Thank you and Welcome

  • Jun 26, 2017

We just wanted to share a few photos of those friends, family and patients who came out to tell Joanne Palmer, Nurse Practitioner, how much they appreciate her and how they will miss her. But we also wanted to let Brandon Thomas, Nurse Practitioner, know how nice it is to have him here.

Joanne has served the Valley Clinic patients with kindness and compassion. She has been a true asset to our community.

Brandon will begin his official first day in the Valley Clinic on July 6th and begin taking patients on July 10th. He is looking forward for the opportunity to apply his ER nursing background and his Nurse Practitioner training to his patients and offering quality patient care as a provider. For an appointment please call Angel LaCorti at the Valley Clinic phone number of 435-648-2775.

Thomas and his wife Wendy, will be relocating to the area when they have sold their home in Santa Clara. They are looking forward to meeting more of our residents and participating in community functions.


Joanne Palmer NP, center, having Brandon Thomas NP, left, sing documents for the changing of the guard.

Kane County Hospital's residents visit Kanab's Heritage House

Kane County Hospital Residents enjoy a day outside at Kanab’s Heritage House

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