Holiday Healing Arts with Loretta Clayson and Cathy McCormick

  • Nov 26, 2018



            Kane County Hospital is excited to kick off the holiday season with artists Loretta Clayson and Cathy McCormick. These pieces will be on show from November 21st through December 18th.

            Loretta confesses to being born a century too late, “I love the West, the magnificent skies, the colors, and the incredible landform that earlier people either worshipped, or struggled to find peace in and survive.”

Loretta was born in Mesa, Arizona. At age two, her family moved to Boulder, Utah, where her earliest memories are of riding her horse, “Old Blue.” Clayson was, “raised in Kanab, and on ranches in southern Utah, I also recall the tangible excitement of the air while moving hay field sprinkler lines as lightning shredded the skies…The choking dust and the smell of seared hides from rounding up and branding cattle…Mending endless miles of barb-wire fences…Cooking on a wood cook-stove…The delicious clean smell of sagebrush after a sudden desert thunderstorm…Battling through snow drifts to feed livestock. This firsthand knowledge of cowboying and ranch life lends authenticity to my paintings.”

During the Great Recession Loretta began working for Kane County School District as the Director of Adult Education. During this period her artistic endeavors included serving on the DSU Business of Art Committee that planned, coordinated, and hosted an all-day, multi-class event to teach artists how to improve the business side of art. For Kanab City, she designed, obtained funding, and coordinated the installation of the stone entrance signs along the east and the south highways into Kanab. Loretta also had five paintings selected for inclusion in “A Canyon Peoples’ Portrait” publication which is part of the Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts Legacy Series.

Cathy McCormick moved to Kanab in 1998 and found her home in southern Utah. She took a job teaching on the Hopi Indian Reservation and reminisces, “it was just an adventure waiting for me.” McCormick also taught in Fredonia and, “spent nine wonderful years in Colorado City as a classroom teacher and mentor.”  She travels to Malawi, Africa, annually. While there is lives in a village and, “shares art with children and a small group of enterprising women. I hope to continue my humanitarian work.”

Many of you may know Cathy from her yearly ceramic show, which is held in her studio and co-hosted with Bonnie Dunn, “Women Who Play with Fire.” McCormick with her animated personality explained, “Painting is a is a wonderful departure for me from my clay work and a way to celebrate color and play again. It is my hope that these paintings can convey into your hearts the joy I feel about Kanab, friends and just being alive.”

Kane County Hospital is hosting an Open House on Thursday, November 29. We are excited to share this evening with you. Introductions will be at 5:30, refreshments will be served followed by a leisurely stroll through the artists gallery.