Utah's EMS Instructor of the year, Dave Owens

  • Jul 15, 2018



Kane County Hospital would like to recognize and applaud Dave Owens for being a primary force in keeping our community safe. Dave was recently awarded Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Instructor of the year.


In a report submitted by Tamara Goodin of the Utah Department of Health, Bureau of EMS – Operations Program, his contributions are stated very well. “This year’s EMS Instructor of the Year is an individual who truly enjoys and loves his profession. Dave Owens is a dynamic educator with a great passion for EMS.  He has been a leader in various aspects and has met adversity head-on.  He delivers progressive instruction and program administration and most of all, cares for his students and understands that everyone learns differently.


 “David first certified as an EMT in 1986 and is currently certified as an Advanced EMT. He has been known through the years statewide, that his students come out prepared. Dave is the biggest fan of every student and often pushes them more than they would like. He is very consistent in following the requirements knowing what is needed to prepare them for what they need to best serve our fellow citizens.”


 When Dave is not working in his capacity as Information Technologist with Kane County, or his EMS contributions, he and wife, who some may say his better half, Stacy work as the team who announce many of our Kanab Cowboy Football Games. We are one of the very few junior league teams who have an announcer at our youth games, giving both teams recognition.