KCH Auxiliary Thrift Store comes through again

  • Feb 15, 2017


                Kane County Hospital thinks our KCH Auxiliary Thrift Store members are amazing! Year after year they have donated hours to the Thrift Store. We continue to have compliments from around the country about the store and staff. The entire community benefits not only from having the Thrift Store but for the purchases the fruits of their labors buy.

                In 2016 KCH purchased new mattresses for all 25 beds in our acute care and long term care units, for a total of $31,875. These are specifically designed to make a patient or resident more comfortable while maintaining the integrity required for the healthcare industry.

                KCH also purchased seven Zoll Defibrillator/Monitor units for the ambulances throughout the county. They are a compact combined unit for on-site readings with defibrillation ability. As is with all medical equipment they are pricy.  The 7 units rang in at $217,796.19.

Karolyn Tenney, Mary Oetjens, Ruth Norskog, Stuart Willoughby is holding one of the Defibrillator/Monitor units, Emma Norton, Mary Jensen, Glenda Winget.