Kane County Hospital News and Events

November 26, 2018
Holiday Healing Arts with Loretta Clayson and Cathy McCormick

Loretta Clayson, brings us paintings from her memories of ranch life in southern Utah.

She shares her show with Cathy McCormick who brings a vibrant and exciting dimension to this show


October 1, 2018
Through Toil and Labor: The Forgotten History of Utah's Chinese Railroad Workers.

Chinese immigrants composed over 75 percent of the Transcontinental Railroad workforce between 1865 and 1869

June 6, 2018
Kane County Hospital is pleased to be showcasing Al Young's walking sticks


Al “the Stickman” will be displaying his walking sticks at Kane County Hospital’s Healing Arts

May 30, 2018
Kane County LTC Residents visit Blacksmith Adventures

Kane County Hospital's Long Term Care residents visit Blacksmith Aventures

April 30, 2018
KCH's Healing Arts, Open House and Hospital Week


You are invited to Kane County Hospital's Healing Arts and Hospital Week celebration. Please join us the evening of May 10.

March 26, 2018
KCH Thrift Store is out performing itself

Dedicated managers, volunteers and customers continue to make the Thrift Store one of the best in the region.

February 27, 2018
Healing Arts, a collection from photographer Barry Glazier

Healing Arts invites you to wander through our amazing country

January 17, 2018
Valley High School Art Class

KCH Healing Arts presents works by Valley High School Art Class

December 10, 2017
Kanab Art Classes showing at KCH Healing Arts by Jennifer Andrews

Enjoy a few of 2016 Artists Jennifer worked with

November 19, 2017
KCH Healing Arts, "Now and Then"

Join KCH, Cathy McCormick and Rebecca Gaver for November's Helaing Arts

November 19, 2017
The Hospital Auxiliary Volunteers are the best

KCH Thrift Store's January through October 2017 sales of $186,920

August 30, 2017
Watercolors from the Utah Watercolor Society

Now On View at Kane County Hospital

August 1, 2017
Kane County Hospital Healing Arts "One Man's Trash..."

 "Celebrate the order you can joyfully create"

July 11, 2017
Kane County Hospital's July Healing Arts with Walt Thirion and Justyne Moore

KCH celebrates July's Healing arts with Walt Thirion and Justyne Moore

May 2, 2017
Kane County Hospital's Healing Arts is show casing Tamiris Duke's fabric collages

Tamiris's collages allow the surface impressions of beauty or complexity lead you into their depth.

March 26, 2017
Two Utah-based non-profit organizations partner to showcase the rich history of western Africa.

Faces of Mali will be exhibited at Kane County Hospital from March 28th through May 2, 2017.

February 15, 2017
KCH's Healing Arts welcomes Kurt Robinson

Kurt Robinson's Woman in the Wind


January 22, 2017
Farwell to a friend

Hospital Auxiliary host Mary Wade to her "safe travels" dinner

January 22, 2017

Kane County Hospital’s Healing Arts partners with Kane County Jail.

December 5, 2016
Kanab Art Classes showing at KCH Healing Arts

Kane County Hospital will be hosting Kanab Arts Class for December 2016