KCH Patient Testimonials

Thanks to Dr. Ott, Teresa, and Juli

Hello my friends,

Thanks you so very much for your prompt and excellent care this past Wednesday. I truly appreciate you professional yet “fun” care.



To all staff members at Kane County Hospital

Our son G. came to your ER because of a bicycle accident. By God’s grace he has fully recovered and does not have any long term injuries. We would like to thank all staff and Dr. Ott for their dedicated care. We sincerely appreciate everything you did for us.

God bless you and may His healing light continue to shine bright at Kane County Hospital.

Thank you,

The J. Family

March 31, 2016
Thankful to everyone who helped

Thank you to the first responders who came to us quickly in the creek-bed! I wasn’t sure how we were going to get him out of there. Thank you Clinton, Tracy, Dilworth, Dr. Bowman, Andi, Ferdi, John, and Tyler for everything you did to help WN at our wonderful hospital before sending us to DRMC. Thank you, ambulance crew that got us safely there. They Shelly for your kind heart and listening ear on the drive. WN is truly grateful for everyone’s help. I just wanted you to know how much this all means to us.

PS EMT Doss the I.V. you started in the field was in place for 3 days before being replaced, great job! Thank you Darren C for “trying” to make me smile.

Thank you CN

July 11, 2016
KCH Rocks!

This hospital rocks! Its so conveniently located here in town with one of the best and talented group of physicians. Six months ago I spent the night with my 2yo and last night I had my third child. In either case we where shown care and we where treated by very experienced personnel. J.

A thank you from Alex