Kane County Hospital has a few choice pieces of art this month. The Kane County Jail’s Focus Program art will be on display until February.

The Focus Program’s director, Ted Bernard, brought 11 art projects which have been drawn by participants who are residents of the jail.  Their Clinical Director is Randy Soduerquist. The Kane County program currently has 64 participants.

The Focus Program is for substance abuse with time frames ranging from 12 to 18 months. Statistics show a lower recidivism rate by those who participate, and Kane County has one of the best track records within the state.

Bernard commented, “I regularly hear that this has been the most beneficial program they (Kane County Jail participants), have ever gone through.” He went on to explain, “The art work is therapeutic. It occupies the mind, helps them to refocus and shows has a positive outcome. It is something they are proud of and can give as gifts to people.”

Several of the participants are able to take on leadership roles. They are able to teach others in the program about; computer art, charcoal, pencil and colored pencil techniques. The Focus Program is funded by the Kane County Jail.