KCH Patient Testimonials

October 9, 2019
Everyone was so nice

I arrived in you ER, unable to bear weight on my left leg after a fall at the Grand Canyon the day before. We arrived around noon. Everyone from admissions to the doctor was so nice. Admissions came to me instead of me having to wheelchair around the hospital. The doctor arranged a CT scan which diagnosed my broken hip. I was on my way to Dixie Medical Center within an hour.

Thank you for getting me through a rough time,


June 21, 2019
Good afternoon!

I have been over at your hospital a few times in the past few weeks and wanted to compliment you on the people and the culture you have created. I’ve spent my life in the med/surg industry and have probably been into 80% of the 4,000 acute care hospital in the US and, as we emailed about, I have been in and out of Scripps Green in San Diego for the past eight years.

Plus, I was VP at a patient experience KIT company right before HCAHPS kicked off and have read all of Fred Lee’s books and been to countless meetings about the pillars and excellent patient care, etc, etc. So my bar is super high and everyone there at Kane County Hospital . . . .  from the front desk people at the ER to the US team to the PT folks to the clinic surpass the bar.

Thanks to you and everyone there for creating an excellent culture. As a patient, I love it and as a student of the game of healthcare who knows how hard it is to do, I admire what you have done.

Have a great day,


August 15, 2018
To the ER Staff,

This is to say “thank you” for the professional and caring treatment I received at your ER in the wee hours. My medical emergency was treated appropriately and the nurse, Judy, went the extra mile to make sure we got some breakfast after a long night.

Many thanks for your kindness,

R&M G.

May 10, 2019
Thanks to all:

Of you doctors and Nurses who so diligently took car of our dad. We felt like his care here was so amazing. We appreciate all the love and concern you all showed him and us. It was a difficult thing and you helped ease the pain in many ways.

Thank you!

The N.W. family

June 14, 2019
Nurses Rock!

Thank you for all the dedicated compassion and care you share with your patients.


June 12, 2019
Dear Kristi (RN),

I want to thank you, Dr. Root, the lab team and all the other personnel who cared for me last Tuesday evening. Everyone was friendly, professional and answered all my questions.

We left for Surprise, Wednesday morning. I still felt a little weak but took it easy on the dirt and didn’t need any of the medication.

I got some coconut water that you suggested. It’s not too bad, “on the rocks”. I’ve tasted a low worse, (colonoscopy prep for example. Ha!)

Thanks again to you all, I appreciated it.


June 15, 2019
Dear Dr Hollingshead,

The wonderful care and attention you all gave to me that morning in May, when I came to the ER with a gash on my forehead was exceptional, and I just wanted to express my thanks. I know it’s your job to take care of patients, but you were all so kind and attentive and as far as I’m concerned, went above and beyond. I had my stitches out yesterday and the wound is looking good!



June 20, 2019
Thank You So Much,

Your friendship means so much. Thanks for taking good care of our dad.

Love you

The “B” Family

June 10, 2019
It's a perfect time to say:

Thanks to all of you for being so kind and caring. You, wonderful people made our “stranded” journey so good. You went out of your way to make me feel like a guest! We couldn’t have asked for a prettier place to be either. R. is adjusting to the rehab life quite well. She is hoping to be home soon.

May God bless all of you, wonderful people.

A & R J.

November 5, 2018
Thank You for Everything


I visited your hospital last month. I’m from Arizona and was hunting Kaibab Plateau. I get migraines really bad and ran out of shorts. I drove an hour to this hospital (Kane County Hospital) and the staff treated me with respect and dignity, even though I had deer blood on me and they knew that I was not from the area. I just wanted to send you guys an email to say thank you for everything you guys did for me and not treating me as if I did not belong there. The staff was very professional, nice, helpful and kind. I’m not sure of the lady that helped me out, but she was a younger lady with black short hair and she did an outstanding job with giving me directions to another city and helping me with my health issue. Please tell her that I said thank you for all that she did for me, it meant more to me than she will ever know. 

D. Evans

August 1, 2018
Being far from home

August 18

I just want to express my appreciation and thanks for the kindness and excellent care you gave me on Sunday, when I came to the ER with a kidney stone. From the lady at the desk who checked me in, to Dr. Ott, Candice and Pam, and to the guy who did the scans, I say “thanks”, to all of you. You made being far from home so much easier. (Also, the stone passed within 24 hours so my 4 hour flight to Atlanta was a breeze.)



Thank you for the professional treatment

August 2018


To ER staff,

This is to say “Thank You” for the professional and caring treatment I received at your ER in the wee hours that day in August. My medical emergency was treated appropriately and the nurse, Judy, went the extra mile to make sure we got some breakfast after a long night.

Many Thanks for your kindness,

Rudy and Mary


August 1, 2017
Thank ou for all the loving care

Thanks to all of you for being so kind and caring. You, wonderful people make our “Stranded” journey so good. You went out of your way to make me feel like a guest! We couldn’t have asked for a prettier place to be. Mom is adjusting to rehab life quite well. She is hoping to be home soon.

May God Bless all of you wonderful people!

Thank you for all the loving care


September 1, 2018
If you should ever need an emergency room, make it in a small town, preferably Kanab.

September 2018


Good evening,

Last Thursday, my husband was a patient in your ER at approximately 3:00 pm. He had taken a fall at Jacob’s Lake, was bleeding profusely from his nose and had other complaints. The staff in your ER jumped into action when we arrived and gave him what we felt was incredible care. They were efficient, kind and completely thorough. Dr. Ott immediately ordered the tests important for someone on blood thinners with a head injury. We had every confidence that all was being done to ensure his well-being. The staff offered special accommodations for me and our friends who were traveling with us, keeping us informed about everything that was going on. We are very grateful for the professionalism of the entire staff that afternoon. My husband is recovering nicely, thanks to the care he received at your ER.


My husband and I both said if you have to need an emergency room, make it in a small town, preferably Kanab, where people still know how to treat one another!



November 30, 2017
Thank You cards welcome



To All the ER employees,

You’re really something special  . . . . in so many wonderful ways.

Thank you for your excellent care of our students. We truly appreciate it.

Wingate Staff


Please do me a favor



On the very early morning hours in August 2018, my mother (who was vacationing with us in Kanab) woke me up at around 03:00 with symptoms of chest tightness, SOB, and sharp pains in her chest that were radiating to her back.

Upon doing an initial assessment on her it was apparent that she was suffering some sort of dysrhythmia and needed immediate attention. I phoned Kane County Hospital’s ER and was greeted by a very wonderful nurse who advised me that you had the ability to handle such an incident.

Moving forward: I wish I could remember everyone’s name who treated my mother as the experience was nothing but first rate!!

We arrived to the ER within minutes of my call. Mom was immediately triaged and was found to be in AFib with RVR. As an Emergency/Trauma/Critical Care Transport RN myself, I see this sort of event happen all the time. However, this particular morning it was my mom, and not some random ER patient. I say this because everyone, and I mean EVERYONE that we encountered treated my mon (and the rest of us) with the kind of professionalism and courtesy that one could only wish for!!

Please do me a favor and thank everyone, and I mean everyone who was involved in her care. She spent 2 days in your fine hospital and cannot stop talking about how wonderful everyone was!!

In today’s climate of “patient satisfaction” driven healthcare your staff and physicians provided the best experience possible, along with excellent evidenced-based care.

Again, on behalf of mom, and all our family, we would like to say thank you so very much.

Sincerely and respectfully,


November 27, 2017
Kane County Hospital's Swing Bed Program was there for me

I was so fortunate that Kane County Hospital’s Swing Bed Program was there for me. The staff helped make a hard situation much easier.  Everyone treated me with compassion and understanding as they took care of me, from my nursing needs, to my physical therapy.

My night nurse, Stephenie was amazing! Whenever she came in to check on me she took care of my every need. She gave me the “home town touch” that made my stay more comfortable. Tracy is also a great nurse. She gave me great care and was always cheerful.

Dr. Bowman was very thorough, and took great care of me. He checked in on me often and made sure that it was safe to release me from the hospital. He made me feel secure and I was confident in his diagnosis.

Because of the swing bed care I received, my husband was able to spend four nights sleeping in my hospital room. Because of this, he was comforted, as it was possible for him to watch my hospital monitor during the night. This meant a great deal to him, as he was with me when I stopped breathing three times, before I entered the hospital.

Other hospital personnel treated my husband well and were very kind. They made sure that he was comfortable and always brought him a meal. He commented a number of times on the great treatment he received.  

It really is true, there is no place like home.

With heartfelt thanks for all of your special attention,

Carol and Mark

November 27, 2017
Kane County Hospital and Mountain Land Rehab

October 2017

I have been so grateful for Kane County Hospital’s Swing Bed program. I was not aware of this until after an auto accident, having Physical Therapy and Brandon Stubbs of Mountain Land Rehab told me when I have my total knee replacement I could have my rehab done in Kanab, staying at the hospital for 2 -3 weeks and have P.T. twice a day. This would be so much more convenient for my husband and would bring more business to our hospital and he wouldn’t have to drive back and forth.

I had such good care and it was wonderful to have treatment by those I already knew. The nurses were great, Dr. Ott is the best and those in the P.T. department handled me with kid gloves. I am so thankful to know we have this opportunity here in our own community.



November 7, 2017
KCH a good place to go

I was in Dixie Reginal Medical center for 12 days, the Doctor said I needed to go to a rehab facility for a few days to help me get my strength back, learn how to get up and down in bed. If possible I told them I would like to go to Kane County Skilled Nursing Unit, since I have worked for Kane County Hospital for 43 years as a Dietary supervisor and I know how good they are.

I was really happy when I was told I could go to Kanab the Doctors and Nurses are so kind, I know most all of them from working with them prior to my retirement it’s like being home away from home. A lot has changed since the 2 years I have been gone, but they were caring and special to me. I went to church, P.T, and the Music Program. I had a lot of help and didn’t have to stay long.

          My Husband Allen said it was so nice the way everyone treated him and me, a good place to go when you need the extra help and not have to travel an hour and a half back and forth. They kept me comfortable and taught me lots of things to help make life easier for me at home.

          They are really the angels from heaven they were cheerful and it was so special to have them to help in my time of need.

Thanks to all of you. You all are so special!!!


October 12, 2017
I was treated with dignity care and ability by all.

October 12, 2017

To all the staff at Kane County Hospital,

Bob and I want to thank each of you for the excellent care you gave me during my recent hospitalization. From the quick diagnosis to the frequent monitoring and encouragement, to sending us on our way with oxygen. My Dr. here made no changes and sent me on my way to rest and get strong. Thank you so very much. 

Rosalie Coleman – calm and caring efficiency, Dr. Ott – knowledge and compassionate care, Chad Roberts – so willing to explain, Juli – care, hugs, friend, always there, Lynne – care with compassion, Andera – so competent and caring, Candice – always there with assistance and encouragement, Christa, Katherine, Heidi, the evening staff who answered calls immediately, Dan – who was able to get a vein on the first try, Amanda – quiet and efficient, Lori – so good with x-rays and kindness, food – breakfast was great.

You essentially could move the adjectives around. I was treated with dignity care and ability by all. You made a scary time more understandable and tolerable. I wish every patient could experience the care that we received from you whenever they had an emergency.

Than you again,