KCH Thrift Store has more parking

  • Jun 1, 2016

KCH Auxiliary Thrift Store president Emma Norton reported the contracting crew at the new Hampton Inn has completed their parking area. The volunteers have their own parking and there is more parking for customers, with easier access.  Norton also commented how well they kept the Auxiliary informed of the process and followed through with all they promised.

They have an abundance of donated clothing. This sales process helps their merchandise turnover. Items that don’t move are donated to other communities or taken to Deseret Industries where they are disassembled and turned into useful rags.

The members wanted to remind their customers that the last week of each month they have their “bag” sale. The first bag is $7, second is $3 and the third bag is free. One of the volunteers commented that families come in and purchase large quantities during bag week using the slightly used clothing to send to families in need throughout refugee settlements.

Some other items you may want to go to look for treasures are displayed in the jewelry cases or in the DVD and VHS sections.

Once again Kane County Hospital would like to thank the managers and all the volunteers who are so dedicated to the Thrift Store, to those who are able to donate and to our communities who are patrons of the Store.