 7 years or older, IM use POC",43.5,9509071,755159
90716,Varicella Virus Vaccine POC,179.5,9502786,667686
90723,"Diphth/HepB/Pertussis,Acel/Polio/Tetanus Vaccine POC",112.5,9504865,667690
90732,Pneumococcal  23-Valent Adult Vaccine POC [CHAS],138,9509120,667692
90733,Meningococcal Vaccine POC,175.5,9503211,667693
90736,"Zoster (shingles) vaccine, live, subcutaneous injection POC",307,9509073,757310
90744,"Hepatitis B Vaccine, Pediatric 3 Dose Sched POC",34.75,9501980,667694
90746,"Hepatitis B Vaccine, Adult",84.25,9501386,667695
90748,"Hepatitis B & Hemophilus influenza b vaccine (HepB-Hib), IM use POC",35,9506541,667697
92511,92511 Nasopharyngoscopy w/Endoscope ED PRO FEE,82,9813503,3596560
92511,92511 Nasopharyngoscopy w/Endoscope Tech,120,4502752,5175380
92587,Newborn Hearing Screen,105,0,3776197
92587,Newborn Hearing Screen KCH,105,4711500,9490197
92950,92950 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation ER; ED PRO FEE,260,9814275,3596561
92950,92950 CPR ED Charge,248,4502773,3650289
92953,92953 TemporaryTranscutaneous Pacing ED PRO FEE,24,9812186,3596576
92953,92953 Transcutaneous pacing ED Charge,248,4501435,3650290
92960,"92960 Cardioversion - Electrical, External ED Charge",593,4503524,3650291
92960,"92960 Cardioversion, Elective, Electrical Conversion Of Arrhythmia; Ext ED PRO FEE",191,9813524,3596567
93005,EKG 12 Lead - NSG,147,7304435,777365
93005,EKG 12 Lead (Nursing),147,7304435,2279614
93005,EKG POC,32,9833633,1319719
93224,Cardiac Holter,168,9831400,3488178
93225,Electrocardiographic Monitoring For 24 Hours By Continuous Original Ecg Waveform Record & Storage W/,56,9871411,3494245
93880,US Carotid Duplex Bilateral,588.1,0,629660
93880,US Carotid Duplex Bilateral,647,4026388,823412
93922,Ankle/ Brachial Indices Study Technical Charge,111,9831567,1279819
93922,US Ankle Brachial Index,252.8,0,1297710
93922,US Ankle Brachial Index,278,4021567,1297711
93970,US LE Venous Duplex Bilateral,588.1,0,631029
93970,US LE Venous Duplex Bilateral,647,4025032,823442
93971,US LE Venous Duplex Left,372.3,0,631023
93971,US LE Venous Duplex Left,410,4027139,823444
93971,US LE Venous Duplex Right,372.3,0,631019
93971,US LE Venous Duplex Right,410,4027139,823446
94060,"Bronchodilation Responsiveness, Spirometry Pre and Post Bronchodilator Admin Charge",76,9835605,713795
94640,Aerosol Treatment with Peak Flow Charge,42,2704333,2158590
94640,Airway Inhalation Treatment.,23,9831311,22483363
94664,"Inhalations, Aerosol/Vapor, Initial Charge",18,9831089,713757
95115,Allergy Injection Single POC,18,9828794,2435614
95117,Allergy Injection Multi POC,23,9829545,2435615
96360,"96360 - HYDRATION, FIRST HOUR",209,4509493,22283161
96360,IV Hydration  1ST Hour Charge,91.8,9705449,859131
96360,IV HYDRATION/ELECTROLYTES CHARGE,209,7619493,3824180
96361,IV HYDRATION  ADDITIONAL HOUR Tech Chg,23.85,9704698,1739523
96365,"INFUSION THERAPY, DRUG CHARGE",209,7617991,3824179
96365,IV Infusion First Hour Charge - Valley,100,9705450,5016972
96366,"INFUSION THERAPY, EA ADD'L HR CHARGE",55,7618742,3824183
96366,IV Infusion Each Additional Charge - Valley,40,9704699,5016971
96367,"96367 - IV tx, sequential infusion",86,4502477,22283165
96367,SEQUENTIAL DRUG CHARGE,86,7612477,3824184
96368,CONCURRENT DRUG CHARGE,86,7613228,3824185
96372,IM/SQ INJECTION CHARGE,50,7612267,4746178
96374,IV PUSH CHARGE,117,7613979,3824181
96374,"IV Push, Initial Drug - Valley",60,9835125,22392074
96374,IVP INJECTION therapeutic or diagnostic ER,117,4503979,22283169
96375,DIFFERENT DRUG CHARGE,50,7614730,3824187
96375,"IV Injection, add new drug THERAPEUTIC OR DIAGNOSTIC",50,4504730,22283170
96375,"IV Push, Sequential, New Drug - Valley",25,9835876,22392076
96376,"96376 - IV Push, add same drug",50,4505481,22283171
96376,SAME DRUG > 30 MIN CHARGE,50,7615481,3824188
96523,Irrigation of Venous Drug Delivery Device,61,7611216,7226609
96523,Port Cath Flush (Irrigation of Venous Access Device),25,9833564,22484943
97010,Yes - Other Thermal Charge,20,4207010,1273694
97014,UNATTENDED ELECTRICAL THERAPY - Unattended Electrical Therapy Charge,24,4207014,1230068
97022,PT Whirlpool Full Body - Whirlpool Full Body Charge,43,4204899,3601631
97026,Yes - Infrared-Light Therapy Charge,32,4207026,2937633
97032,Attended E-Stim Charges,24,4207032,692259
97033,Iontophoresis Charges,29,4207033,692258
97034,Contrast baths - Thermal Modalities Provided,19,4207034,1230153
97035,Ultrasound Charges,25,4207035,692237
97110,Therapeutic Exercise Charges,44,4207110,692217
97110,Therapeutic Exercise Charges,44,4349760,691306
97112,Neuromuscular Reeducation Charges,34,4207112,692238
97116,Gait Training Charges,29,4207116,692247
97116,Gait Training Charges,29,4349467,2619694
97124,Massage Charge Units,33,4207124,692251
97140,Joint Mobilization Charges,46,4207265,2937604
97140,Myofacial Release Charges,46,4207250,2937615
97161,"97161 PT eval, low complexity 20 min.",88,4207001,22616933
97161,PT Low Complex Units,88,4207001,22615494
97162,"97162 PT eval, mod complexity 30 min.",88,4205563,22616934
97162,PT Moderate Complex Units,88,4205563,22615496
97163,"97163 PT eval, high complexity 45 min.",88,4206314,22616935
97163,PT High Complex Units,88,4206314,22615498
97165,"97165 OT eval, low complexity 30 min.",88,4347507,22616937
97165,OT Low Complex Units,88,4347507,22615566
97166,"97166 OT eval, mod complexity 45 min.",88,4344061,22616938
97166,OT Moderate Complex Units,88,4344061,22615568
97167,"97167 OT eval, high complexity 60 min.",88,4344812,22616939
97167,OT High Complex Units,88,4344812,22615570
97530,Functional Training Charges,45,4201957,5543179
97530,Therapeutic Activities Charge,45,4207530,692245
97530,Therapeutic Activities Charges,45,4349009,691304
97535,ADL Training Charges,44,4348716,691327
97545,PT Work Hardening - PT Work Hardening Charge,145,4207545,3601625
97597,"Selective Debridement, total wound surface area, first 20 sq cm or less - Selective Debridement Charge",90,4207601,2734847
97597,Wound Debridement Less than 20 cm Tech Chg,80,9832222,1739533
97602,PT Wound Care Non Selective Charge - PT Wound Care Non Selective Charge,83,4207105,20731357
97602,Yes - Non-Selective Debridement Charge,83,4207105,2734769
97760,Orthotic Mgmt and Training Charges,36,4207504,692243
97761,Prosthetic Training Charges,44,4207520,692241
99056,"Service(s) typically provided in the office, provided out of the office at request of patient, in ad",25,9837850,8022192
99058,Service(s) provided on an emergency basis in the office which disrupts other scheduled office servic,32,9838601,8022193
99060,"Service(s) provided on an emergency basis, out of the office, which disrupts other scheduled office",35,9839352,8022194
99195,Therapeutic  Phlebotomy,105,7612172,1416263
99195,Therapeutic Phelbotomy Charge,105,9832172,1274583
99201,Office/OP New Visit Level 1 99201,56,9838235,1264811
99202,Office/OP New Visit Level 2 99202,95,9837484,1264813
99203,Office/OP New Visit Level 3 99203,138,9838986,1264815
99204,Office/OP New Visit Level 4 99204,212,9839616,1264817
99205,Office/OP New Visit Level 5 99205,263,9836072,1264819
99211,Office/OP Established  Visit Level 1 99211,25,9823951,1264822
99212,Office/OP Established  Visit Level 2 99212,56,9834702,1264824
99213,Office/OP Established  Visit Level 3 99213,92,9835453,1264826
99215,Office/OP Established  Visit Level 5 99215,184,9836955,1264830
99217,Observation Care Discharge - 99217,97,9878822,631663
99217,Observation Discharge KCH charge,97,9878822,4308213
99218,Initial Observation Care Level 1 - 99218,92,9871385,631645
99218,Initial observation Care per day (low complexity),80,9871385,4308202
99219,Initial Observation Care Level 2 - 99219,138,9879573,631646
99219,Initial Observation Care per day (moderate),138,9879573,4308203
99220,Initial Obervation Care per day (complex complexity),215,9871662,4308201
99220,Initial Observation Care Level 3 - 99220,215,9871662,631647
99221,Initial Hospital Care Level 1 - 99221,103,9872413,631636
99221,Initial hospital care per day (low complexity),103,9872413,4308196
99222,Initial Hospital Care Level 2 - 99222,158,9873164,631637
99222,Initial hospital care per day (moderate complexity),158,9873164,4308197
99223,Initial Hospital Care Level 3 - 99223,215,9873915,631638
99223,Initial hospital care per day (high complexity),215,9873915,4308195
99225,"Subsequent observation care, per day",72.5,9877513,1298111
99225,"Subsequent observation care, per day (moderate complexity) KCH charge",72.5,9877513,4308232
99231,Subsequent Hospital Care Level 1 - 99231,60,9874666,631719
99231,"Subsquent hospital care, per day (low complexity) KCH charge",60,9874666,4308233
99232,Subsequent Hospital Care Level 2 - 99232,78,9875417,631720
99232,"Subsequent Hospital care, per day (moderate complexity) KCH charge",78,9875417,4308228
99233,Subsequent Hospital Care Level 3 - 99233,112,9876168,631721
99233,"Subsequent hospital care, per day (high complexity) KCH charge",112,9876168,4308227
99234,Observation or inpatient hospital care (low complexity) KCH charge,161,9872871,4308214
99234,Observation/ Same Day Inpatient Care Level 1 - 99234,202,9873620,631660
99235,Observation or inpatient hospital care (moderate complexity) KCH charge,245,9873621,4308215
99235,"Observation/Inpatient, Admit-D/C Same Day Care Level 2 - 99235",245,9873621,631661
99236,Observation or inpatient hospital care same day admit and discharge (high complexity) KCH charge,305,9873622,4308216
99236,Observation/ Same Day Inpatient Care Level 3 - 99236,305,9873622,631662
99238,Hospital Discharge,97,9876919,4308193
99238,Hospital Discharge Management 30 min or Less - 99238,97,9876919,631634
99239,Hospital Discharge (Greater than 30 min),132,9876920,4308194
99239,Hospital Discharge Management More Than 30 min - 99239,132,9876920,631635
99241,Office/Other Outpatient Consultation Level 1 - 99241,63,9879241,631664
99242,99242 Consult Level 2 ED PRO FEE,154,9814876,4076275
99242,Office/Other Outpatient Consultation Level 2 - 99242,102,9879172,631665
99243,99243 Consult Level 3 ED PRO FEE,216,9814125,4076278
99243,Office/Other Outpatient Consultation Level 3 - 99243,138,9878421,631666
99244,99244 Consult Level 4 ED PRO FEE,340,9813864,4076280
99244,Office Consultation Level 4 - 99244,203,9878847,631667
99251,Initial Inpatient Consultation Level 1 - 99251,77,9874896,631639
99252,Initial Inpatient Consultation Level 2 - 99252,116,9874895,631640
99253,Initial Inpatient Consult Level 3 - 99253,176,9878996,631641
99254,Initial Inpatient Consultation Level 4 - 99254,246,9878997,631642
99255,Initial Inpatient Consultation Level 5 - 99255,299,9878998,631643
99281,99281 - ED Level 1,121,4500001,22283175
99281,99281 - Level 1 - Lynx Visit Level,121,4500001,1181482
99281,99281 - Level 1 BCE,121,4500001,9495374
99281,99281 Visit Level 1 ED PRO FEE,53,9813597,4076264
99282,99282 - ED Level 2,187,4500002,22283176
99282,99282 - Level 2 - Lynx Visit Level,187,4500002,1181481
99282,99282 Visit Level 2 ED PRO Fee,104,9814348,4076266
99283,99283 - ED Level 3,333,4500003,22283177
99283,99283 - Level 3 - Lynx Visit Level,333,4500003,1181480
99283,99283 Visit Level 3 ED PRO Fee,154,9815099,4076267
99284,99284 - ED Level 4,743,4500004,22283178
99284,99284 - Level 4 - Lynx Visit Level,743,4500004,1181479
99284,99284 Visit Level 4 ED PRO Fee,294,9815850,4076269
99285,99285 - ED Level 5,1036,4500005,22283179
99285,99285 - Level 5 - Lynx Visit Level,1036,4500005,1181478
99285,99285 Visit Level 5 ED PRO FEE,431,9816601,5175397
99291,99291 - Critical Care - Lynx Visit Level,1439,4501010,1181477
99291,99291 Critical Care for First 30 - 74 min ED Pro Fee,507,9817352,4076271
99291,Critical Care Services Evaluation and Treatment for First 30 - 74 Minutes,306,9879929,853531
99291,H: 99291 - ED Critical Care,1439,4501010,22283180
99292,99292 Critical Care for Each add 30 min ED PRO FEE,254,9818103,4076273
99292,Add'l 30 Min Increments CC > 74,344,4500092,1071599
99292,Critical Care Services Evaluation and Treatment for Each Additional 30 Minutes - 99292,153,9879930,631605
99292,"Critical Care, each 30 min",344,4500092,22283181
99304,"Initial Nursing facility care (History, Examination and MDM)",78.3,9871545,1127536
99304,"Initial nursing facility care, per day ( low complexity)",78.3,9871545,4308198
99305,"Initial Nursing facility care (History, Examination and MDM of moderate complexity)",103.95,9871546,1127537
99305,"Initial nursing facility care, per day ( moderate complexity)",103.95,9871546,4308199
99306,Initial eval mgmnt of pt an annual nsg facility assessment. Physician spends 45 minutes,129,9878199,1165594
99306,"Initial nursing facility care, per day (high complexity)",129,9878199,4308200
99307,"Subsequent nursing facility care (History, Examination and MDM",41,9874373,1127538
99307,"Subsequent nursing facility care, per day ( straightforward medical decision) KCH charge",41,9874373,4308230
99308,"Subsequent nursing facility care (History, Examination and MDM of low complexity",67,9875124,1127539
99308,"Subsequent nursing facility care, per day ( low complexity) KCH charge",67,9875124,4308229
99309,Subsequent eval mgmnt of pt an annual nsg facility assessment. Physician spends 25 minutes,95,9874374,1165579
99309,"Subsequent nursing facility care, per day (moderate complexity) KCH charge",95,9874374,4308231
99315,Nursing Facility Discharge Management 30 min or Less - 99315,73.5,9871233,631658
99315,SNF Discharge KCH charge,73.5,9871233,4308225
99316,Nursing Facility Discharge Management More Than 30 min  - 99316,97,9871234,631659
99316,SNF Discharge (Greater than 30 min) KCH charge,97,9871234,4308226
99324,"Domiciliary or rest home visit for the evaluation and management of a new patient, 20min",79,9879324,1165578
99325,"Domiciliary or rest home visit for the evaluation and management of a new patient, 30min",114,9879325,1169526
99326,"Domiciliary or rest home visit for the evaluation and management of a new patient, 45min",195,9879326,1165577
99327,"Domiciliary or rest home visit for the evaluation and management of a new patient, 60min",259,9879327,1165576
99328,"Domiciliary or rest home visit for the evaluation and management of a new patient, 75min",301,9879328,1165575
99334,"Domiciliary or rest home visit for est patients (History, Examination and MDM)",85,9879334,1127541
99335,"Domiciliary or rest home visit for est patients (History, Examination and MDM of low complexity)",132,9879335,1127542
99336,"Domiciliary or rest home visit for the evaluation and management of established patient,40min",132,9879336,1165574
99337,"Domiciliary or rest home visit for the evaluation and management of established patient,60min",268,9879337,1165570
99342,"Home Visit, New Patient, Expanded",96,9874312,6842989
99343,"Home Visit, New Patient, Detailed",157,9875063,6842990
99344,"Home Visit, New Patient, Comprehensive",218,9875814,6842991
99348,"Home Visit, Established Patient, Expanded",101,9876565,6842992
99349,"Home Visit, Established Patient, Detailed",153,9877316,6842993
99350,"Home Visit, Established Patient, Comprehensive",212,9878067,6842994
99350,Instructional Program Charge,278,4201647,1273579
99354,Prolonged Physician Service Outpatient with Direct Patient Contact First Hour - 99354,121,9832559,621589
99355,Prolonged Physician Service Outpatient with Direct Patient Contact  Each Addl 30 Minutes - 99355,121,9832560,631712
99381,Preventive Medicine < 1 year New - 99381,100,9838583,631705
99382,Preventive Medicine 1-4 years New - 99382,110,9839937,631693
99383,Preventive Medicine 5-11 years New - 99383,125,9833178,631701
99384,Preventive Medicine 12-17 years New - 99384,125,9836995,631695
99385,Preventive Medicine 18-39 years New - 99385,126,9835493,631697
99386,Preventive Medicine 40-64 years New - 99386,135,9832964,631699
99387,Preventive Medicine 65+ years New - 99387,155,9836244,631703
99391,Preventive Medicine < 1 year Established - 99391,100,9831926,631704
99392,Preventive Medicine 1-4 years Established - 99392,111,9832677,631692
99393,Preventive Medicine 5-11 years Established,110,9833428,853578
99393,Preventive Medicine 5-11 years Established - 99393,110,9833428,631700
99394,Preventive Medicine 12-17 years Established - 99394,121,9834179,631694
99395,Preventive Medicine 18-39 years Established - 99395,122,9834930,631696
99396,Preventive Medicine 40-64 years Established - 99396,135,9835681,631698
99397,Preventive Medicine 65+ years Established - 99397,150,9836432,631702
99401,"Preventive Medicine Counseling And/Or Risk Factor Reduction Intervention(S), Individual;15 Min",48,9839401,1303642
99402,Preventive Medicine Counseling And/Or Risk Factor Reduction Intervention(S) Provided To An Individua,80,9839402,3488463
99403,"Preventive Medicine Counseling And/Or Risk Factor Reduction Intervention(S), Individual; 45 Min",111,9839403,3494238
99404,"Preventive Medicine Counseling And/Or Risk Factor Reduction Intervention(S), Individual; 60 Min",145,9839404,3494241
99406,"Smoking and Tobacco Cessation Counseling, Symptomatic, 3-10 Minutes",15,9831901,5126975
99407,"Smoking and Tobacco Cessation Counseling, Symptomatic, >10 Minutes",25,9832652,5126976
99460,Newborn Admit KCH charge,196,9871911,4308206
99462,Newborn Sugsequent KCH charge,78,9871912,4308210
99463,Newborn Same Day Discharge KCH charge,265,9871913,4308208
99464,Attendence at delivery (other than delivering physician) and initial stabilization of newborn,247,9871914,4308186
99465,Newborn Resuscitation KCH charge,483,9871915,4308207
0191T,"Insert Anterior Segment Drainage Device, Internal Approach",4700,3605638,22796347
A0420,Ambulance Mileage Four,44.1,5425818,3136248
A0425,Ambulance Mileage One,31.65,5424316,3136245
A0427,Ambulance Option 1 - Ambulance Charge Options,1018,5424370,4908222
A4314,"Insertion Tray With Drainage Bag With Indwelling Catheter, Foley Type, Two-Way Latex With Coating",52.5,9703006,1287754
A4465,Ace Wrap,70.2,9704301,1902148
A4614,Peak Flow Meter Charge,15,9705705,858491
C1783,iStent Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stent,3550,2726389,22796555
G0008,Administration Of Influenza Virus Vaccine When No Physician Fee Schedule Service On The Same Day,25,9839258,1298124
G0008,"Administration, Influenza Virus Vaccine",40.25,4507921,9412279
G0008,G0008 Admin Influenza Virus Vaccine POC,25,9839258,1713521
G0009,Administration of Pneumococcal Vaccine,12,9832813,22484748
G0010,Administration of Hepatitis B Vaccine,12,9832062,22484753
G0103,"PSA, Total, Medicare Screening ARUP",73.19,3005529,5095125
G0105,"Colocrectal cancer screening, colomoscopy (high risk individual)",800,9872479,4308187
G0121,"Colocrectal cancer screening, colonoscopy (not high risk)",800,9872480,4308188
G0378,Observation Each Addl Hour KCH,12,7621001,5292986
G0378,Observation first hour,986,7621000,8180381
G0378,ROOM/BED: Observation w/Telemetry 1st HR BCE,1299,7622000,9628941
G0378,ROOM/BED: Observation w/Telemetry 2nd + HRs BCE,16,7622001,9628943
G0402,Initial preventive exam,110,9839310,1167786
G0403,Ekg For Welcome To Medicare Ex,38,9832706,3488319
G0438,"Annual Wellness Visit, Initial (AWV)",175,9832213,1298121
G0439,"Annual Wellness Visit, Subsequent (AWV)",175,9832831,1298122
G0480,Salicylate Level,54,3009187,633829
J0171,Adrenalin epinephrine inject,9,9506757,1413449
J0561,"INJECTION, PENICILLIN G BENZATHINE, 100,000 UNITS",18,9506920,1413451
J0595,Butorphanol tartrate 1 mg,113.5,9503404,1167804
J0696,"Injection, Ceftriaxone Sodium, Per 250 MG Charge",4.5,9501547,788058
J0696,Rocephin IV Infusion/Push 250mg,4.5,9501547,5019103
J0702,"Injection, Betamethasone acet&sod phosp 6mg/ml 5ml Vial",12,9501927,1167801
J0744,Ciprofloxacin iv,50,9503805,1230199
J0780,Prochlorperazine injection,5.2,9501815,1296787
J0881,"Injection, darbepoetin alfa, 1 microgram (non-esrd use)",8,9506556,1683792
J1000,"Depo-Estradiol Injection, up to 5 mg",10,9506999,667824
J1020,Methylprednisolone Acetate 20 mg Injection,13,9501582,2997565
J1050,Depo-Provera Injection 150 mg Charge,123.75,9503084,667834
J1071,"Injection, testosterone cypionate 1mg",37.25,9505667,1167792
J1100,"Injection, Dexamethosone Sodium Phosphate, Up to 4mg/mL Charge",4.5,9506639,749774
J1200,"Diphenhydramine, up to 50mg",4.5,9507771,1170060
J1380,Estradiol Valerate Injection 40 mg Charge,62.5,9508526,667822
J1380,"Injection, Estradiol Valerate, up to 10 mg Charge",15.75,9507671,749113
J1580,"Garamycin gentamicin inj, up to 80 mg",25,9508110,1167772
J1644,HEPARIN PER 1000 UNI,19.9,9508479,1170064
J1650,Inj enoxaparin sodium per 10mg,86,9501650,1167768
J1885,"Injection, ketorolac tromethamine charge per 15 mg",4.75,9506179,785968
J1885,TORADOL 60MG IM/IV,4.75,9501462,2482410
J1940,Furosemide Injection 20 mg Charge,4.5,9505362,667906
J1956,Levofloxacin Injection 250 mg Charge,162.5,9505986,667908
J2060,"Lorazepam injection, per 2 mg",25,9506516,1296799
J2270,MORPHINE SULFATE 10,13.25,9502256,1170068
J2300,"Injection nalbuphine hydrochloride, per 10 mg",19.9,9503356,1296804
J2310,Naloxone 1 mg,24.25,9507917,3692196
J2405,Medication Charge,6.5,9502363,1247273
J2405,ZOFRAN 4 MG IV,4.5,9502363,1170069
J2550,"Injection, Promethazine HCL, up to 50 mg Charge",4.5,9502379,785970
J2765,Metoclopramide hcl injection,5.5,9506759,1167747
J2930,"Injection, Methylprednisolone 125mg/2ml #25",16,9504550,1240720
J3010,"INJECTION, FENTANYL CITRATE, 0.1 MG",25,9505411,3486201
J3030,"Imitrex, sumatriptan succinate, per 6 mg",79.75,9506755,1170079
J3301,"Injection, Kenalog, triamcinolone acetonide, 40mg/1ml #1",4.5,9509829,788039
J3360,Diazepam Injection 5 mg Charge,12,9508840,667968
J3370,Vancomycin Hcl To 500 Mg,12.75,9501073,1685669
J3410,HYDROXYZINE 25MG INJ,21,9507500,1170088
J3420,"Injection, Vitamin B-12 Cyanocobalamin, 1ml/1000 mcg",11.5,9509753,788040
J7120,"Lactated ringers infusion, up to 1000 cc",10.15,9838808,1413423
J7321,HyAlgan Injection Per Dose,296.5,9504651,1357549
J7325,Synvisc per 1 mg,40.75,9501824,1167856
J7506,"PREDNISONE, ORAL, PER 5MG",5,9501554,3486186
J7509,"METHYLPREDNISOLONE ORAL, PER 4 MG",50.25,9506933,3486204
J7611,Albuterol non-comp con,12,9503165,1230144
J7626,PULMICORT .25+ MG IN,6.5,9508497 ,1170090
J7644,IPRATROPIUM 0.002,4.5,9507746 ,1170092
J9260,Methotrexate sodium injection,4.5,9505217,1240740
L0120,COLLAR PERFIT ACE ADJUSTABLE ADULT,27.25,2703793,4983229
L1830,IMMOBILIZER KNEE 16 IN,125,2704301,4983179
L1830,IMMOBILIZER KNEE 20 IN,125,2704301,4983180
L1830,IMMOBILIZER KNEE 24 IN,125,2704301,4983181
L1902,ANKLE LACE-UP L,54,2703081,4983169
L1902,ANKLE LACE-UP M,54,2703081,4983170
L1902,ANKLE LACE-UP S,54,2703081,4983171
L1902,ANKLE LACE-UP XL,54,2703081,4983172
L1902,ANKLE LACE-UP XS,54,2703081,4983173
L1902,ANKLE LACE-UP XXL,54,2703081,4983174
L3650,CLAVICLE L/XL,28,2706554,4983177
L3650,CLAVICLE S/M,28,2706554,4983178
L3670,DELUXE SLING AND SWATHE LARGE,58.75,2701297,4983750
L3670,DELUXE SLING AND SWATHE MEDIUM,58.75,2701297,4983751
L3670,DELUXE SLING AND SWATHE SMALL,58.75,2701297,4983752
L3670,DELUXE SLING AND SWATHE X-LARGE,58.75,2701297,4983753
L3702,TENNIS ELBOW STRP L,30,2703839,4983183
L3702,TENNIS ELBOW STRP M,30,2703839,4983184
L3702,TENNIS ELBOW STRP S,30,2703839,4983185
L3702,TENNIS ELBOW STRP XL,30,2703839,4983186
L3702,TENNIS ELBOW STRP XS,30,2703839,4983187
L3908,APOLLO UNIV WRIST BRACE LT,46.8,2702359,4983175
L3908,APOLLO UNIV WRIST BRACE RT,46.8,2702359,4983176
L3908,SPLINT WRIST COCK UP 8 INCH WITH / LG,46.8,2702359,4983801
L3908,SPLINT WRIST COCK UP 8 INCH WITH /X LG,46.8,2702359,4983802
L3908,SPLINT WRIST COCK-UP 8 INCH WITH / SM,46.8,2702359,4983803
L3908,SPLINT WRIST COCK-UP 8 INCH WITH /MD,46.8,2702359,4983804
L3908,WRIST BRACE LEFT- MED,46.8,2702359,5339253
L3908,WRIST BRACE LEFT-LG,46.8,2702359,5339256
L3908,WRIST BRACE RT SM,46.8,2702359,5339244
L3908,WRIST COCK UP-LT S,46.8,2702359,5339251
L3908,WRIST COCK UP-LT XL,46.8,2702359,5339259
L3908,WRIST COCK UP-RT LG,46.8,2702359,5339246
L3908,WRIST COCK UP-RT M,46.8,2702359,5339245
L3908,WRIST COCK UP-RT XL,46.8,2702359,5339249
L3908,WRIST LACER  LT M,46.8,2702359,4983198
L3908,WRIST LACER  RT L,46.8,2702359,4983201
L3908,WRIST LACER 8 LT L,46.8,2702359,4983197
L3908,WRIST LACER 8 LT S,46.8,2702359,4983199
L3908,WRIST LACER 8 LT XL,46.8,2702359,4983200
L3908,WRIST LACER 8 RT M,46.8,2702359,4983202
L3908,WRIST LACER 8 RT S,46.8,2702359,4983203
L3908,WRIST LACER 8 RT XL,46.8,2702359,4983204
L3908,WRIST LACER TSPICA LT L,46.8,2702359,4983205
L3908,WRIST LACER TSPICA LT M,46.8,2702359,4983206
L3908,WRIST LACER TSPICA LT S,46.8,2702359,4983207
L3908,WRIST LACER TSPICA LT XL,46.8,2702359,4983208
L3908,WRIST LACER TSPICA RT L,46.8,2702359,4983209
L3908,WRIST LACER TSPICA RT M,46.8,2702359,4983210
L3908,WRIST LACER TSPICA RT S,46.8,2702359,4983211
L3908,WRIST LACER TSPICA RT XL,46.8,2702359,4983212
L3908,WRIST MATE 8 INCH LT XS,46.8,2702359,4983213
L3908,WRIST MATE 8 INCH RT XS,46.8,2702359,4983214
L4350,(NOT IN USE REPL 500048) AIRCAST ANKLE BRACE RIGHT TRAINING 9 INCH-USE 500048,89.48,2707305,4983218
L4350,AIR ANKLE SPLINT UNIV LG,89.48,2707305,4983219
L4350,AIR ANKLE SPLINT UNIV MED,89.48,2707305,4983216
L4350,AIRAST ANKLE BRACE LEFT SMALL 8.75 INCH,89.48,2707305,4983215
L4350,AIRCAST ANKLE BRACE RIGHT SMALL 8.75 INCH,89.48,2707305,4983217
L4360,WALKER BOOT  AIR TALL LG,172,2702454,4983192
L4360,WALKER BOOT AIR LOW TOP SM,172,2702454,4983191
L4360,WALKER BOOT AIR TALL MED,172,2702454,4983193
L4360,WALKER BOOT AIR TALL SM,172,2702454,4983194
L4360,WALKER MINI NYLON L,172,2702454,4983188
L4360,WALKER MINI NYLON M,172,2702454,4983189
L4360,WALKER MINI NYLON S,172,2702454,4983190
L4360,WALKER VECTRA AIR TALL XL,172,2702454,4983195
L4360,WALKER VECTRA LITE TALL XS,172,2702454,4983196
P9016,RBC CPD AS1 500 LR,242,3819249,857663
Q0091,Non-Medicare Pap Collection,44,9831041,1789577
Q2038,"Influenza Virus Vaccine, IM, Fluzone",58.5,9505057,1902233
Q3014,Consult to TeleHealth,33,4504855,22648771
S0164,"INJECTION, PANTOPRAZOLE SODIUM, 40 MG",111.5,9506704,3486203
V2632,AcrySof IQ IOL,350,2721234,5339214