Position Summary

We are looking for a skilled and dedicated MRI technologist to be responsible for providing quality images to Physicians through MRI scanning. The MRI technician’s responsibilities will include following Physicians’ instructions, explaining the MRI procedure to patients, selecting software options and imaging parameters on the MRI machine, viewing images from the imaging session, and keeping records of reports.

To be a successful MRI technician, you should have effective communication, interpersonal skills, and be sensitive to the needs of the patients. You should show attention to detail and be able to work in a team.


  • Perform additional duties as required by supervisor.


  • Understands cross sectional anatomy and demonstrates anatomical positioning competency.
  • Critiques own films.
  • Completes studies within acceptable time limitations without compromising patient care or the quality of the examination.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of protocol relating to contrast administration. As ordered by the physician and under radiologist or physician supervision administers intravenous contrast material to patients.
  • Understands the Quench procedure and when it should be performed.
  • Follows appropriate protocol for medical necessity, coding, and charging, obtaining consents if necessary, documenting any events that may occur for quality, maintaining a current QC program for ACR and reporting any equipment failures or problems.


  • Operate MRI equipment for the purpose of capturing diagnostic images of a particular segment of the patient’s body
  • Maneuvering the MRI equipment and positioning it to capture the correct images.
  • Monitoring MRI equipment functions.
  • Performs MRI examinations per department protocol.
  • In coordination with the radiologist, selects proper scanning techniques and protocols.
  • Understands and operates all MRI equipment and related information systems appropriately to ensure that quality images are produced. Exhibits understanding and proficiency with electronic imaging.
  • Exhibits a working knowledge of the magnet, cryogens, gradient amplifiers, and all relevant computer hardware and software.
  • Adheres to and understands the MRI safety policy and the FOUR ZONE concept.
  • Understands proper MR magnet safety in an event of an emergency.

Equipment care

  • Ensure that MRI rooms are clean, organized, and safe for MRI examinations
  • Follow safety guidelines and infection control procedures
  • Practices appropriate infection control and sterile techniques.
  • Exhibits a working knowledge of the MRI scanner. Troubleshoots when needed and understands the shutdown and start up procedures.

Patient care

  • Aid in the provision of patients’ care and do detailed reporting of the patients’ medical needs
  • Screen patients before examination for eye surveying, stapedectomy, and cardiac pacemaker
  • Check patients’ history to know whether a patient is able to have an MRI examination or not
  • Explaining the MRI process to patients and ensuring the patients comply with all safety standards.
  • Positioning, knowing if a patient needs sedating, and capture quality images of the correct area of the body.
  • Removing and then replacing IVs and catheters for the MRI process.
  • Monitoring patients during scanning and keeping patients’ records.


  • Analyze filing procedures to easily access and find reports and images
  • Ensure there are backup copies of all patients’ images. This is done by ensuring the transfer of patients’ images to PACs
  • Ensuring quality images for Physicians to be able to provide accurate diagnoses.
  • Recognizing abnormalities and irregularities in images.
  • Thoroughly and accurately completes all required documentation including time stamps and image storage.

Required Skills/Abilities

  • An associate degree in MRI or radiology technology.
  • ARRT registered technologist; and
  • Current Utah State Licensure to administer RX; and
  • Basic life support (BLS) certification for healthcare providers.
  • Experience with MRI equipment and patient care.
  • Multi-modality in CT and X-Ray preferred but not required
  • Attention to detail, mathematical skills, and technical skills.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Understanding the use of software, such as medical image processing software
  • Ability to listen and understand spoken and written words and proper interpretations
  • Understanding of quality control analysis
  • Possess effective communication skills
  • Demonstrate competence in all relevant areas
  • Should be flexible, dependable and be able to demonstrate sound judgment
  • Must be able to work harmoniously with a radiologist
  • Collaborate with medical doctors to plan and provide treatment for patients.

Physical Requirements

Hearing/Listening, Lifting, Manual Dexterity, Seeing, Standing.

Work Schedule

  • Full time hourly position with both administrative and clinical practice hours included.
  • Benefits include medical, dental, vision, health savings account, life insurance, paid time off, and 457(b) match.