KCH Healing Arts welcomes Kevin Grew for the month of July

  • Jun 28, 2016


Kevin Grew was born in Portsmouth, England. His father was in the BritishRoyal Navy so he and family, his mom and two brothers, moved often. When Kevin was 9 his father left the navy and their family moved to Johannesburg, South Africa. His father would bring home “scrap” computer parts to occupy Kevin’s spare time. It has been the basis of his mainstay career.

Grew met Camille, a southern Utahan, on-line. Five months later he found himself married and a resident of southern Utah. The Grews have five children who Kevin, “wanted to inspire to reach for the stars and not hold themselves back.”

He has always enjoyed doodling. As a teenager he dabbled in simple comic strips. As an avid reader of Marvel and DC comic books he would come up with his own stories and alternate universes. Soon he began to draw them. His doodling soon became works of art and his passion, “I knew I had found something I can spend the rest of my life doing.”

Kevin’s website address is ryelcomics.com , where you can take a closer look at his work and the man himself. He created his website with his mantra in mind, “don’t limit yourself by what you think you can do, but by what you dream you can do.”

Kane County Hospital will be hosting Kevin at our Healing Arts reception on Thursday, July 14th at 5:30 in the hospital lobby. Please plan on joining us. Kevin would love to share his life’s story and his art.