Specialist Physicians

Rural medicine often leaves residents in a community feeling as if they can’t get the specialty care they are looking for. We have visiting physicians who make regular visits to the Kanab Family Medicine clinic, and bring their expertise to their patients in their own community. Below is the calendar of physicians and their contact phone numbers.

Dr. Michael Anderson
1st Wednesday of the Month435-628-9393
Desert Pain Specialist2nd Tuesday of the Month435-216-7000
Travis Brinkerhoff
Heart of Dixie
2nd & 4th Wednesday each Month435-251-2900
Ryan Gaines
Tuesdays (schedule varies)435-644-4100
Dr. Jeffrey Stewart
2nd Monday every other Month435-634-9225
Dr. M. Assiago
3rd Friday of the Month435-867-8175
Dr. Prince
3rd Wednesday of the Month435-628-9393
Dr. Parry3rd Friday of the Month435-628-9393
Advanced Pain Management28 day rotation every Month435-656-0029