Shan-Shan the Balloon Man meets Clarence the Hobo on Roller Skates

  • Jun 29, 2016

Shan-Shan the Balloon Man paid a special visit to residents at Kane County Hospital Skilled Care. I am not sure who was more enamored, the residents, visiting children or the staff.  He was able to interact and delight his audience. He seemed especially drawn to Ruth Cowles as he explained to her son Alex that he needs to treat her really nice because she knew all kinds of tricks about food. I think that is about when he asked what was for lunch.

The first request was for a giraffe by a shy 2 year old Alex. After that Shan-Shan was pretty much shadowed by the young fan. He watched in awe, with his hands over his ears just in case a balloon should happen to pop. But soon Alex even forgot to do that.

One of our residents was given a lovely balloon bouquet. It was quite heart-warming to see her receive her flowers. Especially after the sir Shan-Shan told them they were hers to take back to her home.

One of the main reasons Shan-Shan was asked if he would make a visit was to introduce him to Clarence. Clarence is retired now but he was known as Clarence the Hobo on Roller Skates. He proudly shows off is watch to his guest. The face of his watch is a clown juggling. Shan-Shan made Clarence his own jester’s crown made of balloons, bringing a smile to the Roller Skating Hobo’s eyes.

Thank you Shan-Shan you made a lot of us smile.