Emma Norton, President of the Hospital Auxiliary, welcomed Sherrie Pandya, Kane County Hospital Administrator, to their general meeting on July 28th, 2016. Pandya talked to Auxiliary members about the purchases KCH has made recently with the funds from sales at the Thrift Store. These sales come directly from our county residents, neighboring communities and visitors.

Pandya’s list included; 10 upgraded monitors in patient care areas for $106,000 and 25 new mattresses for the patients and residents at $32,000. These new acquisitions will help KCH residents and patients rest easier. She also mentioned the EMT request for 7 new defibrillators for $224,000 which was approved and coming up next year we will be replacing the flooring throughout the facility.

Auxiliary members were so excited when they heard the fruits of their labors put into actual items.  They work tirelessly at the Thrift Store with an across the board attitude of pride and community service.

Treasurer, Mary Jensen, read the statistics from May and June of 2016. In May the gross revenue was $17,980 with 2,225 customers and June figures were $19,574 with 2,281 customers. She was asked how it compared with last year at this time. In June of 2015 their sales were at $100,000 this year they are at $95,900. The team believes the lower sales are due to the construction and limited parking access during the construction of the Hampton Inn.

That being said they couldn’t be happier with their new parking arrangement. Kody Young, Hampton Inn project manager, has kept in touch throughout the process. Norton commented “The contractor kept us informed of everything that was going on.” The Auxiliary members did grumble a bit during the process about how hard it was to park but their biggest concern was they were not quite up to par with where they wanted their sales to be.  They also feel sales are going in the right direction now with the ease of parking.

Linda Rhoads, of the Kane County Fair’s sewing class “Make it and Take it” was on hand to thank the Auxiliary members for all they do for our community. In way of saying thank you she offered Auxiliary members an opportunity to come to the fair and learn to make pillow cases. She offered 15 gift certificates to the members for pillow case kits which include fabric and notions, the use of the machines and one on one instrucitons.

We as a county hospital would like to extend a special thanks to our Auxiliary members for their donated time and for caring so strongly about the needs of the community’s health.