Navajo Rugs Provide Common Thread

  • Aug 15, 2016

Kane County Hospital presents, Navajo Children Weaving the Future, a Utah Arts & Museums’ Traveling Exhibition featuring traditionally woven rugs created by young Navajo children educated in the traditional art form through the Adopt-an-Elder Program. The textile work will be on display at Kane County Hospital lobby from August 18, 2016 through September 14th.


Hand-made rugs and blankets have always played an important role in the culture and economy of Native Americans. Traditionally, weaving techniques and patterns are passed down from mother to daughter; yet, the encroachment of modern life and technology threatened the continuation of this practice. Today, groups such as the Adopt-an-Elder Program are helping to counter this trend. These organizations provide an environment in which traditional weaving techniques can be passed on within a community. This allow for youth to perpetuate the practice, and tap into the global tourism market inspired by a renewed interest in history and culture, as well as economic development activity.


The rugs included in this exhibition were created by Navajo children, and are on loan from the non-profit organization and “Adopt an Elder Program.” Adopt an Elder fosters rug sales directly from traditional weavers, who in turn get one hundred percent of the profits. Adopt an Elder also organizes donations of wool, food, and other essentials for the less fortunate elders. For further information or to get involved in the program please contact Lynda Myers, Director, 435.649.0535.


Navajo Children Weaving the Future will be exhibited at Kane County Hospital, 355 N Main St., Kanab, Utah from August 18th to September 14th. KCH lobby is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Accompanying educational materials are available. For more information on viewing the exhibition, please call 435-644-4161 or go to our website


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